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August 18th, 2009

LOL Cats - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Kitty casual.

(submitted by Anthony)

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  1. tatyana says:

    ah, one picture that is better kept in a family album…

    it’s worth more to the ppl in the pic.

    • adrianne says:

      i have to say something because you people are ridiculous…

      reality check: IT’S A PICTURE POSTED ON A FUNNY WEBSITE. it’s not a religious statement, a testament to animal cruelty, or a statement of any sort. IT’S A FUNNY PICTURE OF TWO HIDEOUSLY UNATTRACTIVE NAKED PEOPLE HOLDING THEIR CATS IN THEIR LAPS.

      can we move on now? thx.

  2. Jen says:

    Surprised that so many people are taking this so seriously. I expected all the witty comments you normally read on here, and I was disappointed.

    And I wonder, why has no one considered the awkwardness of the photographer? I mean, can you imagine? I bet he was a friend, and they were all, “So, when you come over for game night, bring your camera. We want you to take some pictures of us — to announce our engagement, you know?” So, photographer friend agrees, and after a few rounds of Boggle, they decide to take the pictures, and he’s arranging their living room curtains as a backdrop when they come out of the bedroom naked. Well, he doesn’t know what to think, but he tries to be professional. Meanwhile, Fluffly and Whiskers keep swarping around their legs, making them twitch (and therefore, jiggle, ewww). So just as the photographer friend is suggesting they cover themselves with something, they both decide to pick up the cats to keep them still, and BAM! Awkwardness is born.

    • tatyana says:


      love ur story.

      yeah. the pic is awkward.

      thank heavens i am not a photographer.. though my brother is. 😛 one reason why i refuse him as mine, not that i particularly had this pose in mind.

      the only thing i like about this photo.. is the guy’s hair. i kinda want to touch it. but it prob would be coarse… but what if it’s soft. hm…

      oh and btw, i mean the one on his head!!!

      ewww… gross.

  3. val says:

    but why naked???
    And what the send it to friends and familly, hanged it on the wall…

    Its a bit wierd to me

  4. SEG says:

    They need to meet the naked couple who look like Tarzan and Jane.

    I am a big cat lover, BUT….NAKED????

    Those cats may need some kind of therapy after that picture.

  5. KEL says:


  6. Mirian says:

    I wonder if the cats would feel different if the humans were dressed?

  7. jetsonjoe says:


  8. Zipidoodle says:

    They need larger cats.

  9. zippydoda5 says:

    pore cats

  10. Nichole says:

    It’s our tax guy!!!!! OMG

  11. Esther says:

    lol i ment life

  12. Esther says:

    i bet these cat are scared for life

  13. kat says:

    lol hhahahaha the cats look soooo pisssssed!!!1 then agian i wuld be too if i was being pressed against the nekkid bodies of my owners and flashy lights r all over the place but their soooo cute all mad, lol one of my cats tries to like eat my face wen i try to kiss her, and she iis to die for ADORABLE!

  14. najiwench says:

    Calico: I hate you SO much right now. Seriously
    Orange Tabby: Chill out, Trixie, it’s a fricken least they don’t have us in the Mr. and Mrs. Claus outfits like last year.

  15. Yeti says:

    I’m rolling on the floor – but not laughing – my eyes hurt! Good thing those are BIG cats!

  16. Terry says:

    OMG, put your clothes on!!!

  17. gabby says:

    Now I’ve seen just about everything xD

  18. Oreo says:

    Seriously not too worried about the cats. The way people and some animals are TRULY mistreated should make people more upset, this is hardly cause for alarm. The funniest part I think about this pic is how happy the people look in contrast to the cats. Genius photo!

  19. Sarah says:

    Ummmm, naked with angry cats, I would not be that brave….and those cats are not small! HA! HA!

  20. Mike says:

    This makes me harken back to the Tonight Show moment waayyyy back. Those of you who are older may remember….

  21. Syd says:

    Thank God the cats were there!

  22. Mona says:

    This is awesome, I think it is hilarious that some people really seem to believe that this is some sort of animal cruelty.

  23. Justin says:

    Thank God those cats are just as fat as the owners…

  24. SeanT says:

    ‘All Dogs go to Heaven’….cats too I hope

  25. IMHO says:

    The only thing bad in this picture is that the cats are overweight which is bad for their health, its up to the owners to provide them with nutrious food, to avoid heart and joint problems etc. As for the cats/nudity that people seem to have an issue with, i don’t think cats/animals have a sense of shame of nakedness that we do…seeing as they don’t wear clothes?

  26. Meow says:

    They say that people eventually come to resemble their DOGS, but this is the first time i have ever seen cats look like their humans! My cats might be my “Babies”, but in this case, somehow it just might be literal! 🙂

  27. cayla says:

    What the heck???

