Day at the Beach

June 1st, 2009

Day at the Beach - Vacation

Location, location, location.

(submitted by Jared)

136 Responses to “Day at the Beach”

  1. Dan says:

    Please send me the photo un edited

  2. Cierra says:

    He’s just trying to relax, get him a beer. Maybe they ruined his afternoon by hanging around so close. He doesn’t want any tan lines.

  3. L.T says:

    Talk about awkward.. Imagine thier faces when the film developed!

  4. Mackey says:

    It’s just not easy to get the perfect tan, it takes work!

  5. Lacey says:

    They just wanted to let the folks back home know that, yes, they are indeed in France.

  6. J says:

    They did that on purpose.

  7. on the beach says:

    What the hell did that guys comment have to do with this?? He is obviously a spammer. No matter how hard you try they still slip through dont they.

  8. Nebo says:

    I love you. Seriously.
    “location, location, location”.

    I love you, i’ve laugh for ten minutes. Thanks dude.

  9. Jerome H says:

    Maybe this guy is just wearing a thong bathing suit and they just put the censor there to make us think he is really naked and to prompt more comments.

  10. Katekaaay says:

    you can see some of his man parts above the akward censor…wow.

  11. IAmNoOne says:

    Larry Flynt always likes to takes the pictures at the family reunion.

  12. Cassidy says:

    haha i love how it’s like the naked guy wants everyone to see his junk, so his legs are just completely spread like that! XD

  13. dandi-andi says:

    haha. this gives Spring Awakening a whole new meaning for me.

  14. Missy Mags says:

    Who is trying to get a junk tan?

  15. colleen says:

    The reason why Photoshop was invented

  16. Steve says:

    My Baloney has a first name its —–.

  17. zachary says:

    omgosh tht is so funny. i about died when i saw this. u never know how a photo can be so awkward until u see ones like this.. wow…

  18. Mandy says:


  19. Kathy says:

    I sure hope the guy in the back is using SPF 5000 on his man parts.

  20. Jason says:

    This photo has been around forever.

  21. Tulip says:

    Look at the loos on their faces…they know. They needed evidence that they were at a nude beach!

  22. Sue says:

    All right, Jared. Do tell. What were the circumstances of the photo?

    I’m thinking the 4 people looking toward the camera and the photographer knew very well what was going to be in the background.

    I don’t think the girl’s leg is buried in the sand, it looks like the leg is tucked ender her and she is sitting on it.

    And about it being censored, um… you forgot to censor a certain flesh colored object that looks an awful lot like a certain man part. lol

  23. Robert says:

    I wonder if the person taking the photo for them was a complete stranger and noticed the “thing” in the background and thought it would be funny.

    • Jeni says:

      I’m sure they all were like “OH my GOD!” and began laughing amongst themselves and then staged a picture. Must be a European thing.

  24. Melodie says:

    Really? These folks didn’t see that guy’s “goods” before they posed? What about the photog? He/she was probably taking the pic under severe duress and decided “hey, why not get the “money” shot?”

    • Lou says:

      I’m thinking they *did* see him there and actually thought it would be a hilarious pic to take with him in the background. If so, I agree with them!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with Lou – from the looks on their faces, they knew what was in the background, and wanted to capture the moment! If it’s true, it makes me like these people even more!

  25. Patty says:

    Hey i was wondering if you could email me the uncensored one?… im having an argument with a group of Lesbians and me being the straight one…they think the object sticking out above the letter W is his man part..and i say its his elbow lol…we need to resolve this! LOL

  26. Julie says:

    This is a classic case of ‘bad naked.’

  27. Monica says:

    I’m wondering if it’s a nude beach, and if so, why they are still clothed.

  28. Joanne says:

    Guess they won’t be using this shot for a Christmas card!

  29. Albert says:

    What beach is this? Why would the family be there?

    All I can say is that I literally laughed out loud at this. It made my day

  30. Steve says:

    Makes the tagline of the site “Spreading the Awkwardness” seem more appropriate.

    • Indy Dave says:

      LOL!! Ok, I’m still laughing over here. Great tag!

      What you can’t tell from the picture is that he’s farty, too.

  31. mamaroo says:


  32. Erik says:

    Why the cencorship? It destroyes the whole point with the picture…

  33. ali says:

    What IS the deal with her leg? Is she spread-eagle as well? Buried in the sand?

  34. MST says:

    62 comments and only one was posted? Oh my, I guess we know where everyone’s mind went.

  35. Melissa says:

    Is it “butt naked” or “buck naked”?

  36. Gaby says:

    OMG! Classic case of a good photo and a horrible background!!! LOL!

  37. case says:

    I think AFP hates me…. never posting my comments

  38. Rain Likely says:

    I can imagine the photographer setting up the shot: “OK, lady with the dark hair, lean in to your right. Just a little bit more . . . that’s it . . . Perfect!”

    • bradley says:

      I swear I was wondering why the lady’s leg was buried until I read your post and went back to have another look…

      • Larry N says:

        My screen was too far right and only showed the group.I was searching for
        anything weird until the printer spit out the whole pic!

    • Kelly says:

      Of course, had she sat up straight, it would have been an equally awkward and fantastic photo. It was an artistic choice.

  39. Jackers and Milk says:

    Great balls of fire!!

  40. Amy says:

    Come on..we need the uncensored version! 😉

  41. slowboy81 says:

    I like turtles

  42. Xtina says:

    I love a good weenie roast on the beach.

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