The Winner

September 26th, 2009

The Winner - Kids

This young man displays all the qualities of a champion.

(submitted by William)

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  1. Brenda Caudill says:

    Awkward?? I must be getting old because I just don’t get this one at all! Maybe I should enlarge it to look more closely. He’s a cute kid and all, but there is no awkwardness here.

  2. Candy says:

    I think the “stained glass” effect is actually supposed to be “wind” blowing this sweetie and his umbrella off the stage.

  3. Joyce says:

    He got that trophy for being so cool.

  4. chris says:

    I kinda wanna high five him.

    • Chaneski says:

      Agreed. In an attempt to shed some light on this photo (pun not intended, but wtf) I kept enlarging it. If I’m not mistaken, the trophy (which is awfully hard to see) features the comedy/drama masks. So it seems as if (big surprise) this kid got an award for acting. Perhaps the “stained glass” light effect is supposed to be a theater spotlight?

  5. c says:

    just…just… why?

  6. Merve says:

    I love the way he is holding the umbrella only with his thumb

  7. Tonya says:

    Anyone who makes fun of him later won’t be allowed under his umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh, under his umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh-eh when it’s raining.

  8. Natalia says:

    Omg this dude is in my science class!!!!

  9. Lexi says:

    Haha… ya know. This wouldn’t be near as hilarious, if it wasn’t for the “old-timey” pooh bear umbrella, and the stain glass effect. But what REALLY makes the picture, is the pose he’s in.=]

  10. Elizabeth says:

    mickey mouse club auditions?

  11. tracy autry says:

    “raindrops keep fallin’ on my head”

  12. Brandon says:

    Is he receiving the mary poppins man of the year award?

  13. Ashmarks says:

    Silly boy, don’t you know it’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoor?

  14. Britt says:

    Wow. It’s like “Newsies” meets “Singing in the Rain” meets Scripps Spelling Bee. Truly marvelous to behold. Thank you.

  15. MJ Klein says:

    somewhere, a photographer actually said “Now, hold that pose.”

  16. james says:

    everyone feels like this on the inside

  17. Anne says:

    He is the living incarnation of Bobby Hill!!!!!

  18. ThatChick says:

    i think i just realized two possible story lines for the photo: the kid is all awesome and cool with his medal. he’s walking through a dark stormy forest, which you can tell by the photo’s background (which explains for the umbrella).. all of a sudden, because he is so awesome, the clouds part and a trophy is beamed down for him because he cant just walk around with a medal, and he’s all like ‘Wow! Cool! A trophy for me?!..’

    the awkwardness comes from the ray of sunshine not matching up with the position of the trophy.

    or B: he is walking through the dark stormy forest and the beam of sunshine actually directs him to the trophy, and thats why its not shinning directly on it.

  19. Debbie says:

    Champion what?

  20. madi says:

    Haha, I love this picture!! He is sooo funny.

  21. Awkwardizarama says:

    I like this kid. Cool and confident.

  22. El CJ says:

    I’m singin’ in the rain, I’m singin’ in the rain,
    But this trophy is so small,
    I find it an awkward pain,
    But I’m singin’, singin’, singin’ in the rain.

  23. Michelle says:

    It is Bobby from King of the Hill! Awesome!

  24. dumbfounded says:

    I thought when you were THIS cool, you had to wear shades…..but I suppose a parasol will do in a pinch…

    • ThatChick says:

      oh man, lol, you’re totally right. but i think that awesome hat and those black reboks totally make up for the lack of shades..

  25. DM says:

    This kid is ultrrrra-cool! So much confidence 🙂

  26. Jules says:

    Oh dear dear dear dear ….

  27. Pickles Rabinowitz says:

    This was a pitch for a new show ala “Toddlers and Tiara’s” : it’s working title was “Uber squirts and Umbrellas”. Needless to say they didn’t pick it up for syndication.

  28. I carry my trophies around everywhere I go too.
    We should grab some lunch sometime.
    Table for 4 you know.
    Me you and our trophies.

  29. tammy says:

    Maybe he won an award playing Christopher Robin or something… or not.

  30. Joe says:

    This is the photo your mother drags out 5 years later to show your new hot girlfriend how cute you were.

  31. eve says:

    It’s kind of a belts and suspenders deal–a ribbon with a medal AND a trophy. The winnie the pooh umbrella is kind of bizarre since he’s not three. And what’s with the stained glass affect coming off from the right? Is God approving or disapproving?

  32. Diana says:

    Makes you wonder what the trophy is for – maybe it’s his rendition of singing in the rain. I hope so.

  33. Coline says:

    this is awkward but really cute actually 🙂

  34. Crystal says:

    Should I be disturbed that I actually have that winnie the pooh umbrella?

  35. Kathleen says:

    Awkward? Yes. Awesome? Yes, yes, yes!

    I love this boys confidence and I love that his parents are proud of him. I want to give them all a hug and a high five!

  36. Teresa says:

    A hat AND an umbrella.. inside?

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