  28. Ashley says:

    Well, the cat on the left is indeed pissed. Can’t tell about the one on the right. But I highly doubt it has anything to do with the fact that their owners are naked.. you ever tried to hold a cat still?

    I think it’s weird, but hey whatever floats their boat.

  29. MADTigeress says:


  30. rich says:

    the morale is that fat cats always manage to cover up private shame brought upon them!

  31. josh betti says:

    Are you my real parents? Clearly we have the same love for cats! I’ve been searching a long time for you.I love you!

  32. Astral says:

    The cat on the left clearly hates it’s life.

  33. runlucy says:

    I don’t think the cats mind this that much. I have cats, some will let you hold them like they are being held here and some will squirm away scratching. Personally, I think this photo tells a story of two folks who know their cats and know the cats won’t scratch them. If you look at the cats feet, they are not being held so the cats do not seem to be squirming away. The mans hand looks as though he is holding the cat so he will sit up straight. And no I do not think the cats are drugged.

    Who know’s maybe these folks are nudists and they always are naked at home.

    In any case, interesting picture.

  34. Shari says:

    …..and this was the picture they used for their cat lovin’ swinger’s profile!

  35. Kristin says:

    Whew!! It’s alarming how many folks take this pic seriously…


    • Elliemae says:

      Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. this picture is hilarious even if a bit alarming at first glance. I would guess that “no cats were harmed” in the making of this. I love animals and if one was being harmed I’d be the first one to say so, but c’mon, man… this is funny!

    • Cathy says:

      Nooo kidding. Looks like some peeops commenting on this one need more fiber in their cat food… I mean diet!

    • rose says:

      Really, they love their cats its obvious. Why all the hoopla over it. Cats are just like that…pet me pet me, why are you touching me. Their fickle but in real kitty thoughts they probably loved the attention. Would just really love to know where they got these big cats. They are huge lol. Cheers to them for not conforming to society that says all pics must have beautiful backgroung and fancy clothes and big cheese smiles to be acceptable. I like it…

  36. J says:

    The cat on the woman’s lap looks angry and it is the lucky one…

  37. lynn says:

    Go ahead humiliate yourselves all you want to, but don’t try to hide behind the cats…We could start a collection and post it larger than life on a freeway billboard somewhere near their neighborhood wonder if they would be smilin then????

  38. amen kurdy says:

    I think that this picture is very ugly because they took off their clothes, their bodies covered with cats and is an insult to animals. Where the animals are dressed up and take off to Western man’s clothing and this is the Western culture are doing everything they desire without regard to religion, values and ethics

    • Cathy says:

      Blah. Blah. Blah. It’s not the time and it’s certainly not the place for spouting divisive political crap and stereotypes. 🙁

      • Sarah says:

        totally agree this is a fun photo taken by people that live their live as they see fit, sorry that you can’t respect that and see that everything doesn’t revolve around religion and restrictions. The couple are happy otherwise they wouldn’t have done it, if you don’t like it don’t comment on it. Too much crap around being free and not doing this and that. What about those that despise restrictions and aren’t religious maybe you should respect their desires and wishes and stop thinking that your way is the only way. I live in a country where there are many religions and I have to accept peoples choices and ways of living that aren’t in tune with my beliefs. Sorry you have such a narrow minded view on the world . People are just different get over yourself

  39. Leih says:

    Wow very artistic picture. The couple really looks so happy and the cats are soo cute… love it <3

  40. AC says:

    Looks like the Orange cat is getting lucky! That may make him/her kinda happy!

  41. Craig says:

    I own four cats and have owned cats all of my life. I can tell these cats are not happy (well taken care of though). I wonder if anyone made a video of what happened AFTER the flash bulb went off…??

  42. Jessica Miller says:

    ew i dont get why they had to be naked

  43. Dressed catlover says:

    Wonder if they look just as happy when they get the Christmascard
    from grandpa and grandma – with Teeny & Weeny, their petmice?

  44. cat carrier says:

    Surely the couple could have used something else to cover their modesty. Although I wonder if after the picture was taken whether the cats had a bit of revenge by scratching them.

  45. Mary Ellen says:

    I agree with both sides. I love the picture because the couple is so obviously happy in their own skins and with each other. That’s so nice (and rare) to see! Yes, the cats are less than charmed, but so what? They aren’t the boss of us! (I know some of you disagree with that.) Posing for a picture is little enough to ask in return for feeding them, grooming and de-fleaing them, paying their vet bills, buying toys they don’t bother to use, and cleaning up their poop. I’m sure they think they are providing us with riches when they see us collecting those litter clumps! Flat ears? Too bad!

