Bearing Fruit

July 4th, 2009

Bearing Fruit - Mom

A reminder of the freedoms we fought so hard for.

(submitted by Brian)

215 Responses to “Bearing Fruit”

  1. ~Dune!~ says:

    I LOVE IT! Not really awkward, but so wonderfully discomforting.

  2. TB says:

    What, you’ve never heard of skeet shooting with a handgun?

  3. renee says:

    Gallagher’s sister just prefers to take her watermelons down from a safe distance

  4. Kevbo says:

    “Why is there a watermelon there?”

    “I’ll tell you later.”

  5. bepee says:

    “Maa’m, do you have a license for that watermelon?”

  6. Tim says:

    “If some guy tells me I got a nice melon ONE…MORE…TIME…!”

  7. Rondi says:

    You know this photo is extremely weird… but what is weirder is those individuals who try to analyze it & truly try to make sense out of it…

  8. George says:

    Just how dangerous ARE the watermellow patches where she comes from? And who/what did she have to shoot to get that trophy mellon?

  9. Bernardo says:

    Does the Constitution protect the right to bear watermelons?

  10. JT says:

    All I need is this watermelon and and and this Glock 17!

  11. lagrange says:

    “listen to my demands or the melon gets it”

  12. That woman is a true patriot.

  13. Aim says:

    Sledge-O-Matic has nothing on this chick.

  14. nikki says:

    Galigers lazy sister

  15. Pippa says:

    Guns don’t kill people, watermelons do.

  16. Mel says:

    …this is a photo for a wedding announcement…a shotgun wedding XD

    (yes I know that is not a shotgun)

  17. Mark says:

    America, f#$% yeah!

  18. WHY says:

    Guns Guts and Watermelons is what makes America great!

  19. bigblaster says:

    Lurleen couldn’t understand why she couldn’t find the right guy.

  20. Mike W. says:

    I love this woman. No, really I do !
    She looks delicious, and darn it I’ll say it. She got a great set of melons !

    Notice her finger is NOT on the trigger, the safe way to carry. Is she going to go “Gallagher” on that melon?
    Join the NRA ! ! Join Gun Owner’s Of America !

  21. Benni says:

    In Soviet Russia watermelon eats you.

  22. rumpleforeskin says:

    nice melons!!
    oops, I mean melon

  23. Araxie says:

    Congress has recently briefed a bill banning all use of hand-held watermellons.

  24. BroadwayBohemia says:

    Is her eggo prego?

    Or is it a food baby from eating too much watermelon?

  25. Ashley says:

    I just look at this photo and wonder, what the hell???

  26. dan says:

    Thank God, and the founders and our servicemen that we live in a country where we can express ourselfs like this. No other place on earth enjoys the freedoms that we take for granted.

  27. The photo is by Oleg Volk. He does a lot of 2nd Amendment photos, as well as more artsy stuff. I guess it doesn’t make much sense without his captions, but it is really about being self-sufficient.

  28. Les says:

    Nobody puts baby in a corner.

  29. Michael76 says:


    If you are a Dave Chappelle fan πŸ™‚

  30. Trouble says:

    That’s no watermelon. That’s a Super Deluxe Big Green Hand Grenadeβ„’ by Ronco.

  31. Helen says:

    Things you don’t want to hear when dropping you 7 yr old off at school…….”And this is our new class room assistant, Miss D Mena ….and today we are comparing the watermelon to a childs head…who wants to go first?”

  32. Sarah says:

    This is really confusing. Why? Just why?????!!!!

  33. graphicartist2k5 says:

    so THAT’S what the fourth of july is about! handguns and watermelon! I KNEW IT!

  34. Brandon says:

    Gallagher’s wife is pissed about the amount of time he is spending with his watermelons and is going to do something about it.

  35. yapps says:


  36. Izzy says:

    Notice proper gun control — finger off the trigger.

  37. StEpHaNiE says:

    This broad scares the hell out of me

  38. Mark says:

    Nothing says “PHOTO OP” like a watermelon and a handgun.

  39. Tasha says:

    She’s a ‘watermelon smuggler’. Bwa ha ha!

  40. Poetikat says:

    I’d just kill for a watermelon!

  41. sweetie pea says:

    Ok, this is what I get out of this. ‘Swallowed a watermelon seed’ is of course a euphemism for being pregnant, often with the implication that a euphemism is required, i.e., in the case of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy (once a shocking thing, boys and girls). A shotgun wedding was once a common outcome of swallowing a watermelon seed, the shotgun normally being wielded by the bride’s father, not the bride herself, but seeing as that’s actually not a shotgun she’s holding, we won’t quibble on that detail. I’m thinking this young lady took herself to a portrait studio with the visual aids of a watermelon and a gun, put on a Mona Lisa smile, and sent the result as a subtle threat to the guy who, um, provided the watermelon.

  42. Lily says:

    I’m guessing Photoshop. This is too weird for me to wrap my head around otherwise.

  43. tee says:

    She is one serious Gallagher fan.

  44. nite owl says:

    Watermelons don’t kill people, guns kill people!

  45. Frank says:

    I get my demands or the watermelon gets it.

  46. NuttyMom says:

    Or, better yet, “No, I am NOT carrying a watermelon under here, smart @$$. This is what a watermelon looks like. Any questions?”

  47. NuttyMom says:

    Maybe she’s just hormonally challenged right now and can’t decide if she would rather shoot her husband or eat a melon? “Oh boy, junior’s kicking again. Honey, I’m really craving watermelon. Can you get me some please, honey?… NOW!”

  48. WVBOBW says:

    The picture would work better with a compound bow.

  49. Bobby says:

    Anyone notice the background??? Shes at a studio or something. With a Glock and a watermelon. This guy has a lot of props. WOW. I am taking a Pic of my fiancee with a glock and a Melon later, I ask if everyone will.

  50. BroadwayBohemia says:

    Interesting combination.

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