Life of the Party

May 27th, 2009

Life of the Party - Celebrities

Reunion crasher.

(submitted by Kenny)

250 Responses to “Life of the Party”

  1. Lovin' Tha Juice says:

    Sadly there were no survivors

  2. BB says:

    That O.J.– such a cut up!

  3. Patrick says:

    World Record holder: Most missing persons in a single photograph.

  4. Kerkopes says:

    That blonde was smart not to stand too close to him. :/

  5. Karen says:

    Because of the attire, you can tell that this picture was taken after 1994. I wouldn’t want to be near him, let alone share a laugh or a photo at that.

  6. Steve says:

    What makes it so funny is that it’s photoshopped…

  7. Dana Pierson says:

    Sorry meant to say now he;s awkward. Spelling just ain;t my thing today.

  8. BestfriendisNinja says:

    The guy in the middle is freakin halirous!!!!!

  9. jamie says:

    These people are pathetic! You couldn’t pay me to have my picture taken with that guy. Come on people where’s your integrity???

  10. amber says:

    hahaha this is funny beacause i think its in this small town of breckenridge that i live in- i recognize the background!!!!

  11. trot74 says:

    O.J. partying with the jurors from his murder trial

  12. Tony says:

    Did he kill them too? OJ when will you ever learn

  13. Candy says:

    The guy two over from OJ is in the Witness Protection program..

  14. Buzz Litebeer says:

    Wait, I thought white people were pissed that O.J. got off the hook.

  15. Meesh says:

    but little did he know thats….not…BEER…in…that….glass

  16. Ok is that Oj in the background. Looks weird

    • Taylor says:

      LoL, yes-that is OJ, can’t you tell that everyone just can’t believe that they are actually getting theri picture taken with the Juice? ha ha ha ha!!!!

  17. David Farmbrough says:

    Proof that beer makes your teeth fall out

  18. Eastercandy says:

    The guy in the fake beard, hair & glasses is in the witness protection program

  19. marcozark says:

    what a Killer Party man.

  20. lopez says:

    you have nice dreame

  21. dtac sim says:

    It’s good to have the gang back on the TV in the new series of how I met your mother!

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