Cabbage Pat

July 8th, 2009

Cabbage Pat - Family Portrait

“This photo was taken in August 1984. I was 10 and my sister was 13 (although she looks 40). The Cabbage Patch Kid was Emalia Arlene, and I swear she never left my freaking side. With my boy haircut, huge glasses, and braces, I look like such a mess.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

124 Responses to “Cabbage Pat”

  1. ALK1986 says:

    that yellow outfit is the same outfit the parking lot attendants at disneyworld wear today omg that’s nuts

  2. Jenny says:

    i took a photo like that when i was a kid and i had a white bear with me… whited out the whole photo xD

  3. mc says:

    gawd i had glasses like that :\

  4. Lin says:

    Oh Lord … I had those very same glasses.

  5. Chase says:

    I LOVE CABBAGE PATCH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Me says:

    Is that little girl wearing ski bibs? ba ha ha

  7. Jodi says:

    Is the youngest wearing snow pants? I don’t think I’ve ever seen those type of buckles NOT on snow pants. 🙂

  8. IndyGuy says:

    Wow do they all have the same glasses on? lol

  9. karen says:

    i had a cabbage patch doll when i was a kid that i took EVERYWHERE. we bought a car seat for it and buckled it in the car. my orthodontist even put braces on it. yes, real braces. and no, i am not the girl in this picture . . . we all have our awkward moments don’t we??

  10. laurelo says:


  11. Bastet11 says:

    Looks like Mom cloned herself…

  12. lorie l says:

    It’s kind of sweet. BUT dad is missing his glasses.

  13. 2ndAmendChick says:

    My goodness what a strange 80’s family photo, It looks like that older sister is digging her thumb into her little sis, and what is she looking at over there to her left…and what is up with those glases??? lol

  14. JBW says:

    Whats more awkward is that Mom, big sis and lil sis shop at the same eye-glass store.

    I do like big sis’s collar turn-up.

  15. graphicartist2k5 says:

    EVERYTHING about this picture is awkward. i can’t just pick out one or two things.

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