Family Tree

April 23rd, 2009

Family Tree - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Even the tree felt this one was awkward.

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  1. Amy Lynn says:

    So epic The Goldbergs stole it!

  2. Woody Rambo says:

    Mom always said, try to see where your father is coming from…

  3. ryan kelly says:

    hahaha i cant belive my family is famous

  4. Kathy says:

    Moby tree.

  5. Saucy says:

    Is that a tree branch, or t u just happy to see me!!!!! Lmao

  6. Dominate says:

    This is real. I know the family, might even be related.

  7. the old bitty says:

    I like this photo, it’s goofy ;)

  8. Tomen8r says:

    Hey, everyone, let’s just hang on this tree and talk about the first thing that pops up!

  9. christine says:

    this pic is so great. it always makes me laugh. it’s one branch of a family tree and it’s so funny. we all have some silly family pics. i can guarantee it if you were at any age in the 70′s or the 80′s. granted, i think the concept is absolutely corny but family’s do funny things and that’s what making family life fun to look back on…especially in the form of a a “what were we thinking?” photo.

  10. Mykenna says:

    he wishes…

  11. Family Tree says:

    Wow, its really lovely picture.

  12. gratiaDei777 says:

    I’ve reached the end!!

  13. maximus says:

    Да все верно!))

  14. chickmunkey says:

    they don’t know how to sit sidesaddle? the mom is having fun, the dad not so much

  15. Libby says:

    Why would they think this would be a good idea? haha. laughed so hard, loved it

  16. squezel says:

    not fake at all. just lit well. sadly well.

  17. Боевик says:

    Блог просто замечательный, порекомендую друзьям!

  18. dЁБЫРЬ says:

    Надежда на наслаждение почти так же приятна, как и само наслаждение. – У. Шекспир

  19. Felix says:

    Благодарю за информацию.

  20. Gaftus says:

    язык мой враг мой!!! )))))))))))))))))))))

  21. Gnomus says:

    Я думаю, что Вы не правы. Предлагаю это обсудить. Пишите мне в PM.

  22. MikeinNC says:

    Talk about sporting some wood.

  23. Rachel says:

    Someone should photoshop the tree out

  24. Jeff says:

    This one a number of other’s just goes to show you that anyone and claim they are a photographer.

  25. Kristen says:

    This actually looks very real to me. I am a photographer and it looks like the old combination of sunlight and outdoor studio lights. I am sad to say that it looks like a professional did this…

  26. Michelle says:

    I Feel Bad For The Kid Between His Brother & Mother.

  27. Thias says:

    Oh god I can’t stop laughing

  28. Chris says:

    I must agree. This photo was awkward. I wonder who’s idea this was!
    The person in front is looking just a bit too happy! I’m guessing on him.

    I glad i’m not that tree. I would put my self on fire.

    but I wonder…
    Did they ever get down from there? You can clearly see that they are at least tree to four meter above ground.

  29. Matt says:

    What IF the ground was lava?

  30. Barbie says:

    All right, enough of the derogatory comments. It’s just an awkward family photo.. laugh and move on..

  31. Amanda says:

    This picture IS real! WHO would fake a huge tree between their legs? And entire family? No way, too much work! Besides, who cares if it is or not…it’s still freaking hilarious!

  32. Kate G says:

    If I was going to be anyone in this picture it would be the kid on the right. Look at the big CHEESE grin on his face! This title should be “Got wood?

  33. Chico & The Man says:

    This site is NOT called “is it real or is it fake” or “everything I learned in photoshop at community college”, it’s called Awkward Family Photos. Who cares? Enjoy the laugh, let beverages fly out of your nose, chortle if you like.

  34. Erin says:

    This pic is FANTASTIC!!! I have a suggestion for the next family shot. Fountains. The low flow stream type.

  35. Paul says:

    OK Folks, this is the real deal (goofy but real). May 2002, McCormick Park, Euless, Texas (for those that think they recognize the tree). We were there to pose for a professional photographer (and no this was not his idea). After the photo shoot, we got goofy, having fun (try it you might like it). We laughed at this as much as some of you have. The real question here is “who posted this photo?” must have been the photographer or someone that works for him. Oh well, thanks for the laugh…. Glad everyone enjoyed it.

    • Libby says:

      haha, I’m waiting for a goofy picture of my family to surface on this site. Your is pricelessly awkward, just a gem!

  36. Greg says:

    Okay people. Be PREPARED. This is MY family. and YES we did this. NO it’s not photoshopped….. I admit it’s a weird picture and a weird way to pose for a “family picture” but c’mon people. can you not tell that this is a real picture? there are 0% edit lines (photoshop). the sun happened to be facing us (at the camera mans back) which is why there aren’t any shadows…. besides that it was a partly cloudy day. Go ahead and make fun of it but my god… it’s not that hilarious (“I laughed for 15 minutes at this one”).

