Fistful of Awkwardness

August 29th, 2009

Fistful of Awkwardness - Family Portrait

Perhaps the Renaissance would have been a better call.

(submitted by Christina)

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  1. Diana says:

    That’s soooooooo creepy

  2. I know that girl in the red dress!!!! If that’s her, we had dance classes together in college.

  3. Hector says:

    When school teachers get crazy.

  4. Stephen says:

    This is my favourite Fleetwood Mac album.

  5. Mamare says:

    where is the guy’s other arm

  6. Tab says:

    Someone just please explain to me…..WHY….would you take a picture like this with your mom and dad…..I would run away screaming into the amusment park or wherever we were if I was even asked…….Creepy…..I just find this creepy.

  7. Rebecca says:

    You can see that ‘dad’ has just realised exactly how this pic will look.

  8. LilJ says:

    The beer stein is so out of place. He needs a glass full of bourbon. And then sepia-tone it!

  9. Arghnames says:

    My family has a similar photo
    accpet i was about six and my sister was two, so yeah
    i try and stay away from themed photos.
    The mum in this photo seems right at home considering

  10. Jennifer says:

    why the heck would any person sit like that girl in the blue dress – leg sticking so AWKWARDLY out like that…?! that position makes her look like a broken doll ~ _ ~

  11. Rick says:

    … and they wonder why I drink?

  12. Jennie says:

    this is so beautifully awkward.

  13. PRM says:

    When Sam Adams meets 3 Saloon Girls…..Always a Good Choice

  14. falldownstairs says:

    I hope this is a promotional photo for some kind of cheesy wild west theater performance…

  15. Sammi says:

    Do you think those are all siblings or do you think that two of them are parents? either way it’s scaaaaaaary.

  16. Snobo says:

    awkward, the girl in blue hand placement….

  17. Valerie C. says:

    Wow. Who thought this was a good idea? I have my suspicions. Mom is in the background with an “Oooooh, yeah, this is perfect” look.

  18. Thompson says:

    except for the pewter mug, this almost works. but who is related to whom, and how?

  19. Maya B. says:

    Why is it that the only one who looks alive is the one in the back?

  20. Betsy says:

    The strangest thing about this pic to me is the fact that everyone’s limbs are all akimbo, especially the girl in blue.

  21. Kurtacus says:

    Wow. Everything I really want to say would never get past the Moderator. It’s just so…uncomfortable.

  22. XLscooper says:

    Miley? Billy Ray? Is that you?

  23. L. Hemphill says:

    Mom’s pulling off the arm-shelf-on a-leg-shelf combo! Double Awkward Points to her!

  24. sus says:

    I’m just wondering why this isn’t in sepia tones.

  25. PJay says:

    I’m just glad there weren’t any brothers in the picture too!

  26. gotfries says:

    looks like a v.c. andrews book cover

  27. RachelAlexandra says:

    Awkward holding of the beer stein and VERY awkward pose of girl in blue … wouldn’t the photographer notice these things??

  28. girlgeek says:

    Where do you hang such a portrait?

  29. Sidekick says:

    It’s obvious they were trying for an old west theme…..didn’t quite make it with the standard studio background and the girls dresses that resemble 80’s prom attire!

  30. lagrange says:

    What’s lacking here is a skunk or a couple of monkeys in dresses (of course, they would be in regulation sized dresses)

  31. Chestna says:

    I wonder if “Dad” has 8 or more siblings, because he resembles my former boss, who has 8 or more siblings…could definitely pass for brothers. Hmm.
    I just don’t understand The Leg of Little Girl Blue.

  32. Tammy says:

    The only authentic looking one is the girl in the red dress.

  33. KatieMB says:

    Traditional family portrait gone awkward, verrrrrrry awkward.

  34. Sue says:

    NOW I have a great idea for what we can put on our Christmas card this year!

  35. Cassie says:

    Mom’s rockin’ that super-high knee shelf. The girl on the left is trying to pull it off, but she just doesn’t have it, yet.

  36. Julie says:

    All I can say, is that is one flexible mother!!

  37. Desdes says:

    Thank God for the placement of “Dads” head.

  38. roberto says:

    that chair’s either built for a really fat guy or two tiny people.

  39. Cee says:

    Out of everything in this photo that can bother me, the one thing that I can’t get past is that the girl in red’s head is cut off. This photo has potential to be a fun photo, but instead everyone looks unhappy.

    • Notyou says:

      Actually, I don’t think her head was necessarily cut off. As comments below point out, this is one of those faux painted prints. You can see the glare from a flash in the lower right-hand corner. So I’m guessing that whoever took the photo of the picture cut off the girl’s head.

      Nonetheless, there plenty of other awkward goodness in this picture.

    • Melisa D. says:

      I think this was originally a round picture, but when they scanned it they only kept it at “regular” picture proportions. I highly doubt that the photographer would have let that happen.

      But after looking at everything else in the picture, anything’s possible…

      • Melanie S. says:

        Actually, it’s from taking a picture of it. I used to have to make copies of old photos (back in the days this photo is set) and sometimes the glare from the flash would hit the picture and create that flare. It’s very annoying.

  40. superstar says:

    This is awkward.

  41. JH says:

    I am just so confused by everything going on in this picture- the clothes, the facial expressions, the awkward holding of the beer stein. Why? Just…why?

  42. Becky says:

    This would have been a normal family saloon picture. However, as it is in color with that smeared 80s background and the daughter’s leg resting on her father’s leg…well, it’s just awkward. Maybe they had one too many…

    • nite owl says:

      THAT’S the’s in color, which makes the costumes just look like cheap Halloween atire — should be sepia or b/w.

  43. nite owl says:

    Did they HAVE black panty hose back in the Old West?

  44. Stout says:

    Well…the family that plays together…*koff*

  45. Rich says:

    I got nothing.

    • Pip says:

      Always the truest sign of an awesomely awkward photo; the ability to render speechless. Makes me laugh every time some has ‘got nothing’ though.

  46. akprincess72 says:

    THAT is awkward!!!

  47. Wendolyn says:

    The funny thing is, that they actually dress like that every day.

  48. exploder says:

    These girls appear to be escapees from from The Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland….
    I expect they’ll be bustin’ some can-can at any moment.

  49. Bodene says:

    The Andersons decided against the usual holiday attire while collecting for the Salvation army this year.

  50. Elle says:

    I know want to watch “Tombstone” quite desperately now.

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