Happy Days

July 28th, 2009

Happy Days - Dad

Sit on it, dad.

(submitted by Sarah)

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  1. TigerFan says:

    LOL!! That’s from a Girl Scout Dance for Fathers & Daughetrs. We had one of those, but my daughter and I wisely chose to skip that one. REALLY glad we did now!! BTW, not sure what the giant die has to do with the 50s?

  2. Just my opinion says:

    I’ll take the supersize cone please!

  3. Todd says:

    The Jukebox is equally as awkward as the picture. It has no back…like one of those fake cop cars on the side of the road. And what about that huge die! So much awkwardness.

  4. lx says:

    The poor girl looks so fed up, even the giant ice cream cone does’nt do any good

  5. Sim says:

    He’s not shrugging. He’s trying not to knock the Wurlitzer cutout over!

  6. Redfive05 says:

    Fake Shiny Record – Check
    Fake cardboard Jukebox – Check
    Fake giant ice cream – Check
    Fake giant Homemade Cardboard Dice – Check
    Fake enthusiasm – We’ll work on that
    Ohhhh yeah…. and throw in this real hula hoop… that will “class it up.”

  7. Cathy says:

    The only way she’d sit there for the picture is if she got a HUGE ice cream cone.

  8. JQ says:

    That jukebox looks like a cardboard cutout. Come to think of it, her ice cream cone looks fake too 😉

  9. Rocketboy says:

    Someone needs to tune the Jukebox. It’s a little flat.

  10. jensco says:

    The only thing that would make it better would be if Dad were giving a Fonz-like thumbs up!

  11. DB says:

    I guess she didn’t feel like being a “Teen Angel”!

  12. Matt says:

    Shouldn’t that jukebox have a 3rd dimension to it? I’m not buying this whole diner facade.

  13. XLscooper says:

    Not even that ginormous ice cream cone can erase the mortification.

  14. Joy Grenade says:

    I’d like to think that they caught the Hula-Hoop in motion. “Just rollin’ through…”

  15. Slick says:

    Girl: Before we took this picture, we rolled that GIGANTIC die in the corner, and I lost. I voted for a Jonas Brothers background. That’s the last time I roll the dice. :/

  16. Michael says:

    The ’50’s look is totally awesome! The poodle skirt, the hoola-hoop, the (uh, flat?) jukebox! white socks and jeans, and a (uh, Michael Jackson?) leather coat! (giant!) Ice cream cone, and who could forget the HUGE die! It doesn’t get any more vintage ’50’s than that!!!

  17. Michael says:

    The look on the girl’s face is very clear: “If I had a compound bow right now, we would not be sitting here. I’m just sayin’…”

  18. Laura says:

    This looks like a father-daughter dance…aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  19. BC says:

    The jukebox would have looked real if it hadn’t been shot at an angle like that… the photographer seems to have gone out of his way to ensure that we can see that it’s just a cutout.

  20. brennan says:

    You said we were getting real ice cream! I hate you dad

  21. Pha says:

    I just realized, that that isn’t even a real jukebox…

  22. sam says:

    I love that you can see the jukebox is a cardboard cutout. nothing more awkward than having to worry about knocking over the props while getting your glamour shots taken.

  23. Kate says:

    Photographer says: “okay, and hold your giant cones up and…wait! Where’d your cone go?” Dad says sheepishly: “um…I…ate…mine…?”
    Photographer: ” You know that was prop.”

  24. Nigel says:

    She has no idea what the thing is Dad is pretending to lean on, or what the round things on the wall are. And she is completely pissed that the ice cream is just a prop. But the rabbit-ear hair bow is stylin’, grrl!

  25. Bernardo says:

    Oh the cardboard jukebox, and the white socks. A true classic.

  26. MCR says:

    Anybody notice that the jukebox is a cutout?

  27. lisa says:

    Is she really going to eat that thing? It’s bigger than her head. Oh, I get it. That’s what the hula hoops for – to work off the ice cream afterwards. Obvious really.

  28. JorgeCurioso says:

    Sometimes an ice cream cone is just an ice cream cone.

  29. sugerglider says:

    Is that a fake jukebox? To go with the fake ice cream – and the fake willingness to participate in the exercise

  30. Sheila says:

    Dad’s getting hundreds of copies made so that every time she burns one, poof! another one appears in the frame. Poor baby

  31. SBA says:

    Does the dad have a black eye?!?!

  32. SBA says:

    Does the dad have a black eye, or am I seeing things?!?

  33. gil says:

    is that a cardboard cutout jukebox?

  34. Leslie says:

    Dang sad pic. But I can’t help wishing that real ice cream cones came in that size!

  35. Daisy says:

    Has anyone noticed the dad has a black eye? Just look at his right eye!!

  36. Dennis says:

    What happened to the back part of the jukebox? I can only see the front. Is that one fake too?

  37. Tulip says:


  38. TerryLee says:

    She could have that look because of that HUGE soft serve ice cream. LOL

  39. TerryLee says:

    Does that dad have a black eye? And, yes.. the poor girl looks like she can not wait to get out of there. lol

  40. terri says:

    Her shoes really add to this time period! Also the paper jukebox really is a great tough!!

  41. sammmm says:

    i think the most awkward thing about this picture is the dad’s face…

  42. Swellanor says:

    The carefully placed hula hoop just adds that extra touch of awkward authenticity. See, they loved hula hoops in the rockin’ 50’s.

  43. Merry says:

    What I love is the ginormous faux ice cream the child is holding. I suspect Mom/Wife is behind this as neither of the two pictured look all that thrilled….

  44. ken says:

    And Joanie doesn’t love Chachi’s……….. Dad

  45. ninjakisses says:

    Did anyone else notice that the jukebox is a cutout? LOL!

  46. monica says:

    aww this makes me feel bad..
    dad was just trying to do something fun (at the hand of his wife maybe? haha)
    and the daughter is just at that age where everything daddy does is embarrassing.

  47. Dr Mandragora says:

    That poor kid looks like she can’t wait to get out of the studio and away from her oddly dressed dad.
    Guess what girlie? That photo is going to be around for a while.

  48. Swine Flu says:

    Trying to act cute with that semi-shrug…only compound bows will take him down!!

  49. Liquidduck says:

    Dad with hunched shoulders, “Meh? I had to endure her ballet concerts, she owes me one.”

  50. DonKeyHoTay says:

    One two three o’clock awkward rock
    Four o’clock five o’clock awkward rock
    Six seven eight o’clock awkward rock
    We’re gonna rock around the awkward clock!

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