Awkward Family Story: The Plunge

July 27th, 2009

We were staying at my in-laws’ house over Easter. They live in a small town. During the afternoon when 17 family members were there to visit, I needed to use the bathroom after a pretty large meal. I stopped up the commode with the copious amounts of toilet paper required after the deed. My in-laws, unfortunately, did not own a plunger, and all the shops in town were closed for the Easter holiday. So, my father-in-law used his arm to unstop the commode.


(submitted by Andrea)

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  1. Warren Peace says:

    A ritual I always follow when using the bathroom while visiting: before I deposit anything in there, I take the cover off the tank and do a “test flush”. If it starts to overflow, I can reach in the tank, grab the float, and stop the water flow. I do that TWICE to make sure all is ok. Then, if going “no 2” I flush after each deposit to make sure I don’t clog things up. So far, so good!

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