The Lean

May 12th, 2009

The Lean - Family Portrait


Warning: this fan favorite isn’t for the conservative family. This is a pose for the clan with sass, one that wants to convey, “Heads up!” “Coming at ya!, “In your face!” “Take a closer look,” and of course, “You rang?” Combine with two arm-fold-book-ends and you’ve got yourselves an album scorcher.

(pic submitted by Dylan)

153 Responses to “The Lean”

  1. RANDI says:


  2. joe says:

    I swear I’ve seen this photo before, wasn’t it was in Life magazine in the early seventies?

  3. Ellie says:

    Dylan, do you go to Minnesota?
    And are you an orientation leader…

    I think so…

  4. That’s 56. 56 posts before someone claims to know someone in the picture.

    Every thread, I swear.

  5. Carlos says:

    I think that I know the guy in the glasses. I am calling him to verify, but I am almost positive I know him.

  6. KayJ431 says:

    I like that! I think it’s inventive and definitely not the norm! But personally, I love being unique!

  7. T146 says:

    I like this picture. Ineresting optical illusion—they could be leaning or looking up, hard to tell which. And they look like fun people. The son does nothing for me, but dad’s kinda handsome. I’d do him.

  8. Tom says:


  9. JK says:

    Sock It To Me!

  10. Shannon says:

    This is not too bad.

  11. legalize everything says:

    As this is a professional shoot and not a snapshot, they probably had to hold this position for at least twenty minutes while the photographer was getting the right shot. Wouldn’t be surprised if they all had back problems the next day.

  12. robyn says:

    Hey, I *like* this photo!

  13. Jessica says:

    This picture needs an armshelf.

  14. Joey Joe Joe says:

    (This photo taken from space)

  15. Becca says:

    I still don’t get why this image is awkward. Explain, please.

  16. stcmo_amante says:

    this would be cooler if they were actually leaning. The shot is created by camera angle not the subjects leaning

  17. Jeremy says:

    It looks amazing in 3-D glasses.

  18. Hercules_Rockefeller says:

    Same backdrop as the choker. That photographer is really pushing the boundaries of family portraits.

  19. mers says:

    The son is a hottie!

  20. BishopWishop says:

    This is a very attractive family I must say!
    BUT all these lean-mean-fighting-machines can’t be too beautiful to be awkward!

  21. Brooklyngirl says:

    The son is *definitely* shaggable. Oh, yes. He is.

  22. Toot says:

    I like this one

  23. Katie says:

    I don’t know what all of you are talking about! The guy on the left is so not hot!!! He looks like an awkward scrawny rat!!! He is a total “poser”!!! Literally! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. tiff says:

    Hahahah, the caption truly makes the photo.

  25. KAYSiE NiCKOlE says:

    lol im sorry but the dad in this picture would be THEE absolute perfect butler or bell hop.

  26. Amy says:

    They are leaning. Photographer’s taking the pic from above, but you can see the creases in the side of the dad’s shirt & the mom’s necklace is draping a little towards the camera.

    This photo reminds me of every family picture my family took while I was growing up. It’s a sad reminder of just how WASP-y and uncool my family and I are.

  27. BBadger says:

    HEY! I saw this band. Best tambourine quartet ever.

  28. Momma says:

    Unless you want your family looking down your blouse for the rest of their lives, avoid this pose.

  29. melchina says:

    That dude is such a hottie. Love the wrappy emo glasses. MM! Delicious!

  30. Sam says:

    Is it just me, or does the guy on the left look like Hayden Christensen aka Anakin Skywalker? Either way, awesome picture.

  31. Steph says:

    They forgot to do “jazz hands”…

  32. Major Danger says:

    “Hey everyone! Group fart!”

  33. Chris says:


    More like Awesome.

  34. Matt says:

    Are they really leaning? It looks like a high angle and they’re all looking up at the camera.

  35. Sly Kitty says:

    The son remind’s of Napoleon Dynamite!!! I wonder if he can do that sexy dance.

  36. Shepard Pie says:

    Takes verve to pose like this!

  37. Stu Padazzo says:

    Maybe they’re just really really REALLY tall…

  38. baker says:

    This is exactly why I don’t answer the door–I’m afraid these guys will be there, looking exactly like this if I do.

  39. Robin says:

    Don’t know what he’s doing since you can’t even see his eyes.

  40. Benny says:

    All 4 of them look alike enough to be siblings. Creepy.

  41. blain says:

    lawl the guy on the right is trying to be hipster, but he knows his parents don’t have a trustfund set up.

  42. buster says:

    *friends theme song*

  43. youre a dumbass says:

    yo, moron, the camera was above them. they are all standing straight up.

  44. Wickity says:

    Actually, I don’t believe they’re leaning at all… They’re standing straight, but looking at a photog on a ladder…

  45. Steve says:

    This looks like it was designed to be cover art for this families’ contemporary christian pop album.

  46. Jewelsgrl says:

    Oooh, very sassy. I bet they’re really fun.

  47. Tim says:

    Is it me…or does this pic have “family of serial killers” written all over it?

  48. Cor . Don’t mother and daughter look almost identical … awkward down top looking moment as well

  49. Courtney says:

    Yeah, the kid on the left… I’d like to see what’s under that sweater vest… and then I’d like to see what’s under that plaid button up…

  50. Sam says:

    Oh hey cute boy on the left, what you doin?

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