Strung Up

July 31st, 2009

Strung Up - Black And White

Never underestimate Grandma.

(submitted by Paul)

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  1. Dudemeister Jim says:

    It’s obviously fake. do you see any trace of the holes for the heads? and how is that guy (who’s probably a photoshopped Walt Disney) turning his head sideways with STILL no trace of a hole to put his head through? funny, but lame that it’s fake.

  2. karen says:

    To those who were asking: this cutout was at Knott’s Berry Farm, if I am not mistaken. My dad and I had our picture taken behind it many years ago. Geez, maybe I should find THAT pic and post it! ha!

  3. Connie says:

    Not funny.

  4. Karen Celinski says:

    Little Bobby gets even with Grandma for taking away his Tonka truck, so many years ago…

  5. a says:

    Just imagine how many disturbing photos this cutout has helped come into existance.

  6. cadsam says:

    Walt Disney prepares a long overdue head upgrade for one of his animations.

  7. Hobby says:

    Is this how Obama’s death panels are going to work?

  8. Harmy says:

    It’s a Marvelous Night For a Noosedance

  9. Tim says:

    Marney’s picture from the last party: THIS is what happens to people who don’t use the regulation casserole dish!

  10. John says:

    “Famous Last Words”
    -Written on the piece of paper.

    I haven’t hung anybody (lately), but don’t you have to be off the ground for it to work?

  11. min says:

    My parents have had a photo of them behind this exact same standup framed over the mantle for my entire life.

    • Kiwi says:

      Wow, that’s creepy. So what’s the story of this cuttout? It doesn’t seem like the usual lightweight tourist fare. Capitol punishment doesn’t exactly scream “fun family vacation”.

      • min says:

        If I remember correctly, it was either taken at Knott’s Berry Farm or at the Orange County Fair. My folks are both from Southern California, so they would only have dated in that area, and the picture was from before they were married. Unfortunately, we’re somewhat estranged at the moment or I’d ask for further detail.

    • Maria says:

      my parents have this too! it’s in our basement. they both lined up to the painting so well that it wasn’t until i was much older that i knew that it was a cardboard cutout thing. although my mother has the biggest grin on her face which is pretty out of character for being hung

  12. Shock & Awe says:

    Throw grandma from the train. Oh, what the hell, just hang her. There’s just too much gleam in his eyes. They are getting ready to take a ride on the Awkward Highway.

  13. Gregorian says:

    What is the piece of paper he is handing her?

  14. Killer Kate says:

    Strange the way his head fits so perfectly into the cutout. It almost looks like he’s a cartoon man with a human head. And he does eerily resemble Walt Disney, so that’s sort of fitting.

  15. Leroix says:

    This picture is starting to look normal?Is that strange or anything?

  16. Lauren says:

    That Sheriff has a flask in his back pocket…tasteless…if there no decency left in this world!

  17. LindsayLu says:

    Oh man, I hope my body still looks that AMAZING when I’m 80!! :p

  18. Maya B says:

    This looks like something from an old Ernie Kovacs skit. And no, I’m NOT old enough to remember his show first-hand…

    • GW says:

      You’re right, it does. I was thinking it could have something to do with a play or musical-themed event. Wish we could read what that paper behind her hands says.

  19. Jo says:

    Bachelor Party gone bad

  20. Megan says:


    That’s all I have. I literally just sat here for a few minutes with my mouth hanging open.

  21. Kurtacus says:

    “I will bury your head in boot hill, but I have a different final resting place in mind for the rest of you.”

  22. Amice says:

    This is what happens when you rob a bank, and then stop to take a bath.

  23. Ingrid says:

    This picture was more amazing BEFORE I realized that they were sticking their heads in a wooden cutout.

  24. joti says:

    So that’s what they did with Walt Disney’s head.

  25. Tishy says:

    Holy… hell…

  26. Jak says:

    The weight of my sadness crushes me, I’m emotional roadkill on life’s potholed highway thanks to AFPh.

