Awkward Family Story: Dad Humor

June 30th, 2009

My boyfriend’s car had broken down, so my dad had kindly offered to come and pick us up. On the way home, there was a group of Galah’s on the road up ahead. In a serious voice dad says, “Kids, hold on tight, we’re going to jump to inter-galah-tic travel.” My boyfriend just looked at my dad, then at me. I could offer no explanation besides, “Dad Joke.” Awkward.

(submitted by Bree)

95 Responses to “Awkward Family Story: Dad Humor”

  1. Christina says:

    aww, your dad seems cool haha

  2. Ali says:

    Your dad’s pretty funny, actually. Awkward, but funny. And if the guy’s your bf… wouldn’t he already know your dad’s… a comic?

  3. rizzo rat says:

    i was literally on the edge of my seat reading this story. such passion and emotion went into this tale. very touching and stimulating.

    oh, and by the way a Galah a rose breasted Cockatoo and also the Gay And Lesbian Athiests and Humanists.

  4. Penny says:

    What I find awkward is the fact that I had to read through 2000 explanations of what a Galah was b4 I was able to scroll down to leave a reply. What, 16 different people had to say it was either a bird or a group of gay and lesbian atheist humanists?

    And for the record, a Galah is an australian bird or a gay and lesbian atheist humanists and this story is only funny if you are an easily embarrassed teenager trying to impress a member of the opposite sex.

  5. Lisa says:

    Most awkward thing about this post: the fact that it took 3 hours before commenters stopped asking what a Galah is.

  6. CK says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who had to Google “galah!”

  7. Lisa says:

    The only thing that would have made this story truly awkward was if the boyfriend was a galah. Or a GALAH.

    Try again.

  8. Melba says:

    What’s more awkward than Dad’s joke is when You grow up and start saying and doing stuff like Mom and Dad! Awkward is hereditary, and you can’t run away!!

  9. Ingrid says:

    What’s awkward about that? Your dad is hilarious!

  10. Just my opinion says:

    So punny!

  11. Failst says:


  12. Coli says:

    Totally not awkward! I thought that was great! Agreed, loosen up!

  13. AC says:

    I would have laughed at that…

  14. LOVIN' IT! says:

    HA! I think Dad’s joke was hilarious! Thanks for sharing that part, anyway :D. And thank you, awkward posters, for saving me a google search!

  15. Brian says:

    Booooo! Not funny.

  16. Meredith says:

    inter- GALAH- tic. get it?? It’s funny!

  17. Jak says:


    [the sound this story made, going over my head…]

  18. yggie says:

    Dad’s a funny man. Teenage boy needs to lighten up, lol.

  19. princessluceval says:

    *Raises hand* I had to google.

    But yeah, not really awkward. I’d love it if my dad threw puns out there like that. Puns are not the lowest form of humor, they take some quick wit and thought.

  20. Chris says:

    Let’s see…the joke wasn’t as awkward as the person relating the story…what’s awkward is the narrator noit having a sense of humour…meta-awkward!

  21. terry says:

    can we have just pictures please?

  22. Tony says:

    If you think that was an awkward moment, you must still be a teenager.

  23. fearbiter says:

    wow…look at all you wondering what a galah is…try reading the first comment. Or the one after that, or the 4th one down, or…*sigh*. Nevermind.

  24. Joel says:

    That’s not a galah; that’s a compound bow. What, am I the first person to notice? FTW.

  25. Laurel says:

    I didn’t Google it, assuming it to be just a group of something, but it is slightly confusing.

    I’m more bothered by the fact that this really isn’t that awkward. Certainly not on par with some of the major faux pas of yesterpost. Bad jokes happen, but they don’t cause acute awkwardness. Unless there is far more to the story than what is being discussed here.

  26. Andy says:

    Apparently, GALAH is a group that supports gays and lesbians and separation of church and state. But even knowing what a GALAH is, it really doesn’t make this awkward. We’ve all told and heard bad jokes. Move on.

  27. Lisa says:

    Raise your hand if you had to Google galah.

  28. Julio (The Dad) says:

    Okay I’ll bite, what’s a Galah

  29. Mark says:

    Is the awkward part the fact that I had to look up what a galah was?

  30. reuben says:

    Whatsa ‘galah’?

  31. hey says:

    Whats a Galah?

  32. Joel says:

    I think that’s funny: both the joke and the supposedly awkward situation.

    Of course, I am a dad.

    However it’s also worth noting that daughters are especially good at feeling awkward where there isn’t any awkward to be felt. Lighten up, ladies. 😀

    • Whazzat? says:

      Yo! As a mom of BOTH a teenage boy and girl there is PLENTY of awkward to pass around. The girl usually just laughs and joins me. The boy is the one saying “Awwww, Mom!”

  33. Michael says:

    That doesn’t make any sense at all. WTF is a “Galah”?

  34. Tony says:

    What is a Galah?

  35. WVBOBW says:

    Its awkward for those of us who had to look up a Galah as an Aussie bird.

  36. Jason says:

    Before you all ask, “What the hell is a galah?”… it is a bird.

    Galahs are a pink and grey coloured cockatoo found in most areas of Australia.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Not awkward. Sounds like easily embarassed teenager. He probably didn’t know what a Galah was.

  38. Adam says:

    I would love to live somewhere with birds like that. Maybe your boyfriend did not even know what kind of bird it was. I know I wouldn’t have.

    My father once started doing this neck thing to music while we were going down the highway. There were kids in a station wagon laughing at him. My mother tried to stop him but he insisted on doing it.

  39. 9021-iz0 says:

    wow, thanks for sharing

  40. dogBreath says:

    That’s not awkward, just an example of ill-humored teenagers.

  41. m says:

    HAHAHA come on! that’s not awkward, you need to loosen up.

  42. noogle says:

    Before the myriad of questions…a galah is a bird in Oz. Australia, that is 😉

  43. sssss says:

    Less stories and more pictures, plz.

  44. Man from Nantucket says:

    What exactly qualifies as humor in this passage? You may know awkward but you don’t know funny.

  45. karn mulva says:

    I just had to google “galah”…I had to make sure dad wasn’t being a racist.

  46. Wha??? says:

    There was a bunch of Gay and Lesbian Atheists and Humanists (GALAH) on the road ahead???

  47. Will says:

    Awkward word Galah, had to google it. So it is either a tropical looking bird (sorta funny), or Gay and Lesbian Athiests and Humanists (much more funny), or an Austrailian term for “loud-mouth idiot” (a little disappointing after the previous possibility).

  48. Steph says:

    Your boyfriend would have to be pretty humourless to be awkward about that. Your dad’s hilarious!

  49. Elizabeth says:

    Galah? The internet tells me it’s either a bird or the “Gay and Lesbian Atheists and Humanists.” Shall I just assume it’s a bird then? 😉

  50. red0186 says:

    For those of you who are in America, a Galah is a rose breasted Cockatoo. I assume the narrator lives in Australia.

    Unless she is referring to Gay And Lesbian Athiests and Humanists… but I doubt it.

    Just so you know…because I didn’t

    • Blucat says:

      Thank you. I was just about to ask that same question

      • PrettyFUnny says:

        I don’t know what this girls problem was, but this dad was funny. I would be laughing if I was the boyfriend!!!! ha ha….. Even if you don’t know what the word means, it just sounds funny, and a lot of effort put in by the dad lol

        just cute in general 🙂

        • dave says:

          agreed! I’m cracking up now! I’m a dad now and I know I’ll be embarrassing to my kids someday, hopefully not though.

    • Evan B says:

      horay for google/wikipedia as a brain extension

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