Awkward Family Story: The IM

July 17th, 2009

My son, Devon (he is 9) and I were Instant messaging each other, as he is across the state visting my parents. Here is the conversation we had…

BeyondFabulous1: HEY BABY

“Devon”: I miss you and a chicken got chased by a dog

BeyondFabulous1: I miss you too. Is the chicken ok?

“Devon”: it was aroster he lost almost lost is tail feathers

BeyondFabulous1: ohh no. where did the dog come from?

“Devon”: me and jasmine were walking on the trail this black dog came

BeyondFabulous1: ohh ok. did it go away now?

“Devon”: it hapened yesterday night

BeyondFabulous1: so the rooster is going to be ok?

“Devon”: I thing so

BeyondFabulous1: you thing so?

BeyondFabulous1: lol

BeyondFabulous1: what did you do today?

“Devon”: I just was working on my fort then I played my psp

BeyondFabulous1: ok. Well we are thinking we will leave next Thursday after your dad gets off work… so we will be there really late

“Devon”: I left something in the dog chsing story

BeyondFabulous1: what?

“Devon”: dog got hit by a shotguns dinner time

BeyondFabulous1: are you having the dog for dinner?

……………………..And then he was gone. Awkward.

(Submitted by Brandi)

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  1. Meg-o Meg-o says:

    This reminds me of when my mom would IM me in college. Sweet story. Also, one time, I was out, but I was logged into AIM. Mom IMed and somebody was in the room and typed that I was naked. I walked in quite embarrassed because I would never be naked outside of a bathroom.

  2. AJ says:

    the awkward thing here is the mom’s IM name – BeyondFabulous1.

  3. Cole says:

    I found this cute. It’s funny how children’s minds work and jump around like that which I actually found a little more amusing than the last typed line but still

  4. Charley says:

    It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the only people who find the little gems that spew from children’s mouths adorable are their relatives. Please spare us.

  5. Alekx says:


  6. Rebecca says:

    I heard of a typo in a novelette where a woman’s dog went missing and she finally found him dead in the garden; ‘she curried him indoors’.

  7. Rebecca says:

    For goodness sake, the funny thing is that he joined 2 sentences at the end making it look like the dog getting shot and it being dinner time were linked; hence the mom’s last comment.

    She isn’t suggesting the dog getting shot at was funny. Get a grip.

  8. qtrgrl says:

    yeah my little brother often does things like this commom for boys from what i got of the story he was on a trail with someone a rooster was there and a dog showed up and started chasing it then someone shot at the dog then he was announcing it was dinner time and he went to go eat lol so often i am chatting with my little brother and dinner comes and i will have a comment just like this in the middle of what he is telling me and then bam he’s gone lol

  9. Modine says:

    I still think this is an awful story, even with the clarification. There is nothing remotely humorous about shooting a gun at a dog.

    • Brandi says:

      Why I continue to “justify” this post I don’t know… NOBODY SHOT THE DAMN DOG!! My father simply fired off the shotgun to get the dog to dismiss itself off his property, away from the rooster!

      If someone where to actually shot a freaking dog, I would not find it funny what so ever.

  10. Tom says:

    less blah blah just stick to awkward family photos.

  11. Missy says:

    Love the typos – aroster? I thing so? I love 9 year old kids SO freakin’ much! They are the joy of the world.

  12. Brandi says:

    BTW, the fuuny part was supposed to be… “dog got hit by a shootgun dinner time” and then he was gone.

    Am I missing something? Parties?

    In addition, my user name is an account from over 15 years ago, I agree, it needs some up-dating!! πŸ™‚

  13. Brandi says:

    This was my post. I had just recently taught my son how to IM. He is an excellent speller, that is the only reason I “poked” at him for his grammer.

    My parents live on several acres in the very northeastern corner on Washinton State. They have many chickens/roosters as a supplement to their income selling the eggs, as for they are retired. Perhaps it did not strike some as funny, however it did get a great laugh from our family.

    My father did not kill the dog, nor was he trying to. He simply fired off his shotgun to get the dog to dismiss itself from the property.

  14. a says:

    I love this site, but I think this story is fake…. and it’s not funny at all

  15. Bon Qui Qui says:

    This is a terrible post. Who gives a terd is the kid ate dog anyway? It’s a lean white meat!

  16. deschanel says:


  17. Other brother with another mother says:

    If you will learn to spell and use correct english someday all these apologists who excuse todays
    school standards will ask you for a job.

  18. nj says:

    Annoying username. Boring story. Texting is not the same as the learned skill of typing (which I cannot do btw), so the 9 year old is not proficient in typing, only texting. Had the read this several times to understand where the awkward is supposed to be and it never really happens. I am not impressed. Give us more Marney!

  19. ncat says:

    What did I miss here? How is this awkward, let alone funny? Enough with the lame stories-this is a PHOTO site that is about to jump the shark.

  20. Andy says:

    “I am miss you and a chicken got chased by a dog” is one of my new favorite quotes. My friends and I have been connecting two unrelated sentences with “and” all day long.

  21. SuperElliot says:

    And….that’s why you shouldn’t be instant messaging with nine-year olds. Sorry, I hear ‘IM’ and my first thought are teenagers and DateLine. Couldn’t you just…you know, call him?

