Awkward Family Story: Indecent Proposal

June 9th, 2009

My wife and I were having trouble getting pregnant. One afternoon, my sister-in-law came over to my apartment while I was home alone. After a few moments of small talk she told me that she wanted to help us with our problem and would be willing to carry my baby. I assumed that she meant to say “our (me and my wife’s) baby.” But my sister-in-law clarified that she was only talking about me… awkward.

(submitted by Roger)

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  1. Survival Guy says:

    I want to know how long Roger and his sister-in-law have been trying to get pregnant too.

    Oh, and congrats on that vasectomy too, Roger.

  2. SG says:

    How hot is your SIL?

  3. Cherriej says:

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! STORIES, PICS, IT’S ALL GOOD!! It cracks me up that there are folks out there who have time to write into a funny website like this and complain about a “gross breach of expectation”. OMG! I hope that person wasn’t serious!

  4. Mike says:

    But where is the accompanying photo? And what woudl it be of?

  5. PurplePeopleEater says:

    So how old is your kid now?

  6. John Kimbrough says:

    What no photos to prove it?

  7. Tim says:

    I get the feeling that the Holidays at Roger’s will never be the same…

  8. MarcsNymph says:

    I enjoy this story and anyone complaining there is no picture, scroll past it!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Yikes! You guys will have an awesome family reunion!

  10. Pam. says:


    That was supposed to stay between us.

    • Roger says:

      At least I didn’t give all the details of what happened after! …um, yeah.

    • Pam's Sister says:

      Pam, I am not upset at you. I just need to know everything that happened, in as much detail as possible. Let me get a pen.

  11. MattDW says:

    This is more of a story for FML.

  12. Adam says:

    Ahhh something wrong? I mean really?

  13. Denise is with stupid says:

    Who cares if there’s no picture.. that’s why there’s a stories category. It’s a fun free site. The people who think they get to dictate how someone else runs their site need to learn the world does NOT, actually, revolve around them.

  14. Lloyd says:

    That’s nothing but a misunderstanding.

    You want awkward? Try having that same conversation with your brother-in-law.

    Or better yet, your father-in-law.

  15. Tim says:

    Dude, what’re you thinking? if you play it right, just think – coming up, this time next year on Maury: “Roger, you ARE the father!”

  16. Ricker D says:

    Awkward, but hot!

  17. chipmunk! says:

    Awkward Family Photos bravely breaks into photoless territory! Imaginations called in to “picture the scene” in your own mind!

  18. Ackward says:

    Did you tell your wife?

    Also, those who are complaining that this isn’t a photo : If you disapprove, then don’t click on this particular post. Why do you care?

    • Denise says:

      I care. I’m a visual person.

      • Ackward says:

        OK, but they also posted new photos today. What’s the harm in occasionally adding a non-picture post in addition to (not instead of) the photos? None of us is paying for site, so I can’t see why people are so bothered by it. If you don’t want to read it, scroll past it.

        I mean, what if all the people in the photos aren’t actually family, as the title of the blog suggests. Is that bad too?

        • I'm with Denise says:

          I’m also a visual person. more importantly I come to this site for awkward PHOTOS. to give me anything else is false advertisement and a viloation of an expressed verbal contract with the audience. a ‘non-picture,’ as you call it (I call it “a gross breach of expectation”) is misleading – I want to enjoy every aspect of the site – i don’t want to be forced to “scroll past” any content, but they are leaving me no choice with such shenanigans.

          and yes, I’m upset when the subjects of the photos are NOT family. for reasons stated above. I also frown upon posted photos that are not really awkward.

          • moop says:

            @Denise and I’m with Denise – Wow, such bloody crywhiners. Suck it up, you two or gtfo.

        • I'm also with Denise says:

          The problem with posting stories is that there is no way to know if they are true. This one sounds fishy and we know from Wikipedia that people like to submit untrue information. With Wikipedia, though, editors can generally seek verification of a fact. In the case of family photos it comes down to asking the submitter if it really happened and them saying “yes”.

          • elemeffiness says:

            but if it entertains you, why does it matter if it’s true? did you get upset when you found out harry potter was fictional, too?

          • Richard says:

            Wait! Wikipedia has untrue information? So much for my doctoral dissertation…

          • Jennabobenna says:

            So, are you saying I can’t cite this story in my research report? Sheesh!

  19. phil says:

    this post is a departure from an otherwise great concept for a site. keep to the title of the site or change it to “all things awkward”… slippery slope, that one.

  20. Awkward letters to Penthouse?

  21. Lindsey says:

    ha ha ha so did you say yes? hahaha only kidding

  22. Christian says:

    So did you do it?

  23. MissouriMom says:

    wow. awkward

  24. Bequi says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

  25. J40 says:

    Did you take her up on the offer?

  26. Emily says:


  27. MrsBug says:

    Dang, what is this, Big Love? Did you tell your wife?

  28. Hayley says:

    Um…what happened? Now that you told that much..might as well tell us the rest.

  29. monica aguliar says:


  30. Carol says:

    With a sister like that, who needs enemies?

  31. Sally Forth says:

    i can’t think of any non awkward way to respond.

  32. Morag says:

    Was she thinking of giving the baby up when it was born? I guess not…

  33. El Kev says:

    So how’s the baby coming along? Is he or she healthy?

  34. RyAnn says:

    ROFL!!!!! That’s AKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. JonGoodman says:

    Did you do it?

  36. mrawkward says:

    if by awkward, you mean AWESOME, you’re on to something…

  37. WVBOBW says:


  38. whatwereyouthinking says:

    “My wife and I were having trouble getting pregnant.”
    Yes, I would imagine that it would have been difficult for you to get pregnant. You’re a man, right? Sorry, but it sounds awkward to me when I hear people say “we’re pregnant”. You’re both expecting, but the woman is the pregnant one. Pregnant is a medical term. If the man is pregnant, too does it mean he can’t drink a beer, have an x-ray, or ride a roller coaster? Think about it.

  39. CompoundBow101 says:

    isnt this website called Awkward Family Photo’s? Where is the Photo? You fail! get my compound bow out

  40. Micstew says:

    So… did your wife think it was equally as awkward, or did she go find the shotgun?

  41. Indy Dave says:

    Wow…just wow.

  42. Girish says:

    But how do you know that it is only your wife who has problems conceiving, it might be you as well…

  43. Jenny says:

    I want to know what the wife said!

  44. Mr. Jones says:

    “Dear Penthouse Letters – I never believed something like this would happen to me…”

  45. Margarida says:


  46. RJ says:

    pics or it didnt happen

  47. Rachalrg says:


  48. gee says:

    The Swinger – II

  49. Wilson says:

    But not an awkward photo.

  50. awkwardturtle says:

    that is quite an awkward story.

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