Fairy Godfather

August 16th, 2009

Fairy Godfather - Babies

This dad has just ventured into Never Never Land.

(submitted by Michael)

116 Responses to “Fairy Godfather”

  1. Bowleggs says:

    Jack’s wife was an asparagus.

  2. Meg says:

    This is completely adorable.

  3. Le'Shea says:

    It does NOT look photoshoped to me. While true it looks kind of awkward its not a very comfy pose I would assume. Then again posing is not supposed to be comfortable lol. It is however one totally cute pic and I have to commend dad for dressing up in that sweet fairy costume. ^_^ and even IF (big IF) it was photoshopped its still super cute and that little girl is going to look back at that pic and smile a whole lot when shes an adult

  4. Soquel says:

    people are so daft..of course the butterfly is photshopped in but that is the least of what this photo is about.. It’s like at disneyland when they tell you to put out your hand and than digitally add tinkerbell standing in it..
    it’s pretty common…but the baby and guy are the real deal.

  5. Heather says:

    You go dad! Every daughter should be so lucky to have such a father!

    Pretty sure he realized what kind of static he would get for posing in a pic like this–but didn’t care! Cojones of steel!

  6. John says:

    His social life ended that day, but he scored enough points with mom to last the rest of his life.

  7. izze3r says:

    I’m guessin’ he’s an older brother too – with that almost mustache and goatee, he can’t be more than 16 and that baby must be close to a year old. Whatever, it’s sweet that he would take part in this (probably for the mom).

  8. SV says:

    the baby is cute, too bad man pan had to be in the picture.

  9. Flim Springfield says:

    If that indeed is the young father wanting to pose with his child, he’s going to be a good dad.

  10. Carol says:

    am I seeing things? I hope I’m seeing things.

  11. Poodle says:

    Dad just wants to be a boy.

  12. Rayne says:

    I think that the ‘baby’ looks like a doll…

  13. Zoso says:

    I agree with the other posters here in that this is definitely Photoshopped–I know for a fact butterflies don’t glow that way in real life.

  14. odell says:

    Dad is pretty darn skeptical about that butterfly; can’t blame him.

  15. kristine says:

    Is that baby real?

  16. billdave says:

    Maybe cast members from a highschool production of A Midsummer Night’s dream? Puck and the Indian prince?

  17. LoneStar says:

    Lettuce…entertain you; lettuce…make you smile…

  18. Juls says:

    I’ll bet the guy will be cussing Anne Geddes for the rest of his life for introducing fluff like this to the world. Someone’s gotta take the fall for it.

    (personally, I think it’s adorable!)

  19. Humorme says:

    Another tender moment from the Jackson home.

  20. Susa says:

    I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

  21. Mark says:

    I’m feeling green.

  22. zebstar1 says:

    This picture makes me wanna puke glitter and gumdrops….

  23. lagrange says:

    …”in the valley of the giant, ho, ho, ho …..green giant” (how many of you baby boomers remember that jingle???)

  24. J says:

    Isnt that Trista’s husband Ryan from the bachelor?

  25. alyssa says:

    aww so cute!

  26. alyssa says:


  27. dsto says:

    I can’t quote a line from Willow, the Ron Howard directed classic starring Val Kilmer?!!!

  28. Tsar N. says:

    I do believe he’s trying to repopulate the now extinct species of Absinthe Fairies..

  29. Alice says:

    Are you sure that’s not the brother? He looks really young. In any case, I wonder what he was promised in order to dress up like that.

  30. Annie says:

    that’s cute

  31. Anne says:

    Yet one more case of “what did she have to do to get him to do that”.

  32. bwvalentine says:

    If he really is the dad and not a brother (which seems likely, he can’t be older than about 16) he’s so young that I doubt he has the judgement to see what’s so “creepy” about the picture.

    I’m 33, and I don’t see it. I think it’s cute.

  33. j j says:

    of course its photoshopped people!!! sheesh!
    i worked for a photographer that did this sh*t. people loved it.
    i don’t get it, but clearly someone’s making a buck! kudos to dad for playing along

    • WI_DJ says:

      There’s no photoshop here, dude. This is just old school painted backdrop and some wardrobe from the photographers prop closet. I’m sure the photog sold dozens or hundred of this pose. The colors and res are clearly filmgrain, not digital.

  34. joyce says:

    What the Puck?

  35. vvkathy says:

    Tinker Bill!

  36. HB says:

    I think it’s sweet that a dad would dress up like that. And even if it not a real pic and he’s photoshopped in, the fact that he didnt kill whoever did it was nice too lol 😛

  37. Moeknowsg says:

    Ooo, that baby is so nice and fat and scrumptious. I can hardly see the awkward for the baby.

  38. Sam says:

    Has anybody seen the new billboards promoting visiting national forests?The slogan is “Welcome to the forest-where the other you lives.”This guy is obviously their new spokesperson.

  39. Jeremy says:

    OMG. Better than an Olan Mills photo anyday!

  40. rush16journey says:

    I agree, totally looks photoshopped. Look at the hands, “dad’s” face does not look natural like he’s really holding that baby.

    • Ghostwriter says:

      Photoshopped or not, it is still the best thing I have ever seen. Ever.

      • M Lange says:

        I call “not photoshopped.” His hands are just resting there, he’s not “really holding that baby”.

        The butterfly is either photoshopped or strategically designed into the background… If you follow the gazes, the point of focus the photographer gave was a little to the right of the butterfly.

    • April C says:

      This is the first time I agree about the photoshop-ness of a pic. It just doesn’t seem possible that with a forearm that thick/large he could have a shoulder so narrow and nonexistent. It is still a fabulously funny pic though!

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