Loaded Tubbin

August 30th, 2009

Loaded Tubbin - Babies

Bring on the tornado.

(submitted by stickZ)

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  1. sooz says:

    This picture is AWESOME!!! Wonder if this is a new Tresemme marketing campaign?!?!?

  2. Peter says:

    That’s good – lets pose with a loaded gun in the bath and let the baby play with the trigger. KP you have clearly never seen someone shot with a weapon with the safety on or ‘no round in the chamber’ – its the best fun if it goes off inside an apc! Glad I dont live upstairs from this lot.

    And the dog is obese…

  3. Chris says:

    KP above gives the correct answer(s).

    The parodies of the “I am legend” photo were often hilarious, like the one above. Gun owners do have a great sense of humor. Sorry for scaring you folks.

  4. Marie says:

    is it me or does the dog look like a larger version of the varmit “Spic and Span” granny was holding??

  5. arfcom1 says:

    Look at all the sheeple!

  6. KP says:

    ok for you un educated Obama bots.

    1. thats not a machine gun. its a ruger 10/22 semi auto rifle chambered in .22 long rifle. the “clip” is an eagle arms 30 round magazine which looks to be loaded to about 25 rounds.
    its not full auto unless she paid $12 THOUSAND DOLLARS for a norrel trigger pack, $200 to the atf.

    2. the childs fingers are on the trigger guard not the trigger. not that it matters because if the rifle has no round in the chamber “condition 3” the gun is NOT going off. I cannot tell if that rifle is in condition 1 or 3.

    3. this picture is a popular parody of the will smith movie “I am Legend”. in the movie Will character sleeps with with a real machine gun an m4 and his dog in a bath tub. people were parodying that scene with their ar-15s and what not during late 2007 to mid 2008 and posting them on popular firearms forums.

  7. steve says:

    No one gets the “I Am Legend” reference?


  8. Jaja says:

    Not even gonna bother to mention everything that is wrong with this picture; but the baby is well cute!

  9. Skot says:

    This was happening all over the country around November last year people! We would have had a liberal riot if McCain had won!!!!!

  10. MaudeLebowski says:

    That poor baby…

  11. Josh says:

    Yeah I don’t know what kind of mutt that is laying in the tub………really the only thing I’m sure that the pink gun is a very loaded ruger 10/22. As for the baby and the trigger, I’d probably want to shoot my dog if it looked like that also.

  12. Liana says:

    what is the fuzzy thing??!

  13. karin says:

    is that catherine zeta jones?

  14. Laura says:

    I actually think the dog is cute. And look he’s so silky looking. At least we know they take care of him.
    However, it looks like this lady is merely posing for a “before” shot to give the cops from around three seconds before her estranged ex husband comes bursting through her motel door. That dog is cute but he could be mistaken for one of those non slip bath rugs. With eyes. In a bath tub.

  15. Whit says:

    Most disturbing may have to be all the mirrors and their reason. Ugggh

  16. jackster says:

    Why does she have a peace sign on her pants leg, but holding a children’s gun?!?!?!

  17. BA says:

    puddle of fur…? disturbing.

  18. brad says:

    How did they get the infamous chupacabra in their bathtub??? I guess he was forced in with the pink gun.. the animal is obviously not as rare as once thought. very creepy photo..

  19. Riddle me this, Batman….what is on the toilet? Is it the baby from the hairy mystery? The ammo for the baby’s gun?

  20. Peggy says:

    Now HERE’S how to prepare for Y2K!

  21. Rona says:

    It’s either one or maybe two Russian Wolfhounds or Scottish Deerhounds. Doesn’t anyone get the irony of the peace/”ban-the-bomb” symbol on her pants? Okay, I’m an old hippy…

  22. Ecap says:

    Who invited Alf?

  23. Ana says:

    What I am really interested to know is who has been using the Tres Emme shampoo: the woman or the beast? That would probably make a great commercial in Texas

  24. Tinmouse says:

    After we’ve dun killt the beast….we bathe with it.

  25. Margaret says:

    all I need is this dog and this bathtub….All I need is this dog, this bathtub and this pink gun…All I need it this dog, this tub, this baby and this gun and my pink peace sweatpants to protect me if someone, something or some giant pink monster tries to get me.

  26. Deb says:

    It’s nice that they could stop and take a family photo while doing a dry run for the global apocolypse…

  27. kristin says:

    whoa. That bathtub pic is FOR SURE the most puzzling…on many levels. But first and foremost…WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ANIMAL IS THAT IN THERE?!?!?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness, someone loves themselves!! Not one mirror. Not two. But three full length mirrors in the bathtub to amplify the fact that she is CRAZY!

  29. Nick says:

    Is that a giant rat in the tub? And why does the hippie have a pink gun? I’m so confused.

  30. Adrienne says:

    IS that Chuck E. cheese?

  31. nos says:

    hahahaha and the baby is like… uhhh do i have to do this??

  32. nos says:

    hahahaha omg there is so much wrong with this picture. I hope that’s 2 dogs because otherwise, i think their dog has a giant tumor or something! Why are they in the bathtub, secondly. And the baby holding the pink gun… I do not even know what to think about this, possibly one of the most awkward family photos ever. Wow..just wow.

  33. jennie says:

    That’s one crazy looking dog!!

