September 13th, 2009

Faceoff - Family Portrait

We’re betting on the mullet.

(submitted by Angel)

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  1. Don says:

    Photographer: “Mr. Williams, if I could have you sit here next to your wife like this I think it would get that family feel we are looking for.”
    Husband: “Uh no…I always stand.”
    Wife: (through clinched teeth) “Please Robert, just sit here like he wants you to. Don’t make a scene.”
    Daughter: “Hey mister, you have some Dorito crumbs in your mustache.”

  2. ellen says:

    definitely one of the most awkward (and weird!) photos on this site.

  3. Ali says:

    What was that photographer thinking?

  4. mrsmarvel says:

    What a strange picture

  5. stephanie says:

    It wasn’t me, was it you? No was it you? no not me. Was it you?

  6. LT says:

    It is more of “You shall worship the mullett”

  7. Tim says:

    “…dude, who are you and what are you doing in our family portrait?”

  8. Jim says:

    No one is looking at the poor little girl.

    Actually, now that I look at the photo again, she seems to have a demonic look on her face. Maybe if you look straight into her eyes you’ll be pulled into the seven circles of hell?

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

  9. Mike says:

    I would call this one “Who farted?”

  10. mark says:

    Why is there never a compound bow around when you need one!

  11. ziggy says:

    I am guessing Mullet dude and Mom are brother and sister. The interesting part is brother has been free loading for years and hogging the TV and Dad and daughter are sick of him. Twisted sister still loves him though, even though he puts empty milk container back in the fridge.

  12. David says:

    Either that or Napolean Dynamite got a haircut and thought he’d go up against Rex-kwan-do.

    “You think anybody thinks I’m a failure because I go home to Starla at night? Forget about it!”

  13. David says:

    …and thus the “E” networks new spinoff “The Boys Next Door” is born.

  14. NeonKoi says:

    Foreign exchange student gone wrong?

  15. Sarah says:

    One of these things is not like the other. One of these things does not belong…

  16. Sommer C. says:

    I’m going to guess (second) wedding photo. Mom is in white, step-dad is getting the stare down as his welcome to the family, and the kids are in the background.

  17. Jeff M. says:

    I thought YOU had the compound bow!

  18. Taree says:

    Just accept the inter-racial-multi-paternal family. It’s the new millennium.

  19. Whoa says:

    “Sorry to interrupt, but have you considered life insurance to protect your loved ones in the unfortunate event of your early demise?”

  20. powermuffin says:

    The only one who seems pleased with Mr. Mullet is the grown woman. Just what is it about a Mullet Man that makes the ladies smile?

  21. OSUDamian says:

    is that Cheech? or Chong?

  22. foggy says:

    Do you think it was photoshopped?

  23. BadgerFan says:

    Mullet Man: What? What? Why is everyone looking at me?
    One of my perfectly coiffed hairs out of place?
    Something on my forehead? No? Above my lip!?!
    No, no, it’s not a mouse! It’s called a mustache….

  24. fancy nancy says:

    It looks as though the family of 3 were trying to get their picture taken and mullet man came over and crashed the picture. They are all looking at him like, uhhh who the heck are you and what are you doing?

  25. Jess says:

    So Mr. Mullet is for sure the “other man” The husband and daughter couldnt glare at him more if they tried, and the wifey is grinnin ear to ear. AWKWARD!!!!!

  26. binkymae says:

    The family therapist wanted a professional photo for his brochure. Mom thought it an honor, Dad is suspicious, and the daughter knows it’s lame.

  27. rwblake says:

    I saw her first, no I did. Do you want to step outside to settle this?

  28. kandee says:

    Extremely awkward indeed! Why are they all looking at mullet man?

  29. MQ says:

    Poor kid’s gripping the chair pretty hard …

  30. nikki says:

    That little girl looks truly pissed!!!

  31. Rick says:

    Wow. This is the cover photo to the AFP coffee table book. This one is just plain bizarre.

  32. lagrange says:

    okay. who cut the cheese?

  33. Suki says:

    that’s the rebellious son! duh.

  34. gregorian says:

    He’s wondering “Why is Cheech Marin in our family photo?”

  35. Stuart says:

    The guy on the left got his dates mixed up. He was as shocked as anyone when he realized it wasn’t his family and he had to put on the suit again tomorrow.

  36. Caryn says:

    Can you guess which kid is doing his own thing?

  37. KatieMB says:

    Mullett guy apparently likes all the attention and does all he can to demand it! Btw, why is the woman in white dressed so distinctly while the young girl is blending into the background?

  38. Caryn says:

    Maybe Mullet Man is a stand in for the son that didn’t want to come?

  39. Are the two at the back married?

  40. rockstrongo says:

    which one is the dad? seriously? a moustache doesn’t always denote the patriarch. hahahahahahahahhahahahah.

  41. Patrick says:

    Someone’s sitting there, mate…

  42. Boppie says:

    Is this a ‘blended family’ portrait? Who is the couple here?

  43. Kelly says:

    Kinda looks like one of those scenes on the old Family Feud where they’ve got them all posed in goofy positions behind the wall, ‘cept they’re missing a 5th person.

  44. Guen says:

    Never mess with a man that wears a pinky ring.

  45. MeepMeep says:

    Out of all of the pictures so far, this is most definetly the most awkward.

  46. Michelle says:

    Just wondering why everyone is starring at him?????

  47. Nomes says:

    This is how they settled paternity before Maury.

  48. Judy says:

    What? I totally don’t get this relationship – ex-husband and child with new hubby/stepdad? Weird stuff!

    • Cat says:

      It’s Step-dad, Mom, College-aged Son, and Daughter. Has a sort of Family Ties, 80’s feel. Can’t you just see that kid thinking, “Man, why couldn’t she have married someone like Ronald Reagan? He’d NEVER wear that mullet!”

  49. Arachnae says:

    They’re five squares shy of a Brady-Bunch

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