  27. AggieLou says:

    My eyes! My eyes! I wish I could un-see this. So very creepy.

  28. MST says:

    Proof that awkward existed long before this website was created.

  29. Wendy says:

    she actually looks exactly like my great grand mother

    • Lorie says:

      And my thought was “who is that guy with my Grandmother?” – she looked exactly like that and even had those same glasses!

  30. masshole says:

    pretty good! took my eyes a few seconds to send the correct message to my brain on this one.

    First thought: Gram’s a butterface!
    Second thought: Photoshopped (ugh modern thought)
    Third thought: oohhhhhh put-your-head-in-the-disturbing-scene-stand-up-painted-thingy!

  31. Alekx says:

    Jeez…this is pretty awkward.
    I mean, I’d feel awkward if my Grandma or Pep Pep
    showed that to me.

  32. NuttyMom says:

    Isn’t that one of those things that you stick ur head thru the hole to get ur photo taken at a tourist stop? I think it’s funny. My kid’s have one of those from Haliburton’s Santa’s Village and I have one from Niagara Falls of my Dad and me going over the falls when I was a kid. They are classic tourist fodder. Silly, useless and fun.

    And Gramma looks GREAT.

  33. joaniebaloney83 says:

    She looks like Mrs. Bennett, my kindergarten teacher! Her face, I mean. I don’t think kindergarten teachers are usually allowed to dress like that.

  34. RedGirl says:

    Has to be said.. “she looks good for her age”

  35. Denise says:

    That’s photoshopped πŸ˜›

  36. Frank says:

    The poor lady. She knows it ain’t funny either.

  37. sallyomalley says:

    I just can’t wrap my brain around this one……what is this supposed to be? Help?

    • FoxPipes says:

      you may wish you never asked… (granny and gramps put their heads in holes at some crazy wild west casino or something)

  38. binkymae says:

    This one leaves me speechless! I cannot imagine the intended purpose of this cut out, or why these two people chose to stick their heads into it.
    Inquiring minds want to know why the tree has “M loves F” on it, or what on earth the tag on her hands says???

  39. maureen says:

    The gentleman’s head fits remarkable well into that cut-out, it looks eerily realistic when paired with his facial expression of a mix of delight and horror.

  40. Patty says:

    I’m glad I got my sleeping pills refilled today…because seeing this picture, it was gonna be a long, long night of having G-ma seared into the inside of my eyelids.

  41. Kate says:

    Oh. My. God.

  42. laurie says:

    This is why only walking in chin deep into the Fountain of Youth is a mistake.

    It always ends with a lynching.

  43. Wenchy McWench says:

    Huh. There are so many questions I have about the different aspects of this photo, but the only one I can deal with at the moment is, “Why are they stringing up showgirls?” Lame, I know.

  44. Jenany says:

    Somehow, I think she got “tricked” into posing for this one … and is it just me or does that guy bear an uncanny resemblance to Walt Disney?

  45. Leroix says:

    This isn’t awkward.It’s what seemed the least bit good at the time?

  46. Aw, that's sweet! says:

    “Sweetheart, that’s exactly how your body looked on our honeymoon 40 years ago!”
    “And you were always very handy with the ropes” (giggle)
    “You know, I’m still disappointed that you never allowed me to photograph or record our most intimate moments…”
    “Dexter! You’re not suggesting…”
    “Oh what’s the harm, Prudence? It’s just a silly cut-out. Do it for me, will ya?”
    “Oh….all right. You’ve got to promise me you won’t go sticky-posting it on the internets.”
    “Don’t be silly, sweetheart.”

  47. Wombatgirl says:

    Nana reinacts the day her true love came to save her from the gallows

  48. Cincoflex says:

    Awkward, and *tasteless* Honest to Pete, stringing up a chorus girl reeks of mysogny.

  49. Alyse says:

    There is not enough brain bleach in the world…to rid my head of this image…

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