Head of the Family

June 12th, 2009

Head of the Family - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Never ash on Grandma.

(submitted by Kristin)

239 Responses to “Head of the Family”

  1. Clay says:

    Can someone explain why Gramma is laying his lap?

  2. Sherry says:

    I’ve tried and tried, but I cannot make heads or tails of this one.

  3. Gigi says:

    Aww… shes lovely~

  4. JimmyJamz says:

    It was beach cake! Inside info….

  5. Patty says:

    All those photos, and they had to leave the frames empty???

  6. Julia says:

    May I ask what they were eating? Sea shells and fruit in a cup?

  7. Devvy says:

    What’s in that glass? Strawberries and kiwis? Mmm.

  8. SEG says:

    “Grandma, you gotta stop EATING these things! These are my smokes, leave your paws off them!”

  9. Melissa B says:

    Hey listen, can I call you back, Grandma wants another puff of her Virginia Slim and I’m having trouble doing two things at once.

  10. JonB says:

    That is, by far, the strangest codpiece I’ve ever seen.

  11. Chet 57 says:

    Grandson: “Got a match?”
    Grandma: “Yeah, your ash and my face.”

  12. TampaBayLady says:

    “Ted wore his grandma’s head like a medallion ….”

  13. Bruce says:

    We all told Grandma that smoking would stunt her growth!

  14. Cindy says:

    How is this not considered awkward??

  15. EJ says:

    What the hell is in that glass? And are they eating reheated sand and seashells? I also like that there are two cigs waiting in reserve. So much going on I can’t look away!

  16. hmmm... says:

    What in the hell are they eating???

  17. Beth says:


  18. Beth says:

    Mmm Cigarettes in an ashtray. Is it sad that I know people who do this???

  19. jill says:

    “since her allergy to shell fish didn’t do the trick, i’ve move on to plan B, second hand smoke. grandma’s place will be ours in no time.”

  20. Shennon says:

    I have the same bottle opener on my fridge! Don’t think I want to have anything in common with them.

  21. Stefani says:

    Just when I got that monkey off my back…

  22. dejpo says:

    is that a seashell in their dinner?

    • Lainey says:

      OMG – It IS! I guess you just take a big scoop, plop it down on the ciggy plate, and you have yourself a lovely casserole. Ugh – so wrong!

  23. dirty dentist says:

    “Yeah, the baked shells were delicious… uh huh, I know…ok, well, let me get off the phone, because she has 3 more to smoke before we break the record.”

  24. Vered says:

    “I’ve fallen and I don’t WANNA get up! Ay, caramba!

  25. Jon says:

    What would really complete this Twilight Zone scene would be to find a copy of this photo in the background in one of those little magnet frames on the fridge (?).

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