September 9th, 2009

Zipper - Siblings

Seems like these two siblings could both teach each other a valuable lesson.

(submitted by Deborah)

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  1. Melba says:

    Who would TAKE that picture in the first place? I mean here’s this poor kid peed his pants. Did the adult (?) taking the picture not notice such a thing, not care, or was it the reason for the snap shot in the first place?

  2. Vanessa says:

    Huh…am I the only one who thinks it’s kinda mean to have taken this picture of the kids? Obviously, the adult taking the picture had to have noticed this, right? If my child had an accident, the first thought wouldn’t be to make sure to capture it on film…not exactly a Kodak moment, IMO.

  3. Guy says:

    It wasn’t at Marney’s house, it was at PopPop’s. I had forgotten about the crossbow, but you’re right: it all makes sense now.

    Wienie Jim -was- bad to tinkle, yeah.

  4. Lil' Ol' Me says:


  5. dia says:

    Love this happy photo! I think the child on the left is a girl. (perhaps Deborah?) The rolled up shorts and tucked-in blouse with cuffed, short sleeves seem a little more feminine. Also, my sister had a cute pixie cut like that in the early ’60’s.

  6. Snowrider says:

    Oh man! I love this photo and this site…but looking at this photo makes me wonder if there are any awkward photos of me floating around out there. Closet skeletons…YIKES! “And then anxiety set in.”

  7. Frank says:

    This picture was taken at Marney’s house on Thanksgiving, where they ate dinner from regulation sized casserole dishes.
    The older boy was photoshopped with his fly down and turned into a girl by his younger brother in retaliation for being photoshopped with a pee stain. The trophy was won by a more mature sibling for his compound/crossbow skills.
    I hope this clears up any questions one might have.

  8. Maro says:

    Priceless!! Adorable innocence…..what’s so funny ma!!??

  9. Joanne says:

    Now that’s a pisser!

  10. MCR says:

    Pants Pants Revolution

  11. dsto says:

    I don’t get it…

  12. waterloo says:

    I believe that the little guy peed himself and felt embarassed…and older brother wanting to cheer him up unzipped his pants saying “I’m not embarassed by that. I can even pose for a picture and feel damn proud!” … and it happened 🙂

  13. Will says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Jean Shorts peed on Corduroy to frame him…

  14. emm says:

    ah, looks like one couldnt get his zipper up fast enough, and one couldnt get his zipper down fast enough…

  15. nixie says:

    ha! that was actually my first assumption. glad you said something!

  16. Davey Cakes says:

    I have to question why someone would even keep a picture like that in the first place!

  17. Gregorian says:

    You know what’s worse than peeing your pants? Peeing someone else’s pants.
    Just bringing it up as a possibility…

  18. gruven_reuven says:

    “Dad….Can you take the picture already I really have to go”

  19. JESSICA says:

    the taller one looks like he KNOWS his zipper is down and is darn proud of it! the shorter one acts as if he smiles big enough, no one will look down!! sorry, boys–it just ain’t happenin today!!

  20. Muddy Boots says:

    I like how the trophy is in pride of place.. on the floor.. under the table!

    I lived in a badly wood panelled house just 4 yrs ago. I know how to do the toiletting routine though

  21. Karen says:

    I love this picture! Reminds me of the time my little brother was the pitcher at a little league game. He really needed a “time out,” but kept on throwing. He ended up making a little “mud pile” on the pitcher’s mound, and he threw a little dirt on his uniform to cover the evidence. Unfortunately, that dirt also turned to mud. Finished the game though, and got the win!

  22. Cee says:

    Awwww – poor little guy. So many boys are oblivious to the sensations of having to go. Its so sad that his little issue has been immortalized. However, it’s a good reminder to kids who think they’re the only ones who pee themselves or wet their beds.

  23. Lisa says:

    Who’s holding the camera, for crying out loud?! I’ll bet there’s an older sibling involved somehow. Mom probably left the older sibling to ‘babysit’. But I’m not bitter…

    • AuntieStina says:

      I dunno…my husband is still pretty embarrassed that most of his childhood pics have him with wet pants in it. And he says it was his MOM that took the picture!

    • Dave says:

      Yep … I’m looking at the photo thinking about what’s going on in the kids’ heads, then it suddenly occurs to me … who is the photographer and what is going on in his/her head?

  24. MissDemeanour says:

    I recently discovered this site, it’s always a ray of sunshine. This photo in particular is so hilarious, not a care in the world from either of them! Ahhhhh.. childhood memories… I was so busy playing I just peed my pants wherever I stood… LOL

  25. maesie says:

    this is the best photo i’ve ever seen on this site. so fantastic. if i was their mom i’d have it framed and hanging on the wall.

  26. Scott says:

    The one on the left is definitely a girl.

    • Maya B says:

      Yep…it’s hard to see, but the shirt buttons are on the “girl” side.

