Saturday Night Special: The Skivvies

August 15th, 2009

Saturday Night Special: The Skivvies - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Strip poker was a bad choice.

(submitted by Lisa)


432 Responses to “Saturday Night Special: The Skivvies”

  1. MrsFun says:

    How the hell did they get everyone to agree to this?

  2. Johnny says:

    The girl on the right is hotttttttttt. We need some of just her.

  3. John says:

    Man, security is tight at their house.

  4. colt says:

    Bottom right is very hot

  5. AimEMcC says:

    Does anyone think it’s weird that the hot chick on the right is wearing shoes?

    • Evan says:

      She could probably pull that look off on her own. In this context… ehh, you’re comin’ off a little sleazy.

  6. g secrist says:

    poor guy on the end. um Akward!

  7. ReginaPhalange says:

    I can’t figure this one out. They’re not even smiling. Did the photographer tell them, “Don’t smile. It’ll look weird.”???

    It looks weird.

  8. Sweetie says:

    Why would you do that? Don’t they know that children could be scarred for life from that picture?

  9. Nocachu says:

    Families should not be naked together.

  10. tayla says:

    family that plays together stays together

  11. srkeegan says:

    I wonder if the terrorists ever released them?

  12. srkeegan says:

    I like how the woman second to the end is covering up her stomach with her arm so as to not seem inadequate compared to the woman she is standing next to with the six pack.

  13. Tamara says:

    I am trying to think of a reason why anyone would want a picture of Granny in her panties.

  14. Suzie says:

    What? Seriously?

  15. Lindsay says:

    This is a work of art that is part of a larger series of works. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of this piece or the artist but this image and others by the artist were featured at the Columbus College Of Art & Design over the summer.

    This wasn’t just “Hey! Let’s take a family photo in our underwear!”

  16. Susan says:

    At least no one had to decide what to wear, what a picture!!

  17. stan says:

    i am disturbed

  18. Christie says:

    Well this answers that nagging question, boxers or briefs!

  19. Garrtet says:


  20. Jeff says:

    They could have gotten the entire outfit if they’d gone shopping at Ross!

  21. Al says:

    This will set Fruit of the Looms back years.

  22. dlc says:


  23. Chaz says:

    After the photo Grandma Cloe puts away her shotgun, loads this on the internet and giggles…she cackles , “I got them all back, now I can die happy.”

  24. MB says:

    From a family that keeps NO secrets.

  25. EC says:

    Obviously it was the lady on the right’s idea…..!

  26. bcmc says:

    Family Game Night. Just before the last round of strip poker.

  27. LadyDriver says:

    I had a thought. There should be a before photo.

  28. LadyDriver says:

    Hey gang! I have this great idea for a family photo. Let’s all strip to our undies! We can get on AFP and be famous!

  29. frank says:

    i’m glad no one is pleased with themselves for taking a family photo half naked….

  30. sasacita090 says:

    why….. it’s so awkward and makes me feel waaaay uncomfortable but I can’t look away

    • Samhokum says:

      Dying to know what the family was commemorating to have this photo taken.

      On second thought, scratch that. That’s just asking for trouble.

  31. jay says:

    and I love how gramma and grandpa demonstrate the definition of “granny panties” … i am soooo curious at the reason they decided to take this picture! ????

  32. Noone says:

    Bottom row to the left is the hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Mary says:

    victoria should have kept this secret

  34. linds says:

    this is just weird…what are they…wait, I don’t even want to know!

  35. Brett Mary says:

    No one looks happy, because they are looking at what the photographer is NOT wearing.

  36. Deborah says:

    No one in this photo looks very happy about what’s going on.

  37. linglingo says:

    Those four guys in front were the only ones there at first, while doing the “Homerian Hoe Down” in their skivvies it prompted the rest of floor twelve of the Best Western in Charlotte, NC to join in and dance the night away to Loverboy’s “Workin for the Weekend”.

    • Jenn says:

      I am sitting in my office right now, laughing so hard that I am crying hysterically at the image that just conjured up. I’m pretty sure my coworkers now think I need to be institutionalized.

  38. AuroraAma says:

    When your Grandparents are nudists – this is the “Dressed up” Easter Pic they keep on top of the TV

  39. Sandra says:

    This picture just makes me feel uncomfortable.

    • Dannelle says:

      Me too. I also wonder about the way they are arranged. I really hope that none of those pairings are brother/sister dad/daughter or something like that. I’m pretty sure I squeeze my eyes shut when one of my brothers even takes his shirt off.ewewewewewewew

  40. Anniebeans says:

    Dibs on the old guy in the middle!

  41. marieke says:

    they’re so serious!

    • Evan says:

      That’s what seals the deal for this gem! Not a trace of acknowledging the absurdity on anyone’s face! Just a family of stone-cold BA’s.

  42. Walter says:

    Thank goodness no one went comando that day.

  43. iLOLd says:

    Fruit-Of-The-Loom never quite recovered from their “Amateur” ad-campaign fiasco.

  44. Carol says:

    My brain feels like it’s being punished.

  45. S says:

    Lisa ! Which one are you? The babe on the left or the babe on the right ? If that’s you on the right, I dig your shoes. Me, I’m Bubba on the left, back row. This picture makes me look about 15 years younger than I am. Thanks, for loaning me the bottom of your spare suit. It let’s everyone know I still have what the ladies go for.

  46. mr. happy says:

    The gal on the end is sssssmokin’!

  47. Terrified says:


  48. This is why we don’t let hippies bring the brownies at a church get together.

  49. jose says:

    hahaha, nice.

  50. jerrod says:

    “well,this has been one heck of a company picnic.hope to do it again next year!’

    • laconic_conservative says:

      That was no family picnic, it was a weekly interns meeting during the Clinton era White House

      • Lady Anne says:

        No, no, not the Clinton White House. It’s the Kennedy White House! There’s Frick and Frack on the end, and Marilyn Monroe next to the guy with the ‘stache.

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