July 16th, 2009

Strawbreros - Family Portrait

Who doesn’t look at home with a straw nest on their head?

(submitted by Julie)

100 Responses to “Strawbreros”

  1. gaston says:

    The girl on the left is Juliette Lewis?

  2. lorie l says:

    Seems like a nice family but with all due respect this is so darn funny!

  3. Hoops says:

    These hats are called “pavas” and were typical of farmers in Puerto Rico over 100 years ago.

  4. John D says:

    We don’t just own the company . . . we’re clients.

  5. Brett Mary says:

    “Hey I got a great idea! Lets stop at the dollar store to pick up some props to make our family portrait even more memorable!”

  6. binkymae says:

    I’ve never seen hats like these. I’m thinking these five are drop outs from the basket weaving class on the cruise.

  7. Baron says:

    a family that hats together stays together

  8. Blucat says:

    they guy in the top right looks so pissed!

  9. cab sav says:

    Do you think they all went out for Straw Hat Pizza after the photo was taken?

  10. TheAgent says:

    I sell farmers insurance…..not our client 😉 I got the joke btw. Also the fella on the right, thats the best expression!!!

  11. IAmNoOne says:

    I bet they are covered by Farmer’s Insurance.

  12. glasstabletop says:

    I love the dad’s expression.

  13. Josh says:

    you can tell the one who had the ideas for the hats…. his smile is almost genuine…. the rest have some sort of “oh-my-god” look

  14. dahlface says:

    I love the face of the man in the back right. bahahhaha

  15. Noodle says:

    Due to recent budget cuts, the US Border Patrol was required to start taking mugshots in groups.

  16. Compound bow says:

    I would like to personally congratulate all commenters except Sandie for keeping the comments classy and hilarious and refraining from cross/compound bow jokes and casserole dish jokes… I can tell we are coming out of our collective comedic ruts…. neat-o gang, what a fun bunch!

    • emm says:

      with a name like compound bow, how DARE you post such a comment!! *retrieving hello kitty compound bow from covered casserole dish*

  17. kandee says:

    Makes you wonder whether the photographer just ran out of props or thought “Eureka, I’ve got it!”

  18. EveL says:

    The guy in the middle… I’m concerned about the safety of his eyes….

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