      • Sidekick says:

        I agree Maya B and Scott. I had very unruly hair as a child and was given the same haircut till I was about 11 or 12. They called it a “pixie” cut back then. I sure didn’t want to look like a pixie so the summer before Jr. High I finally refused to get the haircut any more!

  27. Gina says:

    The comments you people leave kill me! I love the pictures, don’t get me wrong, I get a good laugh out of those as well. I’m sure we all have some of those hiding in a box in a closet somewhere!
    The good comments make the pictures that much funnier!

    Now this picture, maybe mom gave them 30 seconds to use the toilet before snapping the picture, before they lost dessert priviledge or something. First kid made it, forgot to zip up…but it looks like he used up those 30 seconds!

  28. Charmy says:

    Lets not confuse pixelation from poor scan quality with photoshop…Wow that was one to bring out for the girlfriends…look honey I can explain this photo…

  29. Katie C. says:

    Oh my goodness, this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

  30. ivelostmyself says:

    thank you for sharing. i forgot this wasnt facebook. i was looking for the “like” button.

  31. Snowrider says:

    Ya know…the more I look at this the more I’m wondering if the child on the left is an older sister……

  32. BT says:

    Yeah, it is shopped – no one would pose in front of that paneling.

  33. MyLeftNut says:

    The older brother is so proud that he hasn’t pee’d himself because obviously, he can undo his zipper!

  34. Just Me says:

    I’m thinking Big Brother was hogging the bathroom when little brother needed to go! LOL Dig the “I dream of Jeanie” ceramic in the background! LOL

  35. Cassie says:

    This is “The Dribbler” times 100!!

  36. Della says:

    My, they look proud.

  37. Señor_Citizen says:

    “Little Jimmy Running-Water could hardly contain his excitement during the reunion with his long-lost big brother Bobby Barn-Door-Open.”

  38. just me says:

    I have to agree with snowrider. This is just hilarious and they honestly don’t appear to give a crap about the whole deal. Actually they look a little proud!

  39. msumissa says:

    Bwahahahah…. I wish I had a pick like that of my bother to torment him with now…

  40. Etraking says:

    I have to say I experienced the mishaps that both these young men had, thanks to our evil teacher who made it very difficult for any one of us to excuse ourselves during class… on one rare occasion she did let me out however, enthusiasm got the better of me and I ended up zipping my little man… at least these two young men are smiling… I wasn’t!

    • hcw80 says:

      That makes me sad. I have a bathroom inside my classroom and the policy is just like at home, “Don’t ask, just go!” Anyhow, at least once a year I have a student wind up with the smaller brother’s problem and countless times with the larger brother’s situation. BTW, I teach gifted kids.

      My favorite was when I heard a loud voice from the other class, “Miss Teacher, Miss Teacher! I’m done! Come wipe me!” Nothing like hearing that to get 22 seven year olds rolling in the aisle. That was not the gifted class.

      • Connie says:

        Same thing happened in my class…..except our bathroom is down the hall and everyone heard….Miss Connie….come wipe my butt!! I went to the bathroom and said, “Miss Connie doesn’t wipe butt!”

    • Tamara says:

      Uh, TMI dude!

      • generickat says:

        That sort of thing happened when I was in preschool! My mom was talking to my teachers and one of the enthusiastic preschoolers came out of the restroom and yelled “Miss Diana! Miss Diana! Smell my hands!!” (of course all kids love the scented soap)..she said “just a minute” and he said “smell my hands! smell my hands!!” so without missing a beat and to not interrupt her conversation with my mom, she knelt down, eyes on my mom still talking, and sniffed the student’s hands so he would get the attention he obviously wanted…and yah… evidentally the kid had to go #2 and did NOT use toilet paper when he wiped.

    • WVBOBW says:

      I was NOT that evil teacher but several times in my 36 years of teaching 8th graders (13 – 14 year olds) I have had girls sit in their desks and pee themselves (and the floor) rather than ask to leave or just get up and leave. That kinda makes you ask yourself what kind of teacher you must be.

  41. Soraya says:

    HAHA, I love how Open-Zipper looks really smug and pleased with himself, whereas Pee-Pants looks a little uncomfortable 😛

  42. Chris says:

    So who won the trophy then?

  43. Don says:

    Though a tad awkward it appears from the trophy that they succeeded in what they did/ or didn’t do. Way to go guys!

  44. What the Frack?! says:

    “You ain’t cool, unless you pee your pants.”
    -Billy Madison

    “If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.”
    -Old Lady

  45. Jeff M. says:

    Look Ma! We did a magic trick!

  46. that guy says:

    looks photoshopped to me

  47. Snowrider says:

    This is BY FAR the funniest photo on this website!!! They’re just so happy looking, no worries, no cares! I’ll bet they’re very wealthy, successful and happy adults now! This is the best laugh I’ve had in months! Thank you AFP!!

  48. Tamara says:

    Hey, like my husband always says– “The world is a guy’s toilet”

  49. nofish12 says:

    Oh no he di’nt

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