    (And as Greg… I’m the one in the “dark pants” that was referred to in one of the peoples comments)

  37. hlk says:

    Assuming this is a superimposed picture, I have to wonder why they wouldn’t go for something a little more exciting… like riding the back of a crocodile.

  38. shane says:

    defo fake…….

    • Liv Xx says:

      everyone has there own opinion this website was made for comic purposes and so everyone could share there family photos an hope someone else cud laugh at them an even if it is fake who cares ??

  39. Lori says:

    Sadly, I have to agree that I think this pic is a fake. I didn’t until I looked at the Dad’s butt area. There’s a weird black shadow, not just under him, but also all the way up where his butt hits the tree. It’s not a curved shadow, it’s all angular. Plus he looks as if his back should be pressed against the three (especially given how close his butt is to the trunk) but his shirt is still all puffy.

    It IS a grainy pic though, so who knows. Maybe it’s real and just poor quality!!

    • Greg says:

      Even if you look at the rest of background…. the ” black” space under my dads butt…. it matches the black spot perfectly to the other black spot to the left of the tree… along with that there is no other lines around anyones jeans (easiest place to look for photoshop marks….. and my jeans are too dark to tell……) This is a real picture. I promise

    • Matt says:

      foolish people they just used a flash which is why it looks different from the background im sure they didnt even use photoshop seeing how this is film and pre-photoshop era

  40. Clare says:

    Someone didn’t get the memo that it is lights jeans for the picture!

    • Julie says:

      They were likely sent a letter that told them specifically what regulation jeans to wear, but you know this family, “ah, why bother, they are never going to read it anyway”!

  41. Kharlos says:

    Wha?? How is everyone so certain this is fake? We’ve all seen worse, just look at this site. What family portraits arent photoshopped a little? I think they actually did this.
    The awkwardest thing about this is wondering if any of them could see the obvious sexual twist on it but were too afraid to bring it up… And how many years went by before someone gathered the courage to slip this one in to inconspicuousness.

    • Katelyn says:

      exactly!!! the idiot who took the picture used a flash outside. that’s why everyone thinks its fake, bc of the glare on the tree. I BELIEVE!!!

  42. Jim says:

    The family wood……

  43. Aloysius says:

    Just because you have Photoshop, doesn’t mean you should be allowed to use photoshop…

  44. blow by says:

    Come on man!!! let us believe this is real! I believe! I BELIEVE!!!!!!! Honestly I laughed for 15 minutes straight at this one… My favorite hands down!

    • Clarissa says:

      i’m with you on this… i really want to believe it’s real.

    • Rachel says:

      Its gotta be real or my whole world will implode

    • Dark Jeans Guy says:

      Okay people, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve said anything on here but I’ve said it before.
      Based on my name, I am the kid in the dark jeans, I’ve known about this picture on this site for quite some time now. This picture was taken by a professional photographer in a park, and yes, we really were in that tree. There’s nothing fake about this picture. Speculate as much as you want but it’s real. I think, more comical than the picture itself, is the fact that so many people are continuously arguing over if its real or not?? This picture was supposed to be a “fun” pic because we had finished all the actual photos we wanted to do and had a few minutes with the photographer left before our session was up… sooooooo we took dad’s advice and climbed in a tree for a “joke picture”.
      We were supposed to get the only copy of the picture printed, and we haven’t released it — so I guess the photographer thought it’d be funny to post it here (and from what I understand, this picture was the first posted on this site….).

      So to people who think this is fake, hate to burst your bubbles but its not. It’s 100% real. Dumbass idea from dad, but real none-the-less.

  45. Mandy Grace says:

    this gives a whole new meaning to the term wood.

  46. Adam says:

    this definitely has some bluescreen lighting issues,

    fake, superimposed. No shadows on the tree’s “wood” (LMAO)

    the morning aspect of the wood is bad news, too.

    • G-man says:

      If you draw vertical lines from each person’s head and thru their backs, they are perpendicular to the ground. IF this is a fake, they went through an awful lot of trouble to pose and then superimpose. If they weren’t sitting on the WOOD, then what were they sitting on? Doubt it is a fake.

    • Jennifer says:

      This is not a fake, you can see the obvious “riding up” effect on the bottoms of the pants legs. Especially the guy who is most out on the limb. You can also see where his pants are pulling in the butt area from sliding back on limb a little.

      • Chris says:

        The lack of shadows is due to the fact that an on-camera flash was used to light the subjects, who were shaded by the tree. The background is lit by natural light.

    • BK says:

      A definitive verdict on this one: I used to live next-door to this wonderful family. This is something they would do. Really love it guys. I hope you’re doing well. Congrats on your fame. You should probably ask for royalties on this page. Tell Daniel to respond when old friends send him facebook messages.

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