Hawaiian Punch

May 13th, 2009

Hawaiian Punch - Family Portrait


As if the shirts and leis weren’t enough.

(submitted by Eric)

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  1. Gogit says:

    They’re still not sure if opting for the macaws over the poi was the best idea at that luau!

  2. chilaxx says:

    Lovely plumage.

  3. bobo says:

    Actually this is a survival adaptation the birds are there to pick parasites from the family & warn them when predators approach. At this point the coloration comes into play when the family bunches togethr forming an amorphous quivering blob to fool predators.

  4. ari says:

    Oh my gosh, my family has a picture just like this! My mom and dad were holding out one each of their hands, and the bird was lying in their hands like that, and me and my sister both had a bird on our heads and a bird on our arms.

    I swear to god it’s the same picture, basically.

  5. Erika says:

    The poor woman with the “dead” bird is absolutely petrified!!

  6. Kat says:

    lmao, i swear my family has a picture exactly like this, i think it was even the same year… we were on a sailboat cruise around the hawaiian islands and we did something like this in a mall on maui i think… Six year old me didn’t think too much of them putting a parrot on my shoulder though, i was afraid it would bite me, lol

  7. Andrea says:

    haha…my family has a photo just like this…same birds…same pose…just different people. ok, our shirts were solid colors but still awkward.

  8. Kristina says:

    Somewhere there is a picture like this of me. At least I just had to hold a bird.

  9. 007Lemming says:

    I have that same picture with my family! The birds were freaking out because there was a hang-glider above us and they thought it was going to attack them. Great pic, classic hawaii.

  10. Miranda says:

    The white bird is a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo… native to Australia, what’s it doing in Hawaii? Very smart and yes, very mouthy!

  11. Missy says:

    Anybody who has been to Honolulu on a family vacation has this picture.

  12. stylefyles.tumblr.com says:

    wait. Are they in Hawaii???

  13. winnie says:

    Dad looks like he just watched the movie The Birds and is pretty nervous about getting his eyes pecked out..Come on buddy its just a movie…

  14. Bob says:

    Geez…my parents have the same photo somewhere. That cockatoo was a mouthy bastard.

  15. Kliner says:

    “At Cockatoo Grill, you pick your bird, we’ll cook it up!! Try our beer battered beaks as an appetizer!”

  16. The looks of the dude with the mustache is priceless! He’s like “WTF?!”

  17. MG says:

    lol…my family have the same photo when we were in Hawaii 97. No Hawaiian attire though. Ahh bless those parrots, I was patting one of the parrots then it tried to bite me

  18. Rixxx says:

    Caribean Pirates

  19. Pickledeel says:

    I think I have a picture of me posing with the same parrots.

  20. Deuce says:

    “…put the shirt on son. No one will believe that we actually went to Hawaii unless we have these shirts on…and hold these birds…and wear these leaf things on our heads…and lei’s. Do it for your mom, OK?”

    No wait, that’s what my father said to me. Sad, but true.

  21. namastehon says:


  22. El Kev says:

    I don’t know if it’s really you or not Eric, but if it is, it looks like you have gas and just let one go as the photographer snapped the picture.

  23. Mackey00 says:

    This picture gave me a seizure!

  24. di says:

    Well, Eric, it appears your dad was scared spitless, and your mom wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of parrot poo in her hair. LOL. Looks like fun for the kids, though.

  25. bobby smith says:

    birds or dinner

  26. rawrritskiley says:

    Oh my God…i recognise those birds! but i wasn’t in that picture

  27. buffstuff says:


  28. Eric says:

    I had an amazing time. This just fit the awkward family photo theme of this page.

  29. hotoynoodle says:

    and after a few too many mai tais…

  30. Eric says:

    My sister and I had matching mu’u mu’u and aloha shirts. We had just gone to dinner at an Italian restaurant, and the waiter almost lost it.

  31. Eric says:

    This was my family trip to Hawaii after my parents won 3k in a casino in Oregon. I was twelve at the time.

  32. kim says:

    Seriously, this Web site is just what I need to brighten my day. I love it.

  33. meg says:

    they look absolutely terrified

  34. TheHater says:

    The white bird appears genuinely happy to be in the pic…He’s under the impression that this family may take him home….he is always shunned by all the other colorful birds.

  35. Nomes says:

    I love the look on Mom’s face! She’s clearly terrified of that bird.

  36. nick says:

    Final known picture of the infamous parrot-smuggling family from Barbados – Little Jim is strong arm to the cartel, Young Suz keeps the books. Patriarch pirate Jim Dandy is feared across the seven seas for his fierce handlebars and penchant for wearing laurel wreaths. But those in contact with the family know it is the sinister Lady Dandy, seen here with Squinky, who really calls the shots in the cartel.

  37. Cuidado says:

    I just discovered your site and have been laughing my a** off. I scared the cats as they don’t usually hear me snorting too. I looked back through the whole archive and I really got a great chuckle. I’ll post a link.

  38. joe says:

    makes me want to fly right over and meet these
    lovable folks.

  39. omawarisan says:

    Hey, yo, I got your parrot right here.

  40. JenB says:

    Nothing represents Hawaii better than South American macaws and Australian cockatoos. :\

  41. cia says:

    I totally have a parrot picture from 1990s Hawaii too. And they made my bird lie down on my hand like that.

    It bit me anyway.

  42. Spiffy says:

    I’m sure the Parrot spoke seconds before the photo was taken, saying something like “I’m gonna kill you, Mr. Rainbow,” judging by the father’s expression.

  43. Marla Miller says:

    Is this Mark? I think he was my swimming teacher when I was in the 5th Grade. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was. Awesome photo!

  44. estherfaye says:

    I love the look on the dads face. Classic.

  45. K says:

    This is an ex parrot!

  46. Brian says:

    Mom is wearing a bird hat!

  47. Shannon says:

    ‘Survivor: Family Edition’!!! That would be cool!

  48. Comicsaurus says:

    “No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn’it, ay? Beautiful plumage!”

  49. hawaii five oh NO says:

    i didn’t even see the birds until I looked again…think I’m having a flashback.

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