Loaded Tubbin

August 30th, 2009

Loaded Tubbin - Babies

Bring on the tornado.

(submitted by stickZ)

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  1. kavan says:

    When fighting off a tornado, be sure to bring your pink semi-auto .22 rifle with you..Those tornadoes hate those things. Careful, baby’s gonna pop a cap in ya.

  2. Monika says:

    What the heck is that sitting next to them?

  3. Dr. Assman says:

    File under “WT*!”

  4. Laura says:

    Why are there mirrors in the tub?

  5. John Rambo says:

    I’m sure the safety is on. I don’t think that is another gun on the toilet seat.

  6. Jaclyn R says:

    I like the ladies sweat pants. Otherwise, this picture makes me think too much.

  7. Ed says:

    It’s actually obvious what’s going on here, and it’s not about a tornado. This is her safe-room. She’s rehearsing going to it, and getting into the tub with baby, dog, and gun. It’s probably the best place in the house to go if there’s an armed intruder, and hubby is out in the hall taking care of business. If the bad guys drop him and come in, she’ll have to take care of business herself.

  8. cooks4many says:

    WHY is the child’s hand on the trigger???

  9. libby 1 says:

    I am disappointed by the fact that their vote counts as much as mine. So THIS is the one I cancel out…….

  10. Kimberly says:

    Let me guess…Sarah Palin’s Christmas card?

  11. RPH says:


  12. beth says:

    Um, what is that pink thing she is stroking oh-so-awkwardly?

  13. Jan says:

    Where is pink appropriate camouflage? Is she hunting pigs in a sty? I didn’t even think it was real at first…thought it was a toy until I looked closer.

  14. Brian says:

    Dog looks like an Irish Wolfhound or a Scottish Deerhound…

  15. Brian says:

    What’s up with the mirrors on the tub walls?

    • liz says:

      One of the first things I wondered (besides the overweight dog) was who puts mirrors on the walls of the tub???
      So you can…watch…yourself…take a bath?

  16. kolohe says:

    What is that…that THING in the tub with them?!

  17. N says:

    that poor dog looks like a giant confused wad of drain-hair

  18. asalamabama says:

    That is not a dog! It is a carpet with eyes. Freaky!

  19. Selena says:

    227 comments! This photo has gotten the most comments, so far, that I’ve seen.

  20. grimey says:

    …I’m here to kick a$$ and chew bubble gum…and I’m all outta gum!

  21. Margaret says:

    LOL what kind of a dog is that?!

  22. evilindsey says:

    WT* IS THAT ANIMAL!?!?!?!?!

  23. Sandy says:

    Russian wolfhound.

  24. Celeste says:

    Is this a sign of the apocolys?

    • Leah says:

      This was MY first thought – -They are preparing for the apocalypse. But, when the end comes, who will think to take a “last picture”? And, when the archeologists find this picture, I am thinking that they will be a bit perplexed.

      • PromptCritical says:

        I can only hope an archeologist will someday find something of mine and be completely baffled. It’s more fun that way.

        And as was stated before, this is simply a whimsical homage to a scene in the Will Smith movie “I Am Legend”. Some googling will probably produce dozens of similar pictures. Some boring, some hilarious. A friend of mine is even in one.

  25. D says:

    The. dog.



  26. trish says:

    Guns come in pink now. Everything comes in pink. I’ve seen pink hand guns too. And for the one’s worried about the gun near the baby….I’m hopeing they have some common sense to have the safety on.

    • NuttyMom says:

      Accidents happen, that is the very nature of what an ACCIDENT means…that is why there are gun laws.

      • PromptCritical says:

        I can’t think of any gun laws that specifically prevent accidents any more than licensing drivers and registering cars prevents crashes. Unless of course, you believe that the relatively small number of accidents that do occur requires banning them. That really won’t work either, but that’s never been a reason not to do something has it?

    • disa says:

      there’s probably hello kitty guns out there too.

