The Stadium

August 24th, 2009

The Stadium - Vacation

For all those people that doubted Dave and Shirley’s story about the stadium, suck on this.

(submitted by Ashley)

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  1. Juliana says:


  2. aaron says:

    the real sadness is in the fact that they’ve never seen this photo. The stranger taking the picture also took the camera after he snapped a picture of his victims. How’s THAT for awkward.

  3. Herb Castro says:

    Hi I’m Vin Scully and welcome to no pants night at lovely Chavez Ravine…..

  4. Evie says:

    don’t get it…and why does this really qualify as awkward, besides that fact it is not a great photo?

  5. Leeny says:

    I like how the centre of the shot is on the weed growing in front of the bollard

  6. Amy says:

    They just look so darn happy to be there!

  7. Stacey says:

    Those of us who love to take stadium photos do not see the awkward 🙂

  8. Meeko says:

    Haha, these are my parents. I was surprised to see their photo on here, but I know that my sister, Ashley, loves this website as well.

    Yeah, it’s awkward.

    By the way, everything “Dave” is wearing (the hat, the jacket, and the shorts) are all Dodgers merch. Haha.

  9. Joanne says:

    Who wears short shorts-Dave wears short shorts!

  10. meri says:

    I like how she is trying to hunch her way out from under his shoulder hug. Way awkward. Go Ashley!

  11. Lacie says:

    Caption is absolutely hilarious!!!!

  12. MMB says:


  13. NuttyMom says:

    I don’t get it. What’s awkward. It’s just a tourist shot. That’s not awkward, it’s cute.

  14. mel says:

    “Dated” doesn’t = awkward.

    It simply looks like she’s laughing when the pic snapped.

  15. Amy says:

    For the first time ever, i came to read the comments because I couldn’t figure out why this is awkward. I’m loving the nostalgia, actually… the Daisy Dukes, the Member’s Only jacket, the awesome 70’s hair puffing out from under that hat. They were probably just stoked that they got to see Fernando on the mound that day. Still, nothing awkward here, but I appreciate the walk down memory lane. 🙂

  16. Rosker says:

    HAHA this caption is the best thing i’ve read all day

  17. Boppie says:

    The awkward comes from the fact that Dave and Shirley are clearly delighted with being where they are, and by the photo they are taking of the moment – and the funny comes from the fact that the out of focus large arena in the background could be anywhere.

    Not every photo is going to be lobster thermidor, people – some days it’s just PB&J. And it’s all good.

    • cheryl hutchinson says:

      Maybe, but it’s not all AWKWARD. If we wanted PB and J we would go to the PB and J site. WE come here cause we want to see awkward and this picture is just blah not awkward.

  18. dsto says:

    Shirley must be an A’s fan

  19. Michelle says:

    What’s awkward to me is shirley’s stiff hand placement and her “for the love of God get that thing away from me” look.

  20. Phil W. says:

    I still don’t believe that they visited the stadium. Similar to the whole “moon landing”, the shadows are out of place with the sun.

  21. pcbuff says:

    Methinks it is first date, and Dave is showing Shirley just how much a wild and crazy guy he is. “She’s with ME!”

  22. odoyle says:

    i will say the caption is solid.

  23. Rebelle says:

    Good grief people! This is for entertainment purposes, it’s not a “written in cement” everyone must agree on the awkwardness site. If a picture doesn’t meet your standards move on and let the rest of us enjoy our version of awkwardness. Before you degrade someone else’s opinion of awkward maybe you should at least read the definition of the word. As with art, awkwardness is in the imagination and the sense of humor of the viewer. Let us enjoy our enjoyment.

    • jules says:

      Sorry Rebelle, but this one isn’t even that entertaining, except it’s got most viewers scratching their heads. OK, I guess the awkwardness is supposed to come from the fact that this couple is standing in front of Dodger Stadium, which doesn’t look all that impressive since it’s so far in the background, in order to prove that they actually WERE at Dodger Stadium. Still, the photo itself is not awkward at all. It’s not even composed awkwardly, as the couple is off to one side, and any good photographer will tell you not to just plop your people smack into the middle of the shot. The “rule of thirds” and all…

    • Kyle says:

      Calm down…did you enjoy it? did our comments deter it? I think if anything, our comments serve as an opportunity for someone who didn’t understand why this is awkward to validify that this is a bit of a stretch in the awkwardness category. Its not the best picture ever and theres some humor to be found in it, however, it is no where near most of the other pictures on this site.

