July 20th, 2009

Giftwrapped - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

A novel idea for re-gifting.

(submitted by Ivette)

101 Responses to “Giftwrapped”

  1. SillyOne says:

    Adds a whole new dimension to the term “gifted”!

  2. Cecilie says:

    WOW, this family is so cute!

  3. Alice says:

    I’m now ashamed that I have owned the white wrapping paper.

  4. Licie says:

    Hey, that’s Costco paper! I wrapped most of my gifts in the gold wrap just this year.

  5. Jeff says:

    RETURN!!!…..I hope you kept the receipt…..

  6. William says:

    It’s like a dream sequence in a Tim Burton movie.

  7. Ramalamadingdong says:

    The whole family was present and accounted for.

  8. Carolyn says:

    “I hope the receipt is in here. This is so not what I asked for.”

  9. Erika says:

    I’m sure one of the women is younger than the other, but it sure does look like this guy has two wives.

  10. C. says:

    This is just wrong – so wrong.

  11. Est says:

    Why do all these crazy gift-wrapped Chirstmas photos have 2 moms?

  12. Lulu says:

    I can’t tell which one is the mom…??

  13. LINDA says:


  14. cowgirl says:

    OH<OH<OH!! I found MY Christmas gift! Can I find dad under MY tree??

  15. Bente says:

    “Ok, ok, ok… I’ve got a reeeeeeally good idea”

  16. snuzzle says:

    Judging by how happy the kids look, and how awkward everyone else looks, ten bucks says this began by asking the children “So, what do you want to do for this year’s Christmas picture?”

  17. mel says:

    Looks like a good idea for this years christmas card

  18. holl says:

    This is NOT what I asked Santa for, for Christmas.

  19. Pete says:

    Believe it or not, I know people whos last names are Christmas… I gotta get them this pic!

  20. Karrie says:

    You just gave me an idea for our Christmas card. 🙂

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