Little Horse and Buggy on the Prairie

August 11th, 2009

Little Horse and Buggy on the Prairie - Black And White

This family takes us back to a time when road trips were even more uncomfortable.

45 Responses to “Little Horse and Buggy on the Prairie”

  1. Emily says:

    That horse has hydrolics.

  2. Dwight says:

    I drive a Mustang too!!

  3. Brewstah says:

    I like this photo. Nothing awkward about it.

  4. kchuk7 says:

    “Anatevka, Anatevka…”

  5. dsto says:

    Just a family taking advantage of the “Cash For Clunkers” program. Nothing awkward about that….

  6. emm says:

    the true awkward shot came shortly after this, when the horse decided to run back to the barn before dad and the kid got back in the cart. (you know these pics ALWAYS end badly…)

  7. Tim says:

    Somewhere right now, Michael Landon is cringing…

  8. sidekick says:

    If the horse started to move, “Pa” would have to run behind it or end up under that cart.

  9. Wendy says:

    this actually almost looks like it were an old photo that’s been colorized, I think that’s kinda cool

  10. foo says:

    Not awkward. Historical re-enactment. Awkward would be if there was an elbow-shelf employed on the buggy, or they piled 8 people on top of one another on the buggy.

  11. Cyberg00se says:

    That cart also doesn’t actually fit the horse, which is very unsafe.*

    * – That could be the perspective of the shot, but that shaft isn’t far enough to the chest. Or is it that he isn’t all the in? Driving experts chime in here! It looks like a cart made for ponies, but again, maybe it’s the picture combined with my driving newbieness.

    Hopefully no one was hurt.

    • Wendy says:

      but if they did get hurt I hope that they took pictures of it

    • The horse is too big for the cart, it would seem – or at least the shafts are too short. Also the harness doesn’t really fit the horse, and they are using the spreaders (those white sets of increasingly larger rings in the photo) as decoration and not actually as they were meant to be used (to keep the lines straight and spread when driving a TEAM) of horses.

      So, leaving aside any claims to “historical reenactment” this photo is very awkward. At least for the horse. 🙂

      • And the horse’s pullback straps are not done up, which is why that leather is dangling around the horse’s hind legs. So if they DID go anywhere, it would be very awkward when the cart rolled into the horse’s rump and goosed him.

  12. Cross Photoshopped Bow says:

    The Boy in front is a Ghost from a photo taken in 1867. It was photoshopped in.
    The actual photo appeared on Crossbow Illustrated Magazine from 1976- ‘How to use winter trees to make crossbows” And again in Crossbow Illustrated Magazine 1979- ” Kill your lame horse with a crossbow”

  13. Tony Moser says:

    How about my family photo?

  14. Marilee says:

    Historical re-inactment, but not awkward.

  15. KC says:

    It’s odd that the boy in front is so much bigger than everyone else. Yes, I know he’s in the foreground, but why is he so big?

  16. wendy says:

    Kids- “Are we there yet?”
    Dad- “no”
    Kids- “Are we there yet?”
    Dad- “no”
    Kids- “Are we there yet?”
    Dad- “Don’t MAKE me turn this cart around!”

  17. These pictures are too funny. I also enjoy pictures with people wearing head gear.

  18. FavaBean says:

    Dad’s in big trouble if that horse has post-meal issues.

  19. Jessica says:

    Check out the hotties on the carriage, she sure knows how to wear a crocheted shawl like a mutha’!

  20. Bongo Boy says:

    Stiff poses, yes, but “awkward”?

  21. Julie says:

    This is obviously some sort of historical recreation, and in reality, people didn’t smile for photos back then, so really this isn’t awkward, but historically accurate

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