    • GuardMama says:

      I actually laughed at this photo. I thought it was really funny. Now, I just feel really awkward.

      • emm says:

        then just laugh at that little plant in front of that post! (there, now you should feel less awkward. )

        • Chestna says:

          Hey, don’t go laughing at that defenseless little plant!
          “Aww look at ‘im. He’s so cute and all ALONE!”
          Poor baby, out if its element, only concrete and Dodgers fans as far as its little leaves can see.

        • GuardMama says:

          Agreed, Em. It’s the plant placement that throws this photo off. …and it’s so subliminal that I almost missed it. My third eye must have caught it and caused the subconscious laughter in my head. Thanks for pointing it out.

          • Lindsay says:

            Thats right. It really is a pic of a plant, taken by the plant’s father and it’s awkward because there are some weird people that are just standing there, trying to inch into the pic as well.

    • Lindsay says:

      Stop with the awkwardness definition degradation already!! Go on, enjoy your enjoyment!

      • Candy says:

        Linday’s comment about some weird people inching into the plant’s picture was the best thing about this whole photo! I laughed out loud.

  24. pingham says:

    sock it to me, styley… ohfoul

  25. Tan says:

    What’s awkward is he is more concerned about the warm comfort of his arms, rather than his legs.

    It’s like walking around outside in shorts during winter and complaining that you’re cold…

  26. kandee says:

    Is that a Members Only jacket he’s wearing? Shudder. Also, to the people who don’t think this pic is awkward — how could it be compared to such gems as “Saturday Night Special” and of course, the unforgettable “LOL Cats” ?? Also, let’s not forget Marnie’s Thanksgiving Day manifesto!

  27. Lauren says:

    … the joke is that people take pics in front of impressive sites and monuments to prove they were there. No offense to those that love the Dodgers, but the background isn’t that impressive.

    • KT says:

      Not to mention, if you were so proud to be at Dodger’s Stadium, wouldn’t you have taken a picture, oh, I don’t know, with the name of the stadium in it? To me, a random parking lot with random stadium picture to me IS awkward!

  28. Anita says:

    Good to see the other replies… I was going to say that I don’t get it. Ok, the photo is a bit blurry, and the shorts are a bit short, but ??

  29. eh says:

    this is adorable

  30. devans00 says:

    Could that couple please scoot to the left a little bit? I need a better shot of the stadium.

  31. Teresa says:

    I think it would be even funnier if Dave put his arm up to make it look like he was also hugging the stadium because it is clearly the star of this photo.

  32. Jennifer H says:

    me either jules…

  33. Herro says:

    Awkward? That plant has no business growing next to that barrier.

  34. Will says:

    You follow up the hilarious Cabbage Patch monstrosity with a photo that’s just framed a little weird? No, no, no…

  35. Awkward Uncle says:

    Wow, how awkward. Two people with a vaguely interesting background.

  36. Desuko. says:

    Beyond the ’80s fashions, I’m not seeing much awkwardness here, either. But maybe that’s because I can’t see any awkwardness where my Dodgers are involved. Think Blue!

  37. Jeremy says:

    Is it wrong of me to think the dad is kind of cute in those short shorts?

  38. Pablo says:

    Did anyone else miss the story we’re supposed to not be doubting? I’ve seen all the pix on the site, and I believe this is the first one that’s baffled me.

  39. Poetikat says:

    I’m with Jules. Looks pretty average to me.

  40. Kyle says:

    Yeah…I don’t get this one. Sure its a bit off centered, but its really not that bad. It says, “we were at Dodger stadium.” Reaching today I guess.

  41. Homer says:

    Dunno. The hat does match the stadium, after all.

  42. Brian says:

    Not only am I not seeing the awkwardness, it’s from Dodger Stadium, which as a kid I would get chills walking up to the stadium, and I got a little bit of that ole feeling looking at this picture.

    I say great memory!

    • Toots says:

      Look how the woman is hunched over just a bit. She’s standing like she is really uncomfortable with the other guy’s arm around her shoulder. It’s a classic awkward if you ask me.

  43. Go Ninja Go says:

    I’m sure glad they felt the need to get the WHOLE stadium in the pic…

    • emm says:

      well, not to break dorky on everyone, but those crazy zig-zag canopies there are the most distinguishable part of chavez ravine… (i can actually see why they wanted them in the pic)

  44. jules says:

    Hmmm. I’m not seeing the awkwardness here. What am I missing??

  45. Señor_Citizen says:

    More people really need to learn from a photo such as this.
    When photographing a stadium, it is…and always should be…all about the stadium.

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