    • lynn says:

      Well obviously YOU don’t feel appreciated and with your attitude toward animals I can see why! Cats don’t usually pick us we pick them and decide to treat them with respect. After all they can offer affection and are fun to have. Some more than others. They don’t reason or understand us or our behavior as humans. They are domesticated small cats. They could survive in the world on their own if they were left to. “Posing is little enough to ask of them”?? you say? Are you serious?…Posing? they don’t get that. feeding is expected… it’s called kindness.. grooming is optional as well as de-fleaing…. not all cats get fleas! Forget the vet bills… don’t have one if you can’t afford it! Did you ever wonder what they think when they smell your potty scent? Or your morning mouth. Feeling insulted ? Too Bad for YOU!!

      • Cathy says:

        I think that Mary Ellen meant that to be taken with a bit of humor….. :o)

      • Bekki says:

        Wow. And I thought *I* was a crazy cat lady…

      • Zach says:

        Look. It goes without saying that those cats may not be in the happiest MOMENT of their lives, but they WILL get over it.

      • Moss says:


        • moo says:

          I’d hit the “like” button if it was there.

          Honestly, i hate people who personify animals. Animals are animals, humans are humans. I hate it when people go gush over something so small and insignificant as taking a picture (albeit, naked) with cats. They look a bit disgruntled… so what? They don’t in anyway look PISSED and the people who are saying that, are the people who don’t know very much and just like to exaggerate their perception. I swear, you’d see a cat sun bathing and people would still be like “omg! it’s getting burned! animal abuse!” sheesh…. the couple picked up their cats to take a picture. End of story.

          I don’t necessarily agree with “2rare2care” or mary ellen though”. Just because we buy them toys and what not doesn’t justify our right to subject them to our every whims.
          just saying.

      • Bekah says:

        Um, to bat the ball back… potty scent? Morning mouth? If your cat is crawling around in your mouth or scrubbing your toilet (or if they’re in your bathroom at all) then you have a problem. Most people brush their teeth. Not only that, but the couple probably has on flesh-colored underwear and the cats are fat enough to cover it for the photo. Someone had to take the picture, and the two wouldn’t pose naked in front of someone else. The cat is teed off because it’s on its back for fifteen seconds and was probably stuck in that position with some effort from the owner, causing it to be provoked. In other words… GET OVER IT AND STEP AWAY FROM THE PODIUM!!!!!!!!!

    • 2rare2care says:

      I totally agree w/ Mary Ellen – our cats, for All the Stuff we put up with, owe us a good photo every now & then. Especially that part about how we buy them toys & they don’t even bother to aknowledge them. RELAX, its just a funny photo, not a religious statement.

      • Randomvewier says:

        …Cats don’t owe us anything. If you own a cat it is because you love them and expect nothing other then their affection in return for their love. I would never do something if it made my cat THAT pissed.

  46. LIS says:

    Oops…left out a word…
    Can’t you see how their EARS are flat!!

  47. LIS says:

    The poor cats are pissed! Can’t you see how they are flat?!?!?

  48. M says:

    The cats look content?!? Do you see the daggers in their eyes? Or maybe it’s just the sedatives they were given making them look that way.

  49. Clark says:

    I love this picture. The couple looks happy and the cats look well cared for and content. I just thought this was a neat family picture. Recently I was talking with two friends and we were talking about pictures we love from the web and we all mentioned this exact same picture, the one above. It is interesting how we all have such different reactions and thoughts about the same picture. This picture made my day and hats off to the folks in the picture.

    • Doug says:

      I’m not so sure that cat on the left is too content. Mom has his/her front paws in a a death grip and the other had is holding…………well you know.

      • Charlie says:

        After I threw up in my mouth a bit….I was able to take a closer look at the cats..and the one that the lady is holding is way pissed off! ha! those eyes are of a man killer kitty!

        • Nikki says:

          forgoodness sakes why do ppl make such a big deal over a photo yes the cats ears are flat yes the cats dont look overly content cats do that but they are not being hurt they are not going to die or being treated cruely and its just a photo ffs the way ppl carry on about things is just pathetic get over yourselves and just chill out SMILE have a good day

        • Jonny says:

          I throw up in my mouth a bit when people think they’re clever for using dated movie quotes.

          Oh and you’re a Twat, Charlie.

    • Fabicha says:

      que merda!!!

      • blueolimpi says:

        Did all you catlovers upset at this photo ever wondered why their ears are flattened? Does your cay startle at sudden flashes of light? Well what about the flash?

        • najiwench says:

          Nah, that’s not just a startled at the flash look. That is a “you are seriously going to have a squishy and smelly gift on your pillow for this” look. My cats give it regularly. Not saying the cats are in any way abused or anything, just that the calico is giving definite homocidal vibes.

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