July 13th, 2009

Hotfoot - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

This is exactly why kids shouldn’t play with fireworks without parental supervision.

(submitted by Roxanne)

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  1. Klaudia says:

    Thanks for finaally wrijting about > Hotfoot

  2. Pottymouth says:

    1) If there was a problem with the propane tank, it would have been discovered when the grill exploded last time it was used.
    2) Dropping a sparkler on your foot for a split second would hardly leave a mark.

    Clearly, you paranoid fools were not allowed to play with explosives when you were younger or you would know these things. 😛

    • Cate says:

      I can assure you from personal experience, a sparkler on the foot will leave a scar. Still have one 39 years after the “sparklers on the end of a baton” incident!!!

    • Craig says:

      I am 49 now and have a scar on my face from a sparkler that was thrown in the air by a neighbor child !

  3. May says:

    Oweeeee! As a mom this picture makes me wince but it sure is funny of all the places to drop the damn sparkler… No wonder fireworks were banned in my country for years. Igits!

  4. aka says:

    With an open flame roaring full blast 16 inches from the propane tank, why do some morons think the sparkler is going to make the tank blow up the neighborhood and everything in it; Ever see a propane tank that says “keep away from open flames?” not likely….

  5. LMW says:

    There’s nothing funny about a child actually getting hurt, no matter how long ago the photo was taken. Sparklers reach 1800 degrees and cause serious burns. As a parent – as a human being with a shred of empathy – that photo horrifies me.

    • aka says:

      stay horrified, we all think its funny, its why the “jackasses” and “dudesons” are all loaded, plus, kids are tougher than you are anyways, so don’t worry!

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Oh, don’t be a concern troll. It surely wasn’t very funny at the time, but the person who submitted it obviously thought it enough time passed to laugh at it and did.

  6. anca says:

    “the o t h e r foot! , the o t h e r foot! ” good one gandalf

  7. Emily says:

    No wire hangers ever.

  8. Anne says:

    The kid’s wishing he had a crossbow to use on Dad.

  9. MrMcSprinkles says:

    BULLSEYE, now thats how its done Junior

  10. cadsam says:

    OMG give me that sparkler junior. That’s dangerous!, here, I’ll just knock the fire off of the end. Doh! you’re ok, youre ok …MOM!!!!

  11. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    Notice that his flip flops are waaaaaaaaaaaay to small.

  12. kat says:

    not funny. i feel really bad for that little kid. 🙁 this hurts to look at.

  13. MeepMeep says:

    This makes me happy to no end. I wish that I could make a face like that!

  14. Foxinabox says:

    I LOVE how they are doing this right next to a propane tank. 😀

  15. Vee says:

    OMG, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

  16. Stunned says:

    To paraphrase a BB King song, “Nobody loves me but my father, and he might be jiving too.”

  17. juan grande says:

    The short shorts, the tucked-in Izod shirt, and the kid’s ‘Joe Lawrence from Gimme a Break’ haircut make this an epic win.

  18. craftegirl says:

    I think its pretty sad that they kept the picture. That poor kid, not awkward, not funny.

  19. Jake says:


  20. Sammi says:

    Is this photoshopped? That looks like a cell phone on the guys belt. Maybe the sparkler is fake too?

  21. Geoffrey says:

    Sparklers and propane tanks – a nice mix.

  22. inarticulate longings says:

    As a kid who has been hit by a firework my father set off, I can truely say I feel this kid’s pain!

  23. Bovx says:

    The best part is what will happen a few days later when Dad runs over the metal sparkler wicks with the riding lawnmower and they turn into shrapnel putting out the eyes of every kid on the block.

  24. Brennan says:

    Sometimes you just get so tired of telling your kids to wear shoes outside. This is a man of action.

    • MCMG says:

      “I TOLD you to put on your shoes before you go outside! You could step on a nail or an exploding FIRECRACKER!!”

  25. candice says:

    to me it appears the little kid was playing with a sparkler, dropped it on his foot, and was too freaked to know what to do. dad is leaning in to rescue him.

  26. Suki says:

    “and that’s why you should never play with fire”

  27. ard says:

    Eight Toes is Enough!

  28. Cheryl says:

    Looks to me like dad threw a firecracker at Junior’s feet and the picture caught the firecracker’s downward arc. Good times, Good times….

  29. Colleen Murphy says:

    This is the most painful-to-look-at photo you have posted yet.

  30. Mike, AR says:

    Notice the propane canister in the background…..parental supervision ain’t always what is cracked up to be…..hehe

  31. nite owl says:

    So this is what happens on dad’s weekend for custody!

  32. Yomomma says:

    OMG– -why would he do that to Tattoo? DA PLANE DA PLANE

  33. Tim says:


  34. Poindexter says:

    And if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s a freakin’ propane tank in the background!

    Not only are the mentions of the propane tank redundant, they’re also a little tedious and off base. The sparkler’s a good 15′ from the tank, but what’s that right next to it? A grill! And my tank is bloody UNDER my grill. So cut the guy some slack (as he carelessly maims his toddler with pyrotechnics).

  35. CG says:

    a) if people were upset by the slip-n-slide photo, I can only imagine what concern and angst this will dredge up

    b) I wonder if this is what Marney does to people who fail to bring regulation size casserole dishes and Clos du Bois to Thanksgiving dinner.

  36. Steven Bradshaw says:

    You heard he! Dance you fool!

  37. Barbie says:

    not funny at all, or awkward, delete.. maybe if it was landing on Dad’s foot..

  38. Blucat says:

    light blue short shorts. aww, memories

  39. DonKeyHoTay says:

    “Lesson #1, kid – don’t trust NOBODY!”

  40. rachel says:

    Um, don’t you mean: “This is exactly why kids shouldn’t play with fireworks with parental supervision.” ?

  41. jennie says:

    Is Dad wearing Jr.s flip flops? they look as small as his shorts. maybe thats why the little guy is screaming, wants his shoes back.

  42. mr man says:

    Hotfoot? Hatpants!!!!

  43. cycoduck says:

    Let’s see. Dead grass? Check. Propane tank in close proximity? Check. Little kid with Partridge Family hair? Check. Sparklers? Check.
    Yup, we now have the recipe for disaster. Let the merriment begin.

  44. Lori says:

    hey, my dad had that shirt!!! i have a picture to prove it…! also, strange that that dad’s legs look kind of muscular – yet his belly is full of beer!

  45. Kristen Sara says:

    OMG! I am new to your blog and LOVE IT! So funny! This post especially makes me laugh!

  46. Danielle says:

    The look on his face…in fact his whole stance, is priceless.

  47. Awkward Turtle says:

    Wasn’t that kid on Eight is Enough?

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