Awklord of the Rings

May 5th, 2009



Ye Olde Uncomfortableness.

(submitted by Stanley)

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  1. Ger says:

    isn’t there a family member missing???

  2. Vina says:

    Another SCAdian here. This is far less awkward than my own family portrait,the family are far better dressed and ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE THEY WANT TO BE THERE.

    Re-enactment (and Re-creation) are no weirder than playing RPG’s or videogames.We just have the balls to get up and do it in a cotehardie while battering eachother with blunt swords.

  3. I would like to say, nice post. Im unsure if it has been addressed, however when using Firefox I can never get the whole page to load without refreshing several times. Maybe just my modem. Appreciate your work

  4. Rosed says:

    after this they will have a jolly hunting sport with compound bows.

  5. chickmunkey says:

    looks like one of those families from “Wife Swap” or something. I wonder what the husband got when they swapped? Probably a strict vegan martinet with a penchant 5am reville , cold baths,schedules and NO JUNK FOOD

  6. Araxie says:

    The little girl in the blue dress is obviously loving this.

    But not as much as the son.

  7. Bili says:

    this is so cool, they are having fun, and they are such a beautiful family. i dont see any awkwardness in this photo..

  8. OMG says:

    This is fantastically awful…

  9. Staci says:

    I personally love this picture.. they look happy!

  10. carlgt1 says:

    OK chalk me up as another one who thinks this is a great pic and not awkward at all! It looks like a very happy & “together” family who enjoy taking part in Renaissance fairs (and no I’ve never even been to a Ren fair!)

  11. Liz says:

    I think it’s a cute photo…not awkward. The kids are adorable and everyone looks happy.

  12. Well, it’s nice to get our 15 minutes of fame, even if it’s a little awkward. :)

    If you’d like to see the rest of this photo shoot, it’s posted on our blog:

  13. mariah says:

    What, no Golem?

  14. Erica Cristina says:

    Good Day! Brazilian but I loved the photos of you, congratulations are in

  15. smmhart says:

    I think the little girl in blue is absolutly adorable

  16. Jess says:

    Whats so awkward about this? The lack of bluetooth headsets or wait is it the fact that the little girl isnt all decked out in disney princess or hannah montana garb? This family looks truly happy with who they are and what they do….HUZZAH!!!!!

  17. Jujee says:

    senior_citizen and sassy……LMAO!!

  18. jyllian says:

    This isn’t awkward, it’s sweet and happy.

  19. ASHLEY MARIE says:

    That little girl is PRECIOUS!!!

  20. elfdorado says:

    The scary thing is that this IS NOT awkward. They’re perfectly happy and comfortable being this way.

  21. Señor_Citizen says:

    “Well, Betty and I met at the Rennaisance Faire in ’86, and the rest, as they say…”

  22. Thomass says:

    There can only be “ONE”…Highlander!

  23. beepboop says:

    …And little Tinkerbell went on to fly up up up into the glass ceiling.

  24. They look quite happy! :) They look as if they actually enjoy being together. This is almost novel anymore, and I say Congratulations to them!

  25. Katie says:

    This is cute!

  26. H says:

    There’s nothing awkward about this! They are having a great time and I love it. I wish my family portraits showed us having this much fun, or an inkling of a real shared interest or bond.

  27. Jackie says:

    I think this is a great photo!! Cute family, not awkward!!

  28. Liss says:

    I LOL’d

  29. Mel says:

    …I hate to tell you this, but just because you attend ren fairs doesn’t mean you believe in fairies, leprechauns, and dragons. Seriously, you must not know any ren fair goers if you think they’re all a bunch of crazies. It’s just like halloween for adults. grow up. >:/

    And you know, at least someone is spending money on ren fair outfits and NOT crack. I’m sorry, but drugs are NEVER more socially acceptable then ANYTHING in my book. You sir, are made of Fail.

  30. Jeff says:

    I wonder if Dad’s thumb ring has magical powers?? Or is that just where courtiers wear their wedding rings? If the latter is the case, please beg my pardon… my liege.

  31. Nola says:

    Call me a geek, but I think it’s cute. At least it shows some imagination. To Bill In Houston: What’s wrong with being a Trekkie?

  32. cf says:

    I actually find this cute! Maybe the cuteness level of the kids just makes it a good picture no matter what. :)

  33. Matt says:

    Very Orcward! har har! (sorry)

  34. JK says:


  35. Mel says:

    o_O As a Ren-Fair participant, I have to say this is ALSO an Awesome family photo.

    Honestly. Some of these “awkward” family photos aren’t awkward at all.

  36. ashley says:

    dude, i dont know what youre all talking about. i will strive to be like this family one day.

  37. Magnolia says:

    The very, very cute baby is THE STAR of this photo. What an adorable plump little rascal. Your whole family is rascally! Nice awkward job

  38. Rowan says:

    Figure the odds. I know these people. Yes, they are Renaissance Faire participants which is why they are wearing these particular clothes. They work various ren faires as merchants.

    The oldest son has naturally curly hair most women would kill to have without needing to use chemicals to achieve it. He has his hand on a two handed sword, which ironically sells under the name of “Lord of the Rings” due to the ring pommel.

    And, yes, they are a very happy family.

  39. culinspiration says:

    This is just funny and cute.

  40. Kitty says:

    Oh come on, how is this awkward? It’s merely a family that’s into chivalry.

  41. Intelligence required says:

    “At least they’re not wearing matching denim.”


  42. sm says:

    They don’t look uncomfortable, they look happy…which is pretty unusual as far as family photos go. At least they’re not wearing matching denim.

  43. Shepard Pie says:


  44. Amy says:

    I totally agree! She is the cutest little girl!

  45. Joe Schmoe says:

    “It’s just like halloween for adults. grow up.”
    This quote has Win all over it…………..

  46. Deuce says:

    Ok, ok Mel… You’re right. It is perfectly normal to pretend you lived in medieval times. Now quit the talkback, I have a civil war battle to re-enact this weekend.

    Put the broadsword away, we all think you’re cool.

  47. dukmouse says:

    As an Renfair goer and SCAr id just like to say go Mel

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