July 28th, 2009

Fanboy - Dad

Everybody needs a groupie.

(submitted by Mike)

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  1. Est says:

    That has got to be either his dad or a random tourist wanting a pic with a bagpiper. But the groupie comment is very funny!

  2. Cathy says:

    This photo is too cute to be awkward. 🙂 The guy in the back is oddly cute.

  3. Claire says:

    this is the best picture on here! fo show fo show

  4. Robin says:

    Bill Gates is finally satisfied that he has found the perfect startup sound for the next version of Windows.

  5. F13 says:

    *hrrrrrrnk* I will now am play you the sweet song of my people

  6. OMG I KNOW THE GROUPIE!!! He use to come get photocopies from me all the time.

  7. Bente says:

    We are evidently honour witnesses to the valedictorian at the “How to play the pipes AND look smug/sick at the same time- community collage”

  8. akprincess72 says:


  9. Richard Davies says:

    From the position of his hands, the man on the left seems to be thinking “I couldn’t dress like that, especially wearing a kilt without anything underneath”!

  10. springjack says:

    Later in the concert, Malcolm would throw his sweat-soaked sporran to the fan.

  11. Fionn says:

    So proud of me boy, Jimmie! Been blowin’ his pipe since he was a wee lad.

  12. binkymae says:

    I don’t know what is the worst about bagpipe musicians for me. There’s the sound. There’s the outfit. And there’s the creepy serious face they always have – like they are doing something significant for mankind.

  13. Julie says:

    I think it’s impossible to take a non-awkward photo with a bagpiper. I have one that’s similar to this one (only I wasn’t standing as far back) and it’s also very awkward. Too bad. I’m one of the few people in the world (apparently) who actually likes the bagpipes.

    • doggiekittymama says:

      I like them too-and I have no Scottish blood and just the smallest amount of Irish blood. I think the music they make can be so haunting and lovely. I always tear up if I see/hear them at a funeral or wedding.

  14. jennie says:

    after this picture was taken and the song was done…………piper and pop went to the inn down the road to enjoy a nice haggis

  15. emm says:

    i think dad is just pleased as punch that the bagpipe lessons are finally paying off!

  16. Elle says:

    One day we were driving and we saw these 2 like 10 year old boys in kilts and playing the bag pipes!! 😀 this pic is sooo funny!

  17. cranky says:

    Ach, me father told me that whenever Seamus clicked his wee heels together three times, the ghost of Fergus the Piper would sloooooowly appear, his haunting visage enchanting everyone we they met upon the street. And the pipes, the pipes made the most melodious of tunes, like two constipated geese making love in the moonlight…

    • emm says:

      agh, (not ach, thats german…) yer father shoulda told ya then that seamus and fergus are irish names, and these are the pipes of a scotsman…

      • cranky says:

        Then how is it that I once had Christmas dinner with a native Scotsman named Fergus? Acccccchhhhhhhhggggg’m just sayin’….ye’re mighty smug for someone who forgot to learn about capital letters in school.

        • emm says:

          not smug, darling, not smug–just appreciating the difference between the irish and the scottish. your dinner friend mighta been native scot, but fergus is still an irish name. xoxox.

    • Bleah! says:

      constipated geese making love in the moonlight…


  18. Patty says:

    Amice, you are a saint! I hope you’ll bring this little story up to your twins whenever they get cheeky with you as teenagers. Now that’s an example of pure motherly devotion that brings tears to the eyes!

    I wonder what bagpipes sound like in the womb…probably still like two cats mating in a burlap sack.

    • Amice says:

      Thanks, Patty; What a great idea! They just turned 11. Time to bring out the bagpipe story!

      I suspect whatever they heard in the womb did turn them a little “weird.”

  19. Amice says:

    This is selfish personal story telling, but I must tell you all about the summer I was on bedrest with my twins. It was hot. We had no A/C, so our windows were open all the time. I was captive in my home. That was the summer we discovered our new neighbor was learning to play the bagpipes.

  20. Arcturus says:

    Maybe it’s just an awkward little smile while he waited for the photographer to leave so he could attack the bag pipe player and stop that infernal racket!

