Duct Tales

May 1st, 2009

Duct Tales - Prom

They wanted to get it all on tape.

(submitted by Anthony)

152 Responses to “Duct Tales”

  1. Misti says:

    I gotta say, I am impressed! is that wrong???

  2. Beth says:

    Zebra design crocs – I wanna pair.

  3. Shannon says:

    I think they hit their heads and suffered concussions and when they woke up they created these outfits.

  4. Glenna says:

    This is awesome and creative! They get scholarships! They get off the expensive-prom-dress merry-go-round o’ judgment! There is absolutely nothing awkward about this one, folks. Good on you and mazel tov, kids. Go invent an amazing new world out of duct tape, ’cause we just might need it soon.

  5. lindsay says:

    OH… MY GOD.
    where do we start with the criticisms?

  6. KeNdRaMsEy says:

    ok watever yall R disin an awesome dress!!!

  7. BOB says:

    and if it rains, he doesn’t need an umbrella, just use the dress

  8. bugeye says:

    wait…something’s not right here…

  9. Steph says:

    WTF? That’s crap-tasitc!!!

  10. Bryanna says:

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  11. jim says:

    …and this is their WEDDING picture???

  12. davoid says:

    What’s Paul Merton doing there with Carly Simon?

  13. mike says:

    is he wearing zebra print crocs?

  14. shaun says:

    And now the Prom King and Queen will dance to Lionel Ritchie’s hit song, “Stuck on You”…..

  15. Rui says:

    …… Holy Shiz-nits…… oo What was that girl on?!

  16. Taylor says:

    wtf is going on in this picture

  17. Mel says:

    Oh Snap!! She won a scholarship for this!

  18. Mel says:

    Video on these folks: http://teens.lovetoknow.com/Duct_Tape_Prom_Dress
    I had to look them up…

  19. Tdiz says:

    Don’t look now but I’m pretty sure he’s wearing fruit roll-ups for pants.

  20. abbi says:

    we should hit her with a bat, see if candy falls out…

  21. DAMO says:

    That’s Sandra Bullock, and what’shisname….. umm um you’l;l think of it.

  22. Brianna says:

    Her dad designed this to make sure that he could not reach any of the interesting parts or even dance too close to her LOL.

  23. LaLaWojo says:

    And when the dance is over, her dress can be re-purposed as a doghouse!

  24. Aaron T. says:

    This is Sharon and Joshua, and they actually won the 2008 Duck Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. They each won $3000 scholarships! But how much did they spend on the tape?

  25. JaktensTid says:

    Just another school dance photo at Salvador Dali High.

  26. Oh wow. I need that dress! K bye.

  27. OldGrayMare says:

    Would’ve loved to been there for the electric slide!

  28. Mark says:

    Is this the back of Steely Dan’s Can’t Buy A Thrill album?

  29. Sharon says:

    so i was looking through this site, and this is my picture…weird

  30. Jiggywiddit says:

    We’ve seen him in some of these other family photos.

  31. EliNIcole says:

    Dude… these people win money for this crap! thats freakin awesome!

  32. cutiebean79 says:

    and visions of hideous accessories danced over their heads…

  33. Tommy D says:

    Got a match?

  34. Whitney says:


  35. damn says:

    The detailing on the inside of the dress! And how much did this thing weigh?

  36. Masha says:

    One word: ‘shrooms.

  37. 1ghostorchid says:


  38. Overlord says:

    Why do her shoes match HIS outfit? Oh I’m crying here.

  39. Gabe says:

    I don’t believe these are real outfits. The remind me of those wooden cut-outs you stand behind, like at Hershey Park/Old West-themed photo ops.

  40. biz says:

    I love the art in the duct tape outfits!

  41. MOnkeypants says:

    WHAT IF SHE HAS TO PEE? WHAT THEN? I don’t understand …

  42. Chief Racka says:

    I was wondering the same thing.
    I’m also confused about the flying hat and shoes and stuff… the photo is on acid.

  43. missy says:

    i dont understand!

  44. Halloween Jack says:

    The Eighties: We cut its head off, hammered a stake through its heart, and buried it at a crossroads at midnight… and yet sometimes, early in the morning at the hour of the wolf… I can still hear its breathing…

  45. wonkward says:

    And dreams of zebra shoes danced through their heads…and on their feet….

  46. QuestionEvil says:

    If you hit her dress with a stick, candy will come pouring out.

  47. WowAkward says:

    Ok those shoes totally don’t go with that dress..

  48. kaye says:


  49. blessyourheartmom says:

    Duct tape formal wear gone wild!

  50. Akuta says:

    Not if she’s doing her proper maintenance.

  51. Gabe says:

    Tearing up here.

  52. Mith1215 says:

    I think in this case it would be class rings, not candy.

  53. kate says:

    the gap in the front is wide enough she could stand over the toilet backwards and squat.

  54. Anop says:

    QuestionEvil, and Gabe


  55. Bobby Five says:

    The dress IS her chastity belt

  56. brittany says:

    but then how is she going to get into the stall?

  57. Mith1215 says:

    That’s ok missy, I don’t think they do either…
    Some times it’s best not to understand. But to just except it, as not to disturb the balance of the universe. It is what it is.

  58. Douchebagger Vance says:


  59. trinket says:


  60. Nick says:

    You are really, really awesome.

  61. Michelle says:

    let me see you try to make a dress out of duct tape

  62. talkward says:

    No, but they go with his jacket!

  63. HM says:

    Those shoes don’t go with that dress?! Just what shoes would??

  64. Melissa says:

    …best yet… her dress doubles not only as a table for the snacks but also as shelter incase it rains…

    …to reduce the impact on the environment she later used her dress as a doghouse.

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