Awkward Family Email: My Uncle’s Road Trip

August 11th, 2009

“Hi Everyone,
Well after cruising along for 428 miles, I arrived at the KOA campground in Bismark. It was fairly empty when I first pulled in around 5:00 but by the time I came back from my Dairy Queen run, most of the drive through spots are full. Most of the tent spots are still empty.

There were two notable things today. Normally when going to the lake I can leave the milage display on the screen and see that I cruise along at 65 MPH with a normal weekend load of clothes and food and get around 24 MPG. Today towing the trailer and attempting to keep up with the 75MPH speed limit (which everyone seems to be ignoring) the jeep only gets about 11 MPG. So I made a few extra gas stops and noted how long it was between stops. There is a lot of open country out here in North Dakota. I sure hope when I turn south to go to the bike race that I find enought gas stations. I note that I will be taking mostly 2 lane roads so I will only be going around 55 MPH, so the milage should be better. It is the long distances between “towns” that worries me. I saw the sign for gasolene on an exit and took the exit. It was 5 miles to the town, and the station was shut. (its Sunday!). Fortunately a friendly person walking down the road gave me directions to get gas without going right back to I-94. However when I started back out from the gas station, my GPS started telling me to drive 133 miles south on the two lane road to continue my journey. I ignored that advice and asked for more directions from a local and only had to go on a couple roads that the GPS apparently did not know about to get back to I-94. Maybe I should have downloaded new maps to the GPS before I left the house. It is only 6 weeks old, so I figured it had to be fairly up to date.

The other thing that really struck me is how big motorhomes and trailers have become since I last camped on a trip in the 70’s. I would say that at least 1/2 half of the “campers” here are with giant motor homes towing jeeps or trucks or they are fifth wheel trailers. The folks next to me have a fifth wheel toy hauler with their Harley’s in the back and the “living quarters” in the front. Like I mentioned, no real tent campers here.

Tomorrow’s only planned activity is the river boat ride on the Missouri river and maybe visiting a few of the historical sites in Bismark and Mandan. I also want to find the city park since someone wrote about in on the web and said it is the best campground in the area. It supposedly is on the river so maybe when I find the boat ride I can find the park.

Thats the news for now. No campground pictures since it would look like last week’s pictures. There is a quick snapshot of the car and trailer as I finished loading up this AM.”

(submitted by Lisa)

335 Responses to “Awkward Family Email: My Uncle’s Road Trip”

  1. NoEntiende says:

    I fail to see the awkwardness in this email.

    A little trite, yes, but not at all awkward.

    Did you all catch something that I missed. I read through the letter twice, thinking I missed some surprising news.


  2. nicswife says:


  3. Andrew D says:

    The website must have been hacked just so someone could bore us with this post.

  4. kmac says:

    I, too, am kicking myself for reading this. I mean, why even post this, Lisa? It’s lame.

  5. Dude says:

    Whoever posted this loses 3000 internets.

  6. Daisy says:

    What awkward is reading all your comments that say the same thing

  7. Nobody says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but those are chickens.

  8. It also needed more gun-play, and maybe a romantic subplot.

  9. Sarah says:

    Hey folks, I’m “Lisa.” I don’t know why they put me up under a pseudonym, but I submitted it because I thought it was funny, and I assumed that if the people who owned the blog didn’t agree, they wouldn’t post it. I’m sorry if you feel I’ve wasted your time, but it DID get through the AFP editors.

  10. dalexander says:

    If this email represents the most awkward communication “Lisa” has ever received from her family she should consider herself lucky. Her uncle is no Marnie, I’ll tell you that much. Serving spoons beat MPG any day of the week. Come on, you guys are better than this.

  11. Sarah says:

    I liked the long distances between “towns”

  12. redsalta says:

    So glad to read others are baffled by the “awkwardness” of this story. I read it like, three times, searching for the awkward and got nothing. Glad to know I am not alone wondering why this was posted!

  13. e. says:

    Nice to see I’m not alone in wondering where the awkward is in this email.

  14. Brother Steve says:

    not good at all !!!! take this down … and put up more pictures!!

