Tito the Bandito

May 22nd, 2009

Tito the Bandito - Vacation

Alright, everyone gather around the stereotype.

(submitted by Emily)

78 Responses to “Tito the Bandito”

  1. Pat says:

    ROFL @ caption
    thanks for today’s longest laugh!

  2. Smartazz says:

    The only thing awkward about this photo is….the fact that they think they feel fine now….but later on that night in their cabins …Montezuma’s Revenge will slowly sneak up on them from drinking the water !!! 🙂

  3. Erika says:

    Well, which is the “Bandito”? Dad, or the guy with the gun?

  4. Devon says:

    Meanwhile, the lady with the sunglasses just slid by and stole Dad’s wallet.
    What, you thought we wouldn’t notice you, random blond lady?
    Who’s the bandito NOW?!

  5. roskie says:

    LMAO @ the caption.
    so perfect.

  6. Leghound says:

    Not a bad vacation photo but why is Jr.holding a purple purse?

  7. nathan says:

    Have Mexican will travel.

  8. slicked25 says:

    This site is an instant classic. I love the handgun. lol

  9. Jessiee says:

    i love how “fun ships” is in quotation.

  10. Caroline says:

    is that borat in the background?

  11. graphicartist2k5 says:

    wow, just when i thought i had seen the mexican stereotype portrayed so perfectly well, i see this picture.

  12. rubberpants says:

    I’ve stood in that exact spot. Although instead of Tito, it was some poor guy dressed in a filthy dolphin costume.

  13. joancrown says:

    Stereotype, hell. Look at the guy in the back. This was a freakin’ family reunion! Separated at birth… I imagine the Carnival Cruise Lines paid for the reunion in return for some promotional photos.

  14. mindy says:

    How did this go down? Mom was like OMG kids look it its a real live Mex-EE-CAN now hurry so we can get a picture! My poor hubby died laughing at this one, being latino people sometimes expect him to say things like siiii sennoorr ish hard bein mmeee!

  15. lol on the fake mustache! Go Tito, this was his first acting job!

  16. KC says:

    The girl in blue-is the shorter leg tanner than the other?

  17. katina says:

    sadly, I think I know where that is

  18. Terri says:

    Ok I believe he’s a real mexican and he probably even pulled the poncho and sombrero out of his closet, but the moustache is FAKE! Don’t believe me? look at the tall guy, he bought one at the same store when they were in port.

  19. RCB says:

    Is Tito real, or a statue?

  20. Ferd says:

    Holy cow! You over-sensitive whiners! “Ooh, a sssstereotype! I musssst say ssssomething! Ooh, the ssssocial injusssstice!”

    You did notice this photo was taken in Mexico? Where a real, live Mexican is making money off of people doing what? Embracing his heritage. Go to Mexico and find some average guy who isn’t proud of people like Pancho Villa and other bandits. Then they turn that pride into money from some dopey tourists.

    Hmm, maybe that was the part you didn’t like. The money making.

  21. magoo says:

    Holy molly, Elton John has a new band called “The Fun Ships”?

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