Shotgun Wedding

May 28th, 2009

Shotgun Wedding - Wedding

Protecting the sanctity of marriage.

(submitted by Anthony)

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  1. JaylBayt says:

    “NO ONE leaves this reception without leaving a gift!”

  2. FromOverseas says:

    wow, the comments are creepier than the photo.

  3. Tippe says:

    I love this pic! I’d pose for it, looks like its all in good fun. And I swear i know the guy on the bottom

  4. Woody says:

    At least they have their fingers off the triggers…


  5. Lacie says:

    I love this pic! I actually think it’s kinda classy and I would do it. The bride just screams Mr and Mrs Smith…she’s got this look about her. Oh and the dude on the left needs to go to target practice more often.

  6. Mariko says:

    …too easy

  7. MB says:

    This screams, I don’t know, MAFIA to me.

  8. arugula says:

    Its not awkward until the husband accidentally kills his wife while playing “bang bang.” There was a real case in my town where this happened, and after the accidental shooting several “playful” photos of their family posing with guns were uncovered…

    • Pete says:

      Oh my gosh, what if someone were killed in a car accident and then photos were uncovered of the couple in a car, or posing with their new ride?

      Yeah, same thing, except fatal driver-at-fault car accidents, and photos with cars are more common.

    • ravenshrike says:

      Except for the minor fact that they are following the 4 rules in the above picture, something which I doubt happened in your ‘playful’ photos.

  9. Aaron says:

    that guy on the far left has “Misfire” written alll over him

  10. Ads says:

    I’d certainly get you to the church on time

  11. Dev says:

    Way to index those fingers!

  12. Mac says:

    New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. noturavg says:

    For some reason, this has New Jersey written all over it

  14. hero says:

    hmmm. the only thing i can say is that at least the bride is holding a petite and purse-sized lady-gun….tres feminine!

  15. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s great except for the footwear. The guy in the front and the one on the right are wearing sneakers and the one on the left appears to be wearing bedroom slippers! What’s that about? FAIL!

  16. M says:


  17. betch says:

    Seriously, this is a wicked cool photo.

  18. Erik B says:

    I think they were wanted in a bank heist……

  19. rachel says:

    haha nice!!

  20. captain crunch says:

    damn obama supporters and their 5th amendment weddings…

  21. Justin says:

    I was at this wedding, funny to catch this picture on this website.

    To answer most questions:

    Groom is kneeling with the AR
    This is in California
    The skate shoes were on during ceremony
    Nobody is a cop (or a redneck)

    Actually, one of my favorite weddings I’ve been to.

  22. Joan Hodges says:

    I particularly enjoy the variety of weaponry here.

  23. sassafrass says:

    there’s nothing awkward about this! Very cool pic!

  24. Monica says:

    First, this is awesome.
    Second, which one is she marrying?

  25. Alex says:


  26. Katie says:

    Those men have nice guns.

  27. Leslie says:

    I don’t think the guy on the left has ever held a gun before. He needs to hold that with some authority.

  28. Lindsey says:

    what the f**k

  29. Chunk says:

    Wedding Gift list:
    -Automatic Weapons

  30. KoP says:

    Only in U S and A..

  31. Alicia says:

    Love it. I also love that the men aren’t wearing dress shoes.

  32. Joe says:

    If you are gonna have the M4, at least open the buttstock to half.

  33. Saila says:

    “And I’m going to kill Bill…”

  34. mcv says:

    Nice Guns!

  35. Becky says:

    How is this awkward, that’s how we do it down south

  36. WDW says:

    Things To Do Today:
    1. Get Married
    2. Rob Bank
    3. Go on Honeymoon

  37. john says:

    those are actually compound bows

  38. N8 says:

    DUDE, FARKING WIN! How is this awkward again? This is a great photo of a happy crowd.

    I love the Bill of Rights and happy weddings!



  39. e. says:

    Best wedding photo’s i’ve ever seen. No fingers on the triggers. Very professional.

  40. Chris B says:

    This is my pic, I wonder how it ended up here? Anyways it was a great day, I actually have a couple more pics. The Wife with my AR, the wife and I with my father in law next to us with the pistol gripped MOssberg 500, and another group pic. Thanks for all the great comments.

  41. pj says:

    This is a great picture!!!I’d pose for this one!!!

  42. MN Nice says:

    Nothing says love like a group of people with guns.

  43. bennie says:

    The paparazzi wouldn’t dare

  44. suzi girl says:

    i love this photo! i want one with my fiance, with both use weapons in our careers- us military. i think its badass.

  45. The Pontificator says:

    What’s awkward about that photo? Are you kidding??? These folks ROCK!!!!

    They can attend my wedding any day!

    • Chris B says:

      If you need security let me know, I have my permits 🙂

      • molwol says:

        My wedding was full of guns, also. Preacher had one on under his robe (police chaplain) the groomsmen were all cops and half the people in the addience were cops.

  46. NOH8 says:

    Thia is awesome!

  47. Christopher says:

    Gotta say this pic is awesome. I’d marry a woman that packed a gat in her wedding dress.

  48. hkvl says:

    This is awesome!!!

  49. Tim says:

    Like the saying goes: Something old, something new, someting borrowed and something COLD BLUE STEEL, Y’ALL!

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