  15. Michael says:

    Not awkward, just boring. Can I have the last 2 min of my life back?

  16. Shelly says:

    This email makes me tired.

  17. Will says:

    P O I N T L E S S!!! Thumbs down to Lisa!!

  18. pseudosanity78 says:

    Is awkward and boring synonymous now? What’s awkward about this story? I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I’d rather hear about Uncle Bob accidentially stumbling upon a naturist colony and joining in the frivolities, not how many MPG the ol’ Jeep is getting. Is it just me?

    • anna says:

      nope, its not just you. i too was wondering when this turned into boring family stories, not awkward family photos. love your idea about uncle bob and the naturist colony though, now THAT would be an awkward email!

  19. darren says:

    I don’t understand why this is on This story was neither an awkward family photo or awkward family story and I feel slightly less intelligent for having read it.

  20. eclipse says:

    I don’t see what’s so awkward about the above…verbose, maybe, but he’s just telling the story.

  21. smikker says:

    Umm…not really that awkward. Sorry. Boring? Sure, but not awkward.

  22. Portups says:

    Way too long of a story to read on a picture website??????

  23. Trav says:

    Did anyone else not get the “awkwardness” of this email? I mean, it’s wordy, but is that all, or did I miss something?

  24. jay says:

    That’s… not really awkward so much as boring.

  25. Celeste says:

    I don’t understand what is “awkward” about this email. I get plenty of these long “road trip” emails from friends and family and they are just typically long and boring like the one shown. Perhaps I’m missing something here?

  26. IPwnYourFace says:

    This is not awkward.

  27. Reid says:

    I’m not sure why this is an awkward story. I’m actually interested in his trip now and wouldn’t mind hearing how the rest goes. Please enlighten me on what I’m suppose to think is awkward or funny.

  28. Bill says:

    I must be missing the awkward part.

  29. Anthony says:

    what the crock is this?

  30. Joan says:

    Have any Awkward Family Email authors ever seen their stuff posted here, I wonder? Clearly they can get on the web…

  31. holly thegrey says:

    I don’t get it? It’s definitely boring, but what is so awkward about it?

  32. Huh? says:

    I don’t get what’s awkward about this. There’s a difference between awkward and boring.

  33. sheldon says:

    What is so awkward about this? If anything, it’s just borning.

  34. Nathan says:

    I don’t see anything awkward about this. It is just long and boring.

  35. ej says:

    file under : not awkward, too much information, get a hybrid.

  36. Paul says:

    I dont get it? Its awkward because he went into more detail about driving than what he did when he was camping?

  37. Robbie says:

    Sorry, not trying to be rude, but how is this awkward?
    Just because he seems obsessed with gas mileage?

  38. erinrae says:

    um.. i usually love stories, even the ones other people don’t like. but… this just sounds like a trip recap email. where was the awkwardness?

  39. Nameo McName says:

    This doesn’t strike me as terribly awkward. Unnecessarily detailed, yes, but not particularly awkward.

  40. JerryLincoln says:

    I don’t get it?

  41. Amy says:

    Sounds like a fun road trip! What exactly is awkward about that? I don’t get it.

  42. Laura says:

    I can’t believe I read all the way through that, hoping for some Awkward twist at the end. Someone fell asleep at the wheel when they posted this one!

  43. James says:

    That was completely and utterly void of all awkwardness.

  44. Ranger Rick says:

    Um, how is this awkward? Boring as hell, yes. Awkward? Now if he started talking about how the campsite was “clothing optional”…that might qualify.

  45. salsa says:

    zzzzzz… WAIT wha, huh? Uh, yes, notable indeed. No snapshot of the car and trailer? Hmm, ok. zzzzz….

  46. Bentzy says:

    Am I missing something here? Somewhat boring, but not really awkward.

  47. Gil says:

    Ummm I think I am missing something…

  48. Aimes says:

    Boring? Yes. Awkward? No.

  49. debby says:

    i kick myself for wasting time even reading this one….what a pointless email 🙁

  50. huh says:

    well ok. that sure is some text on the internet.

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