  27. Lindsay says:

    Now, being Canadian, I’m completely ignorant about guns, but how do we know the gun is loaded and for that matter, even real at all? Is it possible that it’s a replica? Again, I’m no gun connoisseur, but I didn’t realize rifles came in pink!

    • NuttyMom says:

      As a Canadian, you should realize the colour of the weapon is not the real issue here. How do you know the gun isn’t loaded? What are those little shiny things in the clip?

    • jason says:

      They sell the Remington 10/22 in pink to appeal to girls. It is one of the smallest rifles around and perfect for a dad that wants to teach his daughter about shooting. Is in not a replica, and yes, there are bullets in the magazine. It is a clear fifty round magazine (prone to jamming, I might ad) which is about half full.

      • PromptCritical says:

        It’s a Ruger, not Remington. Obviously not a truly important distinction, but I figured I would make it anyway.

        The magazine is indeed half full or so. You can see the brass colored cartridges inside. Hopefully, the chamber is still empty since the rifle is obviously not being used for shooting.

        Guns come in many colors these days. I have an AR-15 painted with my school colors and mascot logo. Don’t read into that too far. I just got bored one day and painted it. Painting them interesting colors is simply another way of personalizing them. Many competition shooters also have guns in various bright colors because the standard black or wood finish is just so common. There is even a company that made glow-in-the-dark parts.

  28. Amy says:

    Where’d she get the giant rat, anyway?

  29. brentitude says:

    Looks like a mobile home bathroom. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…just sayin’.

  30. Kid Kolob says:

    The gun is loaded! It has a half a clip you can see the bullets through the clear plastic. And by the way, that’s a big clip.

  31. Alex says:

    It’s all been said. But am I the only one also tripping on all the mirrors around a bathtub?

  32. lizzeh says:

    Anybody know what the hell kinda dog that is?? it creeps me out, but i kinda love it.

    everything about this picture is just wrong.

  33. Dmummey says:

    at first I thought that was a photoshoped in picture of a rat.

  34. April says:

    I highly doubt someone would take a picture with their baby and a loaded gun.
    Some people freak out over nothing?

  35. Lindsay says:

    Is that an Aardvark?

  36. Kale says:

    This is one of the few photos that really leaves me questioning wt*.

  37. Wendolyn says:

    Am I the only one here who is completely offended by the fact that there is an infant THAT close in proxemity to a loaded gun? Is NOBODY paying attention to the fact that the kids finger is on the trigger? I’m cool with the second ammendment but there’s such a thing as safety around children.

  38. Luvawkwardphotos says:

    I still don’t get it???

  39. emmy82 says:

    May be the gun is needed for the demon dog! Did “Resident Evil” lose a puppy?

  40. Ken says:

    Why… is that a compound bow she’s holding? And the dog looks scared sh**less. Like he’s saying “what the hell are we doing in here, its very obviously not my bath time?”

  41. lee says:

    That is the biggest possum I’ve ever seen, and I’m from GA

  42. Bill says:

    Extremely creepy and disturbing, not really awkward.

  43. jacob abbott says:

    why would she need the rifle?????????????????

  44. heather says:

    It’s a common meme across gun/rifle forums to take a photograph of yourself with your rifle and dog in the bathtub, like the scene from I Am Legend.

    ta-da, mystery solved!

    • wagaboodles says:

      Thank you! I’m not sure if it really helps me understand the photo, but it’s nice to know that the pose was not what one would consider original thought!

  45. Seli says:

    The dog seems to be the only one who knows something’s not right.

  46. Niedernut says:

    Holy crap! She uses Tresumme! Like REAL people do!
    Oooo lala!

  47. Sandra M says:

    Lol, baby has his finger on the trigger.

  48. Maya B. says:

    That dog just cracks me up…I want it! πŸ™‚

  49. Lisa says:

    If she is in the tub because of a tornado, why would she need a rifle? I like the pink peace symbol on her leg with the gun in her hand. lmao

  50. kandee says:

    I get it now — this is one of those “can you find the 10 things wrong with this picture?” quizzes. Pssst – I think there’s more than 10. I’ll never feel the same about pink.

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