Smells Like Teen Spirit

June 4th, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Kids


While AFP’s favorite sister-in-law celebrates her birthday today, we want to celebrate her impressive kneeshelf into armshelf combination. Happy b-day, Kristi, and go Spartans!

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  1. fig says:

    i think somebody liked the way they looked in high school.

  2. matt says:

    When you’re trapped in the zoo all you can do is pose for the tourist’s cameras.

  3. alan says:

    Could be singing the “Ballad of Chasey Lain.”

  4. Kathryn says:

    So, if it is Damien of LaVerne, is Kristi a St. Juicy’s or PC girl? LOL. My brothers went to Damien, I went to Glendora HS, I was NOT going to go to an all girl school.

    Happy very belated B-day!

  5. DamienGrad says:

    I went to Damien High School and what makes this picture even more akward is that it is an all boys school.

  6. Clint says:

    nothing says magic like green, yellow & white

  7. H says:

    that is definitly from marian high school in omaha nebraska haha. i always knew those girls had it coming to them!

  8. Burt says:

    So a photo just needs to be “80s” to qualify as awkward? In that case, I’ve got a shelf full of awkward photo albums.

  9. La Verne, CA says:

    “A certain word, a thought remembered” an actual quote from the alma mater poem from Damien High School located in La Verne, California.

    This does not make this pose any less awkward but at least Mark McGwire’s high school is getting a little love.

    • Austin says:


      That was MY high school. Mark was a year ahead of me. Funny to see a chick doing Spartan Spirit for an all boy’s HS.

  10. B says:

    that’s a damien spartan cheerleader! you can see the name on her shirt! go big D!

  11. KatzManDu says:

    That really looks like it was taken at Glenbrook North in Northbrook, IL. They are indeed the Spartans with the same colors.

  12. Child of the 80's says:

    Poofy hair, color-coordinated scrunchy socks, white Keds and a slightly baggy short-sleeved t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. If her shirt said “Grizzlies,” this could’ve been MY high school photo…

  13. Me says:

    Are you missing the teen spirit caption and the reference to teen deoderant? Do they still make teen spirit deoderant? She must have been checking to make sure it was working.

  14. sandy says:

    Will her head fall off if she puts her arm down? Love the green socks!!!

  15. glenmichael says:

    Definitely awkward because of her strained pose. Neck, left-hand, are all at their limit. . . forced smile.. and then there is the mystery black icon in her right hand.. surely a signal to her special someone that she’s cheering for them.

    It is imposed awkward via photographer.. poor Spartan gal is just wondering when it will be over and is enjoying that cool breeze that just blew up.

    She’s a winner.. any discomfort is the Awktographer’s fault. ( but the hairstyle has to go )

  16. Pamela says:

    ‘awkward’ or not….she’s really pretty.

    • Foghatdw says:

      When I was in high school a gal like this was the prom dream date. I’m guessing she still is….
      Very pretty indeed.

  17. DogsArePawsome says:


    Lil’ birthday cheer for ya.

  18. Kratom says:

    She looks hot. Whats awkward about this one ?

  19. neverfirst says:

    Go Kristi, go Kristi, it’s ya birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s ya birthday. – Fitty Cent

  20. case says:

    this isn’t awkward…. just another embarrassing photo from someone’s high school days. We all have em.

  21. Tom_thumb says:

    I got spirit yes I do, I got spirit how bout you!

  22. Tom_thumb says:

    Does Kristi work at Chess King? I just picked up a sweet mesh shirt there.

  23. Tim says:

    She is not just Kristi…SHE….IS….A…SPAR-TAAN!!

    P.S.: Hap’ B-day!

  24. BigTom says:

    Is she actually punching herself in the head there????

  25. these are greatness!

  26. Scottie to Hottie says:

    I bet this picture was taking right after cross bow pratice.

  27. MomToOne says:

    This was back in the day where the white canvas KEDS shoes were popular. I do remember wearing 2 colors of socks. Oh and tight rolling jeans, who could ever forget that!!

    • Atomicstar says:

      lol…yes, but the Keds didn’t cost that much! AND we were happy with the knock off Keds from Walmart…at least I was… ;o)

  28. Cleaver says:

    VERY advanced posing position. I think this gal must be a professional.

  29. Cammie says:

    She’s got the Spartan Spirit!

  30. DonKeyHoTey says:

    Ah! If only she had a compound bow!

  31. Andrew says:

    Green socks, pleated and cuffed shorts. I’m guessing this is circa 1990.

    • Atomicstar says:

      Very good observation! I’d even go as late as ’92. I graduated that year and our hair had tamed down considerably by that point. While Kristi looks like she used some Aqua Net-ish product, it’s not as big as some girls wore it at the peak of the Warrant / Winger era.

      so AFP…since you know Kristi…what year is this from?

  32. RottenGammy says:

    Green and Gold baby!

  33. Tim says:

    Happy B-Day, Kristi!

  34. Brenda says:

    She looks like totally cute, totally and like I love what like what shes like done with like her aqua net and stuff, totally.

  35. HelloYOYO says:

    This does not look like a family picture!!!!!

  36. Glenn S says:

    This not does look like family a photo

  37. JMF says:

    Hold up…yellow shorts…green socks…Spartan shirt….is she a Mayo Spartan???

  38. Heyheynono says:

    She is on the Compound Bow Team at Spartan High School.

  39. Glenn S says:

    Kair is that you!!!

  40. Nana says:

    Happy Birthday Kristi! (since you apparently know her, you could as well post an after picture)

  41. Joanne says:

    …like teen spirit!!!

  42. Indy Dave says:

    Happy Birthday in all your awkward glory!

  43. Atomicstar says:

    Ahhh, yes…the good ol’ days of coordinating socks to your shirt color. I’m assuming the Spartans logo on Kristi’s shirt is green? This must have been at the tail end of the color-coded sock movement as she’s only wearing one pair of socks that match, lol. (does anyone else remember when it was common to wear 2 colors of socks and scrunch them down so that both colors showed?)

    • Melodie says:

      Not only do I remember the dualing socks, I remember the wonderful “tuck and roll” of the jeans. The tuck and roll along with the double socks meant you were super stylish!

      • Jamie says:

        Especially if you had alternating colors on each leg, your tight rolled pants tucked into them, and hight top L A Gear shoes.

    • Eri says:

      Oh my god do I ever but we went beyond just 2 pairs. I remember I had this red, white and blue out fit and I put on red, white, and blue pairs of socks. I thought I was the sh*t lol

      • SweetPea says:

        Girls at my junior high would buy shoes a size too big so they could wear more socks. Their feet probably had heat stroke.

    • Meesh says:

      me me me I remember the duo pair of socks!! and I was guilty of that infraction.

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