Throw Grandma From the Train

May 27th, 2009

Throw Grandma From the Train - Grandma

Somebody clearly doesn’t want a hard candy.

(submitted by Matt)

97 Responses to “Throw Grandma From the Train”

  1. lagrange says:

    “Well isn’t that special” Now time to do the church lady dance!

  2. DONNA says:


  3. Falon says:

    I’m a photographer and it looks legit, not Photoshopped. It’s taped to a refrigerator, not a wall. I see no evidence of cloning, only a fugly background drape.

  4. Steve says:

    When Lipitor met Lithium.

  5. lagrange says:

    “smile dammit, or your out of the will”

  6. Wally says:

    Because of the economy, meet the two new leads for the sequel of the Heartbreakers.

  7. glamtam says:

    I love this photo (AND the caption).

    But as a graphic designer, even without examining this photo at a higher resolution, I’m pretty sure that angry girl was always a part of this photo, but not granny, especially not granny’s head. The background behind granny is all haphazardly cloned out, and then the blending of her hair and the background is not done all that well. When I look at it again, it appears the right side of her black jacket is also poorly blended… it’s kind of blurry. Also, angry girl’s hair is too blurred on the left by her shoulder.

    I still love it though. Angry girl is priceless.

  8. Joanne says:

    Somebody just found out they were cut out of grandma’s will.

  9. bradley says:

    Okay! Same expression as grandma… and… hold it…

  10. Miss L says:

    She looks like Kate from John and Kate plus 8!

  11. shelley says:

    I… I think I went to HS with this girl… Maybe not but she looks really familiar early 90’s familiar…

  12. tom says:

    like take the damn picture already……… we both have to use the little girls room

  13. Jeff says:

    You used my fancy soaps, didn’t you. Didn’t you.

  14. Indi says:

    Just shows you what happens to attitude in about fifty years

  15. lupe says:

    Thug life.

  16. Pamela says:

    The caption, coupled with the photo…I laughed so hard my husband thought I was having a nervous!

  17. Rayman says:

    Thats not her grandaughter anyway.. clearly a compound bow

  18. Stephanie says:

    I can’t stop howling. I agree… BEST. CAPTION. EVER!!!!!!

  19. CRU says:

    Photo taken right after Grandma told Lisa she lost her college fund at BINGO!

  20. TLLCS says:

    I dont get the hard candy comment…anyone?

    • TJ says:

      Seems like grandparents of “our” (“our” being those of us who identify with this) generation always had a bowl of hard candies-in a candy dish- on a coffee table, or something, And, we were offered a hard candy… as a treat… as if it were a treat. And, as kids, who eat at McDonalds, and have any variety of more impressive candies available all the time, a hard candy was sort of a “so what” kind of thing. It IS the perfect caption! But to explain why I laugh uncontrollably … would kill it and take too long.

      • Beth says:

        TJ, I got the reference already (but thank you for explaining it to TLLCS), but I am curious for your explanation as to why you laugh uncontrollably. Do you have a special story related to grandparents giving you hard candy? I am curious now.

  21. Unlikely says:

    i can feel the love!

  22. Nyria says:

    This websiet needs a thumbs-up feature or something. There are so many funny comments here that I want to thumbs up.

  23. Mary says:

    This is somewhat reminiscent of a “Wanted” poster. What crime could these two have committed?

  24. Ak says:

    Wow! The looks on their faces made me put my compound bow away.

  25. Tim says:

    Grandma was overheard telling Rachel, ” I don’t car how many times we take this damned picture! You’re not getting a PENNY when I’m gone!”

  26. Amice says:

    Is that hard a** Kate Gosselin?

  27. hotoynoodle says:

    “honey, let’s take a picture together before you leave for reform school. then you can hang it on your wall and always think of happier times.”

  28. MissouriMom says:

    awkward…and sad

  29. case says:

    Did someone just photo shop the granddaughter in an old picture of grandma??

    • db says:

      I think you are right ‘case’ that is definitely photoshopped, unless the granddaughter just happens to have an exceptionally glossy personality.

    • bowl winkle says:

      looks like it to me too

      • Um....Greg says:

        Too many individual hairs to have been photoshopped. Nobody can copy and past that many individual strands of hair that well

      • Abby says:

        It absolutely has been tampered with. Look at Grandma’s hair on the right. Part of it is even slightly cut off. However, they are both funny separately…even funnier together.

        • Beth says:

          Abby: I don’t see any problems with the older woman’s hair. Could you be more specific in describing how and where it is “cut off” or otherwise problematic? I think that’s just how her hair looks naturally (some people have hair like that).

          It could be Photoshopped, but I feel like it isn’t (and I’m hoping it isn’t, too).

  30. Mark says:

    Hard candy? Someone apparently didn’t want a hairbrush, either.

  31. heather says:

    And P.S. the hard candy caption is awesome. Werthers originals!

  32. Cathy says:

    Nasty attitude chick.

  33. El Kev says:

    The younger one, although very upset looking, is actually pretty cute.

  34. Sinfonian says:

    Who’s the younger girl with Barbara Bush?

  35. monica aguliar says:

    all granny ever wanted was a picture of her only great great great grand child.
    and this is what she gets. poor granny.

  36. Boesen says:

    If looks could kill, Granny would be dead.

  37. lucy says:

    Oh and grandma is related to The Rock.

  38. lucy says:

    That caption deserves an award!

  39. Brenda says:

    “Gramma and me is outlaws….” hmmmm?

    • chickmunkey says:

      There’s something to be said for side by sides like this: I’ve heard this is generally was done in Victorian photography to show not only family relations BUT psychic and “how close we are in personality” . It’s fair game to say this old lady is NOT her mother- could be granny or an aunt, I really love this one , too, it’s classic~~~~ a style you don’t see much at all.

  40. Samantha says:

    Anyone notice that this is a picture of a picture that’s been taped to the wall? It gets more awkward the longer you stare at it.

    • Nyria says:

      oh yeah, I thought that was a frame lol

    • blow by says:

      HA!!! This looks like a little Covert-Op to me. I’ll bet whoever submitted this pic has been looking at this for years, thinking about how truely awkward it is. Upon finding this website they immediately snuck into grandmas house and snapped a quick pic of this little gem, imortalizing it forever in awkward history.

    • Monica says:

      It actually looks like its just taped to the wall. The corners are worn and bent and the left side is slanted inward like it was cut very poorly.

  41. Samantha says:

    LOL @ the caption!!!!

    I love this site. Please, never change.

  42. Shannon says:

    Why can’t anyone smile? Maybe they don’t get along.

  43. Doodles says:

    I love you Pumpkin…

    I love you too Grandma

  44. grimey says:

    Yeah, and somebody clearly won’t get hard candy even if she wants it!

  45. haunted says:

    From wherever you look, their eyes are following you. I’ve read somewhere that this happens in paintings when people are portraited looking directly at the observer. But I’m not entirely convinced that this is the case.

  46. Justi says:

    Neither of them aren’t happy campers, lol!

  47. Becca says:

    Well, someone definitly is Not happy to be having her picture taken !

  48. Dennis says:

    Why is grandma raising an eyebrow???

    • chris says:

      fantastic! i didn’t catch that the first time… needed a second look… and boy was it worth it!

    • Amice says:

      Grandma knows Stacy’s just waiting for the inheritance, and Grandma doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon….

  49. Nyria says:

    Best caption EVER!

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