O Brother, Where Art Thou?

May 20th, 2009

O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Prom

“Here is a picture of me and my siblings at our cousins bar mitzvah. Super awkward prom pose moment, the boys weren’t thrilled about the photo.”

(submitted by Julia)

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  1. Jean says:

    The boy on the left is my friends neighbor!! lol, I love seeing a person I know on this!

  2. Kid Kolob says:

    Lucky boys!!!!

  3. Drew says:

    I know everyone hears this from someone at least once a week on the internet but I seriously know that girl to the far left. She was a friend of mine who just graduated at our high school. Extraordinarily smart girl as well. I’m debating on sending her this link on Facebook to see if she knows (I’m sure that will be an awkward conversation of the ages).

  4. murillo says:


  5. Jon says:

    The girl on the right is cute!

  6. Me says:

    So I’m a professional photographer. Really. That’s why I love this site. During a very dark time of my life I worked at the Studio at Target doing the “arrange WAY too many people in a tiny studio just 3-4 inches in front of the backdrop” style family portraits. I hated it, but I’m proud to say that I never stooped to this level.

    I did do the family dogpile shot, but there really are not many options when 8 people show up for a photo in a studio that’s 4’x4′.

  7. JoJo says:

    My eyes! Somebody turn it off!

  8. Andy Vigue says:

    This should be one of those posters that have a characteristic or value in bold letters at the bottom. It could say “CONFIDENCE…Is asking a junior to the 8th grade dance”

    • Jess says:

      OO that would be awesome.Can I take that and make something out of it?
      that would be such a greta poster XD

  9. purityring says:

    “i love the jonas brothers” and “taste” dont belong in the same sentence

  10. neverfirst says:

    Brother, where art thou hands?

  11. slutzinc says:

    I just love the horrified look on the girl on the left. You know, just ignore the fake smile.

  12. Adawehi says:

    Its the Jonas Brothers dates last year.

  13. Sammy says:

    Wow. That’s so awkward I can’t even look directly at it for more than a second. All I can do is laugh.

  14. Afaq says:

    I hope to GOD the photographer didn’t put this up in his shop display… sheesh!

  15. gb says:

    Who thought this was a good idea? Those boys are surely still in therapy.

  16. AlaskaRaven says:

    Freak Sandwich

  17. Spiderbite says:

    What’s more disturbing to me is that this got printed? Don’t you typically take a bunch of pictures, they print a test sheet, and you pick the ones you like best to print. I hope this is just a test print.

    God I hope this isn’t sitting in a frame in someone’s living room.

  18. Sweet Tea says:

    Did an adult accompany these siblings to the studio – you might have the photog. checked out

  19. bravo says:

    Timmy & Johnathan, seriously!!!…we are trying to take a picture here!

  20. Folli says:

    McLovin…the early years

  21. Simon says:

    To shoot down prom theory … Three on the right are clearly siblings – the noses are almost identical. Can’t tell but the one on the far left may be as well …

    I think this was just a cute idea gone horribly, horribly wrong.

  22. Erin says:

    it’s all about the coordinating outfits….nobody will notice the pose….lmfao

  23. Silk says:

    It’s the sequel to “Weird Science”, only the programming was worse and they made two girls instead of one.

  24. Lucas says:

    The boy on the left….he will fly like hell with those wings, I mean, ears.

  25. Carissa says:

    Haha – the kid on the left looks like a tiny McLovin.

  26. patti says:

    “lifetouch meats sears”, lmao I used to work at lifetouch, so TRUE!!!!!!

  27. oy says:

    This is so awkward, I actually had to look away. When you feel uncomfortable looking at the picture, that’s when you know this site did a good job.

  28. panik says:


  29. Birdgirl says:

    Their names were McLovin…

  30. gobalt says:

    he’s gonna pork her russ
    oink oink

  31. Leigh says:

    This has to be a cruise picture or something. I’ve been on two cruises and there could be a website just for awkward family pictures from cruises. YIKES. This made me cringe!

  32. Evilbeagle says:

    If it were an 8th grade prom picture, they would have been posed differently, not to mention dressed differently. Either way, it doesn’t get more awkward than this, related or not.

  33. Amanda Jo says:

    Lifetouch meets Sears. Brilliant shot!

  34. DK says:

    It’s those crazy Heimlich kids!

  35. Patkerash says:

    While you can tell what the photographer was going for here, what he ended up with is Just Wrong…lmao

  36. Shannon says:

    That’s just not right. Why would they pose them that way?

  37. Micstew says:

    Oh my.. This is a bit too much! To answer the 8th grade prom question… I’d think the same thing if they didn’t all look exactly alike. This picture is flippin’ priceless! Was the photographer fired?

  38. arnessang says:

    I agree with lucy – it’s 8th grad prom. I just can’t bring myself to believe that someone would have siblings pose like that.

  39. 12gager says:

    I actually think these little guys won some type of bet and they are showing off to their friends.

    • chickmunkey says:

      I’m guessing this was a Bar Mitzvah pic and these two fellas’ are best friends.
      Reminds me of my nephew’s bar mitzvah.

  40. Tim says:

    What’s really disturbing is that they all seem so…COMFORTABLE with this!

  41. lucy says:

    Hm… I thought this was an 8th grade “prom” picture. Are we sure they’re siblings?

  42. SJS says:

    It looks to me like the girls are actually just random people pulled in by the brothers Casanova.

  43. Kara says:

    Silly me, I thought this was a photo taken at the 8th grade dance.

  44. Ellalee says:

    What gets me is that a photographer would set this pose up. This is a crime against studio portraiture and those young men.

  45. S Russell says:

    Can anyone say “Heimlich”? They look like they are practicing on choking victims for a Boy Scout badge.

  46. Trisha says:


  47. Selena says:

    This is ridiculous! Why would they pose like that? It’s not like they are at prom.

  48. christy says:

    trust me, that’s not the right pose…so wrong

  49. Jeneva says:

    i like the pushed up yet still buttoned sleeves on the boy on the left

  50. C0d3r69 says:

    Wow. This should be attached to Webster’s Dictionary for the meaning of awkwardness!

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