  34. wahhappened says:

    the most ironic part about it is the peace sign on her sweats

  35. Rissa says:

    I was trying to figure out if the gun was ironic somehow, and felt I was dumb for missing the point. Then I realised, no, I’m not the dumb one.

  36. Pablo says:

    This is by far the best entry I have seen on this website. I can’t stop laughing every single time I see it. It works on so many levels! First, there’s the monstrosity to the left. I don’t know whether it’s a dog or a muppet that’s been deflated, but its sad-sack look is priceless! Then there’s the monstrosity to the right. Who buys pink guns?!?! And why pose with your baby handling the trigger?!?! And do these people get irony at all, what with the pink peace sign and all NEXT to the gun!?!? Then there are the jeans of the father-figure reflected on the mirror. I swear, it’s like Velasquez. The numerous incomprehensible components of this picture just make it work. Love it! And the people who took it are (hopefully unintentional) comedic genuises!

    • Jen says:

      Best comment on the site befitting of the best picture. Bravo Pablo.

    • heatherly says:

      And the tub! Don’t forget to mention that all these things are occurring in the tub! The aardvark with the sad face, the crazy woman with the pink peace sign and the baby in her lap with a finger on the trigger of the loaded pink gun, having their picture taken in the bathtub by a man in white socks.

      And we will never, ever know why.

  37. Chad says:

    That is the most hideous dog I’ve ever seen. Stuff of nightmares, really.

  38. dawnut says:

    This is obviously an AD for Tresseme look how much body and shine the dogs hair has.

  39. Leisure_Suit_Larry says:

    I use to hunt the hair plug tub monster all of the time too. I just never posed with it.

  40. Gail says:

    I am pretty sure that animal is related to those fox stoles some ladies wore to church when I was young. Completely with shiny eyes

  41. Melody says:

    Shooting for a cure – obviously an anti-breast-cancer promotion of some sort.

  42. sean blackburn says:

    It’s a well-known fact that pink rifles are much safer… and large muskrats provide a better level of protection compared with, say, Dobermans.

    • Casual Observer says:

      What’s the correct plural for Doberman? Is it Dobermans or Dobermen?
      Yes, it’s a real gun, and yes, it’s a real clip with cartridges. No, it’s not a “machine gun.”

  43. Kari says:

    Uhhh…..that gun is fake, isn’t it?
    I mean, look at the clip. It doesn’t look like a real clip at all.
    So there is probably a valid explanation for the gun buuuuuuuut……I still am not sure about that…..anim-…….creat-…………thin-…………Demon.

    • Elle says:

      That clip looks pretty real to me as it looks a lot like several of the clips in the well stocked gun cabinet next to my bed. It also appears to be loaded so it’s a good thing the baby has a hand on the trigger. That poor dog is the smartest thing in the room, at least he has the sense to look terrified.

    •   says:

      That gun unlikely to be real.

      The stock and barrel are those generally used for rifles and the clip is generally used with assault weapons, such as the AK47. Also, it may be the angle, but that magazine looks a little narrow for the caliber ammo one would associate with a ranged weapons. It’s most likely a replica air-rifle with a customized magazine.

      • Chief says:

        It is a Ruger 10/22 and is 100% real. It is a .22 caliber gun (not a ton bigger than a BB gun really) the stock is just a (ugly) aftermarket one. The clip is also a very common accessory for this gun, can be bought at almost any hunting type store.

        But as you can see it is loaded and not good with the kids finger on the trigger.

        I could be wrong on this one, but I think the dog is a Borzoi.

      • jason says:

        wow. you are unlikely to be correct.

        That is a Ruger 10/22. It is one of the most common rifles in the US. There are a multitude of magazines that fit the 10/22, including many that resemble banana clips most often used in semi-automatic rifles. I own this rifle (not in pink) and have a very similar magazine. So, in conclusion, not an air rifle, and not a custom mag.

      • Barbie says:

        it is a realgun, you can buy it at wal-mart.. at least in Utah.

    • Ossian says:

      I hate to be a stickler for terminology, but that object which holds the rounds on that (what looks to be a) 10/22 is not a “clip” but a magazine.

      A clip loads a magazine, a magazine loads a gun.

  44. Mindyval says:

    I love the peace sign on the pants…goes nicely with the pink gun!

    • Matty says:

      I hadn’t noticed the peace sign before so I wanted to look through the comments to see if anyone else did and you did, yay.

  45. sam says:

    The baby’s finger is on the trigger!

  46. ONA says:

    And we wonder whats wrong with kids these days

  47. Retta says:

    Whatttttttt is that thing???? Ardvark?? Wolverine??? Long haired Greyhound??? Oh Heck, just let the baby hold the Machine Gun while u check!! Jusst thankful Hubby has his Jeans on while taking the pix!!

    • graceless says:

      i believe it is an irish wolfhound. that poor animal, someone call peta they would have a cow over this- actually probably just tofu.

  48. Mamacrab says:

    Oh, the SAFETY is on!! Well, then by all means, let the baby play with the gun.

    Remind me to ask these people to babysit!!

  49. ip says:

    Looks like Rizzo the Rat (from the Muppets) but his body exploded!

  50. sara says:

    they need the gun, because clearly that frightened animal won’t provide much protection…

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