Bon Family

April 28th, 2009

Bon Family - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Teasing in encouraged in this household.

(submitted by Tommy)

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  1. Sah says:

    O que é isso???
    parece uma familia de leões!!!!

  2. elfdorado says:

    I was amazed to see you found another photo of this family with things toned down a bit but still, uh, a bit worrisome. When you think about it, though, isn’t it great that these people found each other? They’re obviously in sync. To each his & her and his & his and her & her own.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I love this family! This is what I thought my family pictures would look like in the future! Okay I went to high school in the 80s! This family rocks.

  4. What in the World? says:


  5. What in the World? says:

    I can’t wait to see the “Bon” family make their rounds — they have got to be the most famous family alive right now!!! LoL!

    The rub? – Many of us ’80’s kids can relate… Yikes! =-)

  6. Dummy says:

    I wonder if these kids still look the same if this indeed was as old as the hair style and not taken yesterday.

  7. Dark Albino says:

    Now we know why the ozone is full of holes…

  8. alice says:

    thunder lions family

  9. Teresa says:

    gotta wonder what they look like today………This is the same family from May

    Send in a recent pic…..I am too curious

  10. Gigi Becker says:

    mullets!!!! Is cool…is rocker!… hahahahahah

  11. Chris Gambol says:

    A clear case of 80’s Mousse Abuse

  12. OldPhotoLover says:


  13. Synthetic says:

    Beebo the cat what has facial hair… truely amazing.

  14. GABY says:

    I bet this dude is bold today!
    I feel sorry for this kid!

  15. Lucas says:

    The Poodle Family!

  16. Tuskegeebrat says:

    “Let’s pile in the Camero and go to Chunky Cheese!”

  17. Scooter says:

    Should be on the cover of “Mullet” magazine. Dang!

  18. oliver says:

    let´s rock and roll baby!

  19. paul says:

    O’doyle RULES!!!

  20. Xotika says:

    OK dad you won this time with the Highest hair award! but you wait till our next family portrait!

  21. MelodyOR says:

    A classic – The Velcro Family.

  22. Klaus1 says:

    Even his chest hair is teased!

  23. Sarah says:

    Ahhhh the Good Ole 80’s Mall Hair…….sigh

  24. Rebecca says:

    The Sprying family: Scrunchie, Dewayne and Hooter.

  25. tam says:

    Omg,,, think of the airspray it took to stand all that hair up. No wonder we do not have ozone layer. LOLOL

  26. meg says:

    this has to be fake.

  27. Kingboyj says:


  28. Disturbed in CO says:

    Whoa! Living on a prayer!

  29. CJsDaddy says:

    This is a fake. That dude’s picture is all over the internet in various gags.

  30. Aaron says:

    I bet everytime that kid looks in the mirror he goes, “DAAAAAAAAAANG!”

  31. elaine says:

    rock on!

  32. Lindsey says:

    LOVE it! looooove it. too great. oh too awesome.

  33. jellyfish says:

    To hell with the ozone layer!

  34. Lisa says:

    LOL Now that is child abuse! LOL

  35. pauleenie says:

    this has to be photo shop!

  36. lindsay says:


  37. Shannon says:

    Hippie family in the 80s.

  38. Tim says:

    The family would be actually look attractive without the hair. Of course, without the hair we wouldn’t have as much fun.

  39. mers says:

    The dads hair is a black hole!!

  40. beavis says:

    Is that Marcy from married with children?

  41. beavis says:


  42. Alex says:

    That man looks EXACTLY like Mark Wahlberg. There is no way that you can convince me that’s not him!

  43. Lee says:

    Not awkward. Kickass is more like it.

  44. 82 says:

    I went to school with the dad. When I first saw this pic on the web, I remembered it from a personal photo album at my mom’s house! Become his friend. Search Tommy D. Campbell from Fallbrook, CA at Facebook.

  45. Liz says:

    The mini mullet. Truly a classic.

  46. Sly Kitty says:

    They need to put this picture on VH1’s, “I Love the 80’s”

  47. Bodegabayguy says:

    “Hey Lucy, I’m Home.” “Hey, esplain what you mean by your word ‘MODERATION?’

  48. Bodegabayguy says:

    Who is this ‘Bodegabayguy? He seems VERY wise! LOL

  49. Urban says:

    No way that’s for real! Isn’t that child abuse?

  50. Bryanna says:

    Oh and they’re siblings… all of them.

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