Thrill Of The Chase

May 8th, 2009

Thrill Of The Chase - Roller Coaster

An equal and opposite reaction.

(submitted by Jan)

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  1. Theresa says:

    Wow!!!! Never thought I’d see my doc on here! Way to go Willi. 😀

  2. julie says:

    Northern Exposure is such a great show. I was so young then, but I love the re-runs! This is a great picture! Calm down ball grabby fritzy hating people!

  3. Band Geek says:

    For all you band nerds out there, the dude looks JUST like David Holsinger!

  4. Gogit says:

    No doubt she wishes she’d stayed in Cicely, Alaska!

  5. scared says:

    what is that????

  6. courtney says:

    well now arnt they a wonderful match

  7. amy says:

    I love this picture because the husband is having SO much fun and the wife is holding on for dear life–hilarious. Plus, I love when we can get the background story from the actual folks in the picture. My husband and I want to spend a year in an RV travelling. Around the country when we retire–I hope we have as much fun as these 2 (well, as much as the husband in this picture at least).

  8. Becka says:

    That looks just like my Uncle Roger.. but I don’t think he really uses the internet. I want a sweet northern exposure shirt.

  9. cynthia says:

    Getting into the park: 25 dollars each

    Parking: 10

    Tickets: 5 each

    Crotch Grab from Grandpa: Priceless

  10. 007Lemming says:

    Hahaha, I can’t believe they bought that!

  11. summer says:

    This is great and you are a good sport. I’d ride a coaster or go to Alaska with you folks any day because you seem to enjoy life.

  12. grammy says:


  13. lagrange says:

    why did I take those waterpills?

  14. ChaosAgent says:

    This picture is of my wife and myself at Busch Gardens. We travel fulltime in our RV Motor Coach and spent two days there.

    We don’t know how our picture ended up here. I posted it to our blog April 13th when it was taken. The really funny thing is that the son of a friend of ours back in Houston was in class and his teacher was showing them some funny pictures online. She said this picture was her favorite and show ours on this website. The whole class was really laughing until our friend’s son said “I think I know those people”. Then everyone roared.

    Now for some of the comments…

    For you people with dirty minds, yes that was my water bottle I was holding.

    Yes, my wife is a big Northern Exposure fan. We spent a week in Roslyn last year on our way to Alaska, exploring all the stores and eating at the Brick and Roslyn’s Cafe. My wife also has the complete Northern Exposure DVD set.

    Yes, I grew up in Gulf Shores a long time ago and we spent the month of March there this year at the Gulf Shores State Park.

    Yes, I’m getting kind of frizzy. It was about time for my semi-annual haircut.

    And yes, the Cheeta Chase is the ‘baby’ rollercoaster. And no, I wasn’t able to get her any othe others after that.

    Glad you enjoyed the picture. Still wish we knew who posted it.

    • Marlene says:

      This is such a cute picture! Your wife looks scared but you look so funny laughing your butt
      off, which is what I do on rides too!
      God bless 🙂

  15. henry says:

    I just can’t stop laughing 🙂

    This is great. His right hand clenching an imaginary handle (like on a bus).

    The lady looks like somebody has just hit her with 2,000 volts. I think she has her eyes closed behind the glare on her sunglasses, otherwise she would have caught full flash.

    • BadMoFo13 says:

      Me either. This may be my favorite pic yet. They both look like they genuinely got the bajeesuz scared out of them. Are they looking in two different directions? Lol!!!

  16. motaboy says:

    the truely awkward part of this is how he holding himself

  17. Adrian says:

    Cheetah Chase is a kiddie ride at Busch Gardens.

  18. Rosie says:


    Cool Northern Exposure shirt though!

  19. Me says:

    The man’s gettin’ a bit fritzy there.

  20. jc says:

    I was going to say, Hey what’s wrong with this, it’s kind of cute! Then I noticed where dude’s hand was…

    • Franis says:

      You’re not lookin’ close enough. These people buy stuff to remember their adventures by. He’s holding on to his souvenir cup so it doesn’t fall out as he’s squeezin’ it between his legs!

      • Glynis says:

        First of all, I thought, he was holding a camera – see the strap? But you have to wear a souvenir CUP to ride this thing? Whew!

  21. Roadrunner says:

    Don’t say anything bad about the woman, she’s ok. She’s wearing a Northern Exposure shirt — THE BEST SHOW that was ever on television.

  22. anna says:

    Sweet Gulf Shores, Alabama shirt. Representing the coast.
    This is the second pic with Alabama ties I’ve seen here. We’re just an awkward state, who happens to photograph it all the time, apparently.

    • Brandi says:

      We also just love to have a good time and don’t care what we look like doing it, especially (and apparently) in photos! Sweet Home!!!

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