LOL Cats

August 18th, 2009

LOL Cats - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Kitty casual.

(submitted by Anthony)

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  1. Tonya says:

    You know, I love my cats, but not nearly this much…..

  2. Jason says:

    Taking merkins to a new level….

  3. SashaJo says:

    What is the bloody hell is wrong with people? I mean, really? And those have to be some ticked off cats.

  4. Dave says:


  5. Jackie says:

    Those cats are pissed!

  6. Thomas says:

    Hmm, are those family of James Bond’s mean opponent Bloofeld 😀 Guess they were laser burned after taking that pic 😛

  7. Lynette says:

    hmm what goes through some people’s noggins? I can only imagine the poor photographers face when they told him/her their great idea. “and we’d like wallet sized ones for the Christmas cards too!”
    thanks for the laugh!
    As a photographer, I’m sure learning A LOT from this site alone!

    • Mamamamamama says:

      Like how NOT to take family portraits. I totally agree. What is the woman doing with her hand on that poor kitters? Maybe that is a pleased face the calico is making? Oh who am I kidding…probably not.

  8. Dr Lump says:

    Whoa! Look at the kits on her!

  9. Jessica says:

    I don’t know who to feel more sorry for….The cats or the photographer…..

  10. Samarrah says:

    There is no way they thought this was a good idea!

  11. Laura says:

    Them are some big kitties! LOL

  12. calicious says:

    what….the…..f! Who poses like this??? I mean, why would you pose like this????

  13. Yikes says:

    I love how she has the pissed of calico’s paws held together in a death grip there. Combined with the expression on that cat’s face, you know the cat was trying to get the hell out of that freakshow.

  14. Redd says:

    When I saw this picture I instintivly made a little noise in the back of my throat that startled my dog so badly she started barking at me. That calico looks like she’s ready to take someones head off. The ginger just looks resigned to his fate. The part of me who rubbernecks traffic accidents wants to see the picture taken three minutes later. The part of me who faints at the sight of blood doesn’t.

    • kdaniel says:

      I totally agree, it’s almost too awkward to deal with, but I can’t help myself.

      I wonder how many of their relatives/fellow cat and nudity enthusiasts this photo was sent to before it made its way onto the internet and into the world to scar us all for life.

  15. Pippa says:

    My poor eyes! And those poor kittehs!! :/ They’re gonna be ripping up some curtains when they get home…

  16. erase says:

    The look on both the cats faces are priceless *GET ME OUT OF HERE, I PROMISE YOU I WILL POOP IN EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR TO YOURSELVES!”


  17. feelinz says:

    Really Kittehs? I expect a little more fight out of you. Especially from the calico.

  18. Pontius says:

    how does one become motivated to take that pciture? Did they wake up and say “Honey for the Christmas Photo this year I think we should be seated in the nude holding Fluffy & Beatrice” “You know honey that sounds god damn genius! Call Olin Mills Now!”

  19. Andy W says:

    Well at least their devotion to their cats means that they do not appear to be breeding.

  20. G says:

    Those cats are PISSED

  21. stephanie says:

    OK people remember it is awkward family photos not disturbing family photos

  22. StEpHaNiE says:

    forever burned into my retinas — BLARGH!!!!! 🙁

  23. Megan says:

    NO explanation will EVER be good enough for this.

  24. stefaniem says:

    This is why I love this website!

  25. Don says:

    Conversation at the house when the 20×24 picture was hung over the mantle:
    Morris – “Hey Spike, don’t you want to chase us around the backyard? Look, I got your rawhide!”
    Fluffy: “Yeah Spike, I ate some of your dogfood today. Aren’t you gonna start barking and yapping at us?”
    Spike (looking up at the picture)- “No. To be honest I can’t even look at you two. If you don’t mind I’d like to be alone.”

  26. Mark says:

    Let’s hope the humans have been neutered.

  27. PunkyPower says:

    The calico was planning their death as the photo was being taken.

  28. Empress Marie says:

    Do not try this at home! I really hope no one startles those cats – someone could lose a..never mind!

  29. patkerash says:

    the cats’ faces say it all

  30. keith says:

    where is p.e.t.a. when it matters.

  31. AnaBanana says:

    I think it’s awkward when my cat even LOOKS at me when I’m naked.

  32. muse7 says:

    Oh. My. God. WHY!? No, never mind, I never, ever want to know…

  33. jennie says:

    my boyfriend made a cat on a stick comment……….im just hoping theyre declawed. one wrong move and someone could get maimed

    • jerry says:

      Actually, one good cat claw would ensure that this type of behavior would at least not follow the family line? I think they called that movie, “Ol’ Neuter’s Revenge!”

  34. binkymae says:

    To the cats and the photographer:
    “Bless your hearts!”

  35. SCrabscribe says:

    Cat on the left is NOT amused, cat on the right is like, “Really?” The humans are just oblivious.

  36. anna says:

    Isn’t that illegal in most states?

  37. mjdg says:

    What’s really funny is the cat’s expressions. I sorta feel the same way….

  38. AymieJoi says:

    I bet those cats licked themselves furless trying to get clean after this…

  39. Jo says:

    My husband said, ‘What were they thinking? Now see, surely SHE should have had the ginger cat.’

  40. Ted says:

    Nice pus…. err… never mind.

  41. lifeshighway says:

    The expression on the calico cat’s face made my day.

  42. Karen says:

    I am really a dog person, but right now I am thanking God for making fat cats!

  43. Monkeyborg says:

    They are posing in front of a shower curtain. I own that shower curtain.
    I guess it’s a little comforting to know that they didn’t get this taken at a studio…

  44. mark says:

    Cat Scratch Fever?

  45. Tim says:

    LOLcats iz cuverin up uther kittehs…

  46. Pete says:

    I am fur-ever scarred.

  47. VascularZebra says:

    This was on the front of a greeting card about 3 years ago. I distinctly remember because I took a photo of the card with my phone. Still funny though. I wonder where they found it in the first place?

  48. Karin says:

    suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about my body anymore… definitely not good enough to take a pic of me and my dog with nothing on, but enough to eat some popcorn before going to weight watchers tonight…

  49. Blaze says:

    Hands down, THE most awkward photo on this entire site. Excuse me while I go shower.

  50. cadsam says:

    She should be covered by two “regulation size” cats. He could have covered up with a simple dvd copy of photoshop. (or a compound bow) 🙂

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