  22. Roxanna says:

    I meant to say I am going to ‘bed’ disappointed…..looks like I had my OWN awkward moment

  23. Roxanna says:


    I didn’t even crack a smile I am going to be disappointed you should be ashamed πŸ™

    • Brandi says:

      Do you often go to bed disapointed… and ashamed? Sorry my story didn’t help you much, that was not my intention.

  24. pah-tate-oh pah-taht-oh says:

    i thin kthe only awkward part of this is moms s/n.

  25. Get off my lawn says:

    “When someone IMs it’s quick so grammar and spelling are not important. ”

    Not true.

  26. JenJen says:

    I don’t mind the awkward stories, most are pretty funny (Marrrrny!)…but this one is kind of sad and for some reason it’s really creepin’ me out.

  27. Lena Roklin says:

    worst story ever

  28. Amanda says:

    Sorry…I thought this was boring…….not funny or awkward.

  29. Amanda says:


  30. Tee says:

    Not awkward, just lame

  31. nicswife says:

    its really funny that the person mocking the spelling/grammar deleted his comment, so all of our comments correcting him look …. awkward!

    • that guy says:

      I didn’t delete my comment. The site did. And it was sarcasm. I’ll be it bad sarcasm from being early in the morning, but sarcasm none the less. and it should be “It’s” not “its” by the way if you want to go into correcting grammar.

  32. Modine says:

    Seriously. Shooting dogs is not funny. I really wish you would remove this post.

    • Maureen says:

      I agree. I made a comment about that earlier but it wasn’t posted.
      The kid saw or heard the dog being shot and mom thinks it’s funny. Sad.

    • El. says:

      Agreed. This is disgusting and inhumane. What a jaded world we live in where animal killing is “oh so hilarious.”

    • Wendy says:

      Yeah I’m pretty offended by this post too. There is nothing awkward or funny about shooting someones pet.

      • HeyBrittanyyy says:

        …did you know that it’s completely legal to buy and sell dog and cat meat in the United States? I learned that on Manswers. πŸ˜€

      • anon says:

        I really hate PETA people. Whats to say it was a pet and not a coyote?

      • Leigh says:

        If they cared about their “pet” they wouldn’t let it run loose, where it can chase and try to kill chickens.

        The owner of the chickens is perfectly within their rights to shoot the dog. Once a dog starts chasing chickens, it won’t one day see the error of its ways and stop. If you’re going to own livestock, eventually you’re going to have to do something crappy like shoot some inconsiderate neighbor’s dog. Or I suppose you could just keep replacing dead chickens constantly.

        Amazing to me how few people have any idea how the world works outside of the city.

        • Carey says:

          Yep. My dad shot and killed a dog once because it was in our duck pen killing our ducks. We took that dog and threw it into a ravine. Sounds bad I know but these things happen. Keep your pets in your own yard or live with the consequences.

        • Meredith Jacobs says:

          Don’t let your chickens run loose if you want to protect them from dogs. When we had chickens when I was a child, we had a large pen and hen house. It was probably traumatic for the child to see a dog shot.

        • saamigirl says:

          sorry honey, i’ve lived in the country and once watched a dog savage one of my chickens when it was out pecking around. i threw rocks at him until he ran home, but i didn’t shoot him. remember, too many animals don’t have the good fortune to have caring “owners”. killing them punishes the dog who doesn’t know better, not the damn neglecters. i get tired of this tough-guy, “country justice you city-slickers don’t understand” posturing. same people who kill snakes and ravens and coyotes just because they’re in shotgun range. LAME.

  33. Katilda says:

    OK…forgive me if I’m an idiot…I can’t find ‘partys’ anywhere. What am I missing????

    • Rich says:

      I recall seeing it. ….. It must have been removed.

      It wasn’t a nasty reply. Marney probably got upset.

  34. laughing_hard says:

    I just think it’s funny. Not awkward.

  35. 9021-iz0 says:



    I laughed through most of that, kids are funny!

  37. Hum says:

    Adorable kid.
    Yes, mums username definately the most awkward thing about this cute exchange.

  38. Ryan says:

    Awkward usernames

  39. Molly Poppy says:

    When someone IMs it’s quick so grammar and spelling are not important. I think it’s cool the 9 year old is proficient in typing. I think the point of that story was to say the dog was shot BUT he added it as a footnote. It was funny that after the mom’s joke he clicked off. He probably did that because he was done (boys and men often do that) and not because she suggested they were going to eat dog.

  40. polly says:

    hilarious, mocking someone else’s spelling mistakes and then saying partys! love it

  41. MamaMc says:

    sssooooo cute! glad you posted that…I love kids!! the way they think is soooo funny.

  42. katherine says:

    I don’t think this is awkward. 9 year olds don’t care about grammar.

    • cynthia says:

      i don’t care about grammer and i’m a teenager

    • fel says:

      when I was 9, I did care about grammar and now that I’m 12, it seems as if I’m the only kid my age who asks for a dictionary for my birthday (because english is not my first language).

      anyway… that was a weird conversation.

      • Observer says:

        Not as awkward as this chain of comments!

      • Feliks says:

        I asked for a dictionary when I was twelve, too, anyway I’m fifteen now and it surprises me how many of my fellow classmates still can’t spell words we learned when we were ten. The use of conventions in my class is horrible!
        And it was a weird conversation…

  43. laurie says:

    Kid makes it through a dog attacking and apparently getting shot and the mother opts for poking fun at the kid’s spelling habits.

    Definitely awkward.

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