Keeping Up With the Joneses

May 6th, 2009

Keeping Up With the Joneses - Family Portrait

Pictured awkwardly from left to right: Mary, Mary, Bob, Bob, Mary, Bob, Mary, and Robert.

(submitted by Andrew)

58 Responses to “Keeping Up With the Joneses”

  1. Nascar rules! I just wish that Dale was doing better this year.

  2. Brian Vidot says:

    Someone should nickname you “Mr. Epic”

  3. MollyW. says:

    Haha! This is my family.

    They are not real estate agents. This photo was taken in 2004 so it is a bit dated. :) It is very funny to see all the comments. No one would know that they all grew up on a farm in a small town in Minnesota (some still continue to farm).

    Also, no one in the family is named Mary, Bob or Robert.

  4. BV says:

    I think all the women’s names are bob too and they are just using they’re middle names for the photo.

  5. Leghound says:

    I guess the mother doesn,t still dress the boys.They look professional

  6. pro says:

    good morning guests of NorthWest Airlines; Robert will be your pilot today and myself, Mary, Mary, Bob, Bob, and Bob will be here to assist you at any time during transport; Simply press the yellow flight attendant button above and to the left:

    It is currently 60 degrees and cloudy in the SEA-TAC airport- and our expected arrival time is 20:30. Shortly Bob and Mary will be stopping by with bevrages and peanuts while Mary and Bob will be passing out headphones and pillows.

  7. Katere says:

    Can’t you just see this family 30 yrs ago when Mom controled their wardrobe?? As it is, I can hear (and see) the instructions she gave to everyone “Now girls, you need to where black & red. And boys, make SURE you wear suits. WITH TIES!!!” Except Mary #2 got it backwards… must have driven Mom nuts!!!!!!

  8. MissJenny says:

    Ummm…reminds me of the opening shot (when introducing each family) of the
    80s Family Feud episodes.

    It’s the Swanson family! (applause…diddy music)

  9. Jan says:

    All got the memo except Grammy…it still worked out though.

  10. Becky says:

    This is not awkward

  11. Nobody says:

    They look like real estate agents– CLONED real estate agents.

  12. manfromuranus says:

    I think theyre all one creature, joined at the bottom

  13. cunninglinguist says:

    only thing odd about this are the names IMHO

  14. Boo says:

    Will the real Bob please stand up………

  15. Thomass says:

    I feel like buying a “House” all of a sudden…
    It’s the Remax Team!

  16. Wade says:

    They all look like they are trying to fart , but not too loud.

  17. mountainmama says:

    I think its so funny no one has mentioned how hysterical it is that the 2 people on the far right (the funny looking guy & woman) names are given as “Mary and Bob” respectively. LMAO!

  18. Deuce says:

    Do we have Mary? Check, check, check, check. Do we have Bob? Check, check, check….um…oh, and one Robert?

    Whew, we’re good to go.

  19. OceanBien says:

    Looks like a family of real estate agents.

  20. phelim says:

    somebody better tell them to watch out for the car coming up behind

  21. Aaron says:

    Not awkward, just mind-blowingly generic.

  22. Jkwo says:

    Pretty run of the mill older white people picture.. not particularly awkward

  23. nexus says:

    Diverse much,lol

  24. KAYSiE NiCKOlE says:

    yes, grandma was always a rebel =] they look like a family of flight attendants to me.

  25. TotallyTough says:

    this is a prudential family reunion. I like your fake riding jacket mary.

  26. geoffrey says:

    mary mary bob bob mary bob robert etc…..

  27. Jewelsgrl says:

    Grandma didn’t get the note about the red-and-black combo.

  28. Captainapathy says:

    My parents names are Mary and Bob….

  29. zoltan says:

    How funny WHAT is? JoJo? Seriously, you sound like a slime.

  30. JoJo says:

    i think it’s hysterical that people are not seeing how funny it is. they probably have the same family photos

  31. Ya-huh. says:

    NASCAR racer Johnny Benson, Jr. (back row, third)? Looks that way to me.

  32. Bill in Houston says:

    Looks like a family of Lenscrafters opticians.

  33. hayleymclain1974 says:

    Hey dere Bobs, I think I’m related don’t cha know? These guys must be from Minnesota!

  34. Tom A. says:

    Would you like some pretzels or a pillow, sir?”

  35. Donna says:

    “….and Robert.” That is way too funny!!!! I can’t believe people don’t get it! C’mon….they are generic people with generic names! Hysterical!

  36. Adriel says:

    I agree, Judy. Why is Robert not Bob?

  37. me says:

    this picture is not awkward. what’s the deal.

  38. Intelligence required says:

    Where is the awkwardness?

  39. Vod says:

    Um…..they are all named Mary or Bob because you are a dumbass?

  40. T says:

    whyyyyyyy are all their names Mary or Bob??

    • Danica says:

      Um… I think that was just a joke. All the people seem to have similar, plain attitudes, so the poster gave them similar, plain names in the caption.

  41. judy says:

    what did robert do, to be called by his full name?

  42. TDC923 says:

    The man middle left is the only one with a dark savage tan

  43. Cazart says:

    Yeah, but I bet they’re Number One On The Westside! So suck it.

  44. Hehe says:

    Check out grandma, she’s the most stylish one in the picture :)

  45. TITS says:

    You have to know they all work in real estate. The jackets are a dead give away.

  46. Oy Vey says:

    They all appear to be real estate agents, based on their… erm… fashion.

  47. Grk! says:

    Not sure that red stripey jacket suits Robert.

  48. Kitty says:

    Yes! I wanna see a Jim/Helen pic now!

  49. painandlight says:

    Robert always did march to the beat of a different drummer, you know…

  50. Rachel says:

    I agree, not awkward- just dated.

  51. Nona Yerbiz says:

    Exactly. Was it a slow news day at AFP?

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