Grin and Bear It

May 19th, 2009

Grin and Bear It - Siblings

…. or worm it?

(submitted by Lydia)

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  1. Haley says:

    I have a pic similar to this from when I was 7 or 8 years old. It is of me and my cousins and we are holding bunnies…

  2. Hailee says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How miserable!!! Poor older kids are like WTF??? Why am I holding this stupid stuffed animal?

  3. Monica says:

    Interesting how the upper right guy is squeezing the neck of the bear…

  4. cheryl says:

    i have a new tactic to viewing AFP’ the comments first then look at the photo.

  5. colleen says:

    If you go out in the woods today, your sure of a big surprise…today’s the day the teddy bears have their awkwardness…

    (Okay so I am not so good at songwriting…)

  6. KC says:

    My son has a photoshoot coming up in a week. The photographer said to bring a few of his favorite things. I was thinking bringing his dinosaurs now I am having second thoughts. Do I just do it as a memory of what he was in to at that time in his life or try to sensor it so it can be looked at fondly in the late future? Ah, the dilemas

  7. M. Hazard says:

    Teddy shows off his creativity when the Brown family’s strict 1:1 bears to humans ratio requirement is met.

  8. 007Lemming says:

    Everything about this photo is bad. Pose, color, lighting, stuffed toys…. what were they thinking?

  9. Natezdad says:

    This is a beary “special” family.

  10. lukas says:


  11. Horace says:


  12. Michael says:

    lol… so funny!

  13. Lori says:

    My take on this photo is that these kids went to Walmart on a field trip for their yearly “school” pictures and got the whole clan done in one fell swoop. The apple represents the school year and mom in the middle is their “teacher”.

  14. Patrícia Antunes says:

    Todos com ursinhos de pelúcia?? Pra quê? rs… A foto está tosca mais bonitinha HAHAHAHA

  15. carol says:

    Oh yes… Gramma is so proud!

  16. Christy says:

    I want to know why the largest person is smack dab in the middle while the mom’s face is cut off and the youngest is almost lost amongst all the people and toys.

  17. lmariea says:

    I just don’t understand! Why, God? Why?

  18. spacymojo says:

    i went to school with thes boys in this pic, OMG

  19. Lisa says:

    This is the first time I have commented on this site, and it’s because I honestly can’t figure out what’s going on in this picture and hoping someone will explain the weirdness. I am totally perplexed!

  20. bravo says:

    these people hate each other. I’m serious. HATE.

  21. RockitQueen says:

    It the boy in the front balancing Lowly Worm on his fist? Or is Lowly on a stick?

  22. Melissa says:

    This is just the strangest picture. Looks like the guy with the cross tried to Sharpie in himself a cape or something. Or a cape for the bear.

  23. RCB says:

    The one in the back, with the cross on his neck, looks like he’s strangling his bear. Should I be worried?

  24. Nan says:

    I am very confused by this photograph. Exactly what was the photographer going for?

  25. Creepers says:

    The worm is Lowly Worm from the Richard Scarry kids’ books. Somehow that makes things more creepy…

  26. Birdgirl says:


  27. Yvie says:

    love the boa on bear in upper left corner :d the worm/apple is a bit phallic and he thought no one would notice…

  28. dave says:

    LOL *dement*

  29. Aliz Coursey says:

    Why is that kid front and center holding up a WORM? Did he not get the memo?

  30. Your Mom says:

    I can BEARly contain my laughter.

  31. Tim says:

    Shortly after this staff picutre was taken, Sheldon (front) was fired from the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. for ‘insubordination’.

  32. Leslie says:

    How emBEARassing!

  33. maria says:

    The Von Trapp kids had their puppets, and these kids had….well….these.

    Lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo!!

  34. x says:

    I see what you did there, Ellalee…

  35. cm says:

    The girl in the top left looks like the is stunned and amused by what is happening. I see her as the one who turned 18, got the hell out, and never looked back.

  36. Funnysister says:

    Since Dad left…we all needed a little extra sense of security.

  37. Kristi says:

    The girl with the boa is actually holding a white bear. The woman in front of her looks slightly terrified or mortified… not sure which one. I just don’t get the stuffed animals.

  38. Brenda says:

    These bears are part of our family, now smile like you mean it!

  39. Melissa says:

    “Thanks grandma for the Christmas presents!”…….sorta

  40. Fox says:

    What’s up with the bear at the top right? It looks like someone used a Sharpie to try to fix the picture. You can plainly see him choking his bear right there in the photo.

  41. virtualspaniel says:

    wonder what the photographer thought just before he said ‘smile’?

  42. Matt says:

    I think the floating middle-right bear is meant to be like the seemingly disembodied hand with knife in “The Last Supper”.

  43. George says:

    my quess is that the families last name is Bear

  44. Carol says:

    You can’t stop the bear-ars, nobody can stop the bear-ars, or is that the music – *shrug*

  45. ms artist says:

    looks like the solo bear in the middle is attempting to sneak away… Run like the wind, little buddy!

  46. Lisa says:

    I can’t bear this picture.

  47. dirtyoldmen says:

    i can’t bear this anymore

  48. El Kev says:


  49. Erin says:

    and the guy wearing the cross is practically strangling his bear… And what’s with the apple? Was this awkward family photo on purpose?

  50. Darkness says:

    Why?…Why stuffed animals?

    Whose holding the one on the right in the middle???

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