  21. Tim says:

    You’ve heard of Deadheads…
    You’ve heard of Parrotheads…

    Now, meet Shamus…Scotland’s Number One Baghead.

  22. Jen says:

    This is one of my new favorites in its simple and genuine yet happy awkwardness. You know the fan has this photo framed and displayed.

  23. Mary says:

    Amaaaaaazingly Awkward,
    How sweeeeet thou art,
    To have saaaaaved a wretch
    Like meeeeeeeeee!!!!

  24. Slick says:

    Does the piper have a fried egg on his shoulder?

  25. Jules says:

    I think the proud pop in the background is cute too. But what’s with that strange looking watch the piper is wearing? Looks like he’s got a DeLorean strapped to his wrist.

  26. Jak says:

    Good Lord! He’s making flowers appear out o’ his pipes!

    Or I’m drunk.

  27. TerryLee says:

    That is a funny, yet cute picture. : )

  28. Doug says:

    don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to me

  29. Pipergirl says:

    PS He tried walking away but his pipes got stuck in the pot plant.

  30. Cheryl says:

    Bagpipe-Guy looks like he wants to cry…

  31. anniefanny says:

    What’s the definition of a gentleman? A man who can play bagpipes and doesn’t.

  32. Miss Pearls says:

    I agree with everyone else, the guy and the background is just so sweet with his li’l hands clasped. Just want to hug him lol

  33. yolinda says:

    hahahaha the back of his knees!! yeah that always gets me, too… ;D

  34. Pipergirl says:

    I’m a piper (obviously) and I’d just be glad the camera wasn’t under my kilt! Though seriously, catching a piper “mid blow” is never the most flattering way to photograph them (hence why you see so many pictures of us in silhouette.) Perfectly good looking people suddenly take on triple chins and crossed eyes – like some gurning competition. I personally look like I’m giving birth to a deckchair when I play. In fact, few people realise I’m a chick. Even other chicks, which is definitely the stuff of awkward legends…

    • Snowrider says:

      WAIT A MINUTE… it true about what’s under (or not under) the kilts…even for women? YIKES!!!

      • Pipergirl says:

        Nothing’s worn. It’s all in perfect working order, thank-you. As was discovered by a TV news crew when I had to play on a high tower on a windy day.

  35. Fanboy Wife says:

    “Scotland the Brave” again? Play “Freebird!”

    • GuardMama says:

      Hahaha. I thought I was the only white…redneck…in the back…lofting cigarette lighter over head…yelling “Freebird”

  36. Heidi says:

    Something about this one.. I can’t bring myself to make fun of like usual. That man looks so sweet and happy

  37. brandy says:

    well, isn’t that just adorable. i find this picture oddly cute. old people are sneaky like that.

  38. Cath says:

    He’s ADORABLE!! I want one to follow me around too!!!

  39. Alan says:

    “Ach, hullo. I’m a Mac…!”
    “And I’m a PC.”

  40. Blucat says:

    This is one of those weird pictures where the perspective’s all off. It looks like the bagpiper belongs in some Godzilla monster movie or something

  41. Maya B says:

    “The backs of his knees are so sexy. I’m his number one fan!”

  42. Leroix says:

    This picture looks just like bagpipes sound.

  43. yolinda says:

    Neil hoped against hope that the winner of Scottish Idol would sign his windbreaker….

  44. Poetikat says:

    Is that his dad? Personally, I love the bagpipes (in moderation), but I don’t know that I’d be quite so avid.

  45. RedGirl says:

    This is one of those classic cases where Fred wants a picture with his favorite bagpipe player. “Marge” he says, “I’ll go round and stand behind him, so it looks like we know eachother. When I clasp my hands in front of my groin, that’s your cue to click, y’hear?”

    Bagpipe player elects not to hear. Or maybe he can’t anymore.

  46. Kelsey says:

    Aw, the guy in the background is so cute! I love this picture.

  47. Bleah! says:

    Is he singing along?
    “if you want my body
    and you think I’m sexy
    c’mon sugar let me know”

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