The Enthusiasts

October 13th, 2009

The Enthusiasts - Family Portrait

Nothing complements the beauty of mother nature quite like a semi-automatic weapon.

(submitted by anonymous)

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  1. SmartAzz says:

    What … No Crossbow ??? At least one person in the bunch should have one !!! 🙂

  2. Lee says:

    The perfect post-apocalyptic family

  3. James says:

    What. How do you prepare for church.

  4. St. Curious George says:

    I think the title should be changed to “Molon Labe” or perhaps “From My Cold Dead Hands”!!!

    Say it with me folks: “Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither” and never forget that freedom isn’t free… if you aren’t willing to defend it, someone WILL take it away from you!!!

    Thanks to all the soldiers who are putting their lives on the line so we can STAY free and have the ability to disagree with each other AND the government (remember folks, there are many countries where disagreeing with the gub’ment will get you drug out into the street and shot in the back of the head)

    A Proud American Gun Owner

    oh, and that’s a Seriously Kick @$$ Knucklehead pop is ridin’ too!!

  5. Halfreck says:

    “Go right on ahead and take and make our day!!”

  6. Shadow1732 says:

    Anyone ever seen “Sons of Anarchy”

    well that show was based off of this family

  7. rick says:

    I dont see anything wrong with this picture. I mean, it looks like normal, healthy American family.

    • Kit says:

      I wish this was a norm within America. Instead you have people like above that are screaming OMG guns and kids, what bad parents. And are scared at the unfamiliar words of Amendments and Rights. Thus saying ignorant things and thinking this photo is truly awkward. To me it’s beautiful. The fact that the littlest girl has that big of a smile only proves she’s happier than most children with their parents that leave them to be raised by a tv. So what there is guns in her life, at least she grows up with love and morals unlike those kids without guns. (not saying guns make a family better, but they don’t hurt it none either)

      • Snips says:

        until she accidently shoots herself, a family pet, or a family member that is. then its emotional scarring/living with the fact she killed someone or something she loved or just dying. but no you’re right that kid definitely knows what she’s doing. i’m not saying guns are bad, but i am saying there is an age when handling one isn’t a good idea.

  8. Kenjr says:

    Now if they were all on Harleys,…That’d be a snap to cherish.

  9. HeatherW says:

    The Hell’s Angels new ad campaign … “Hell’s Angels: The Family Gang”

  10. Nana Kat says:

    Tanya , who are these people ? I don’t know them as Family members . Is this why you haven’t brought the kids down for 5 years ?

  11. Dave says:

    I’m glad to see the comments by the people who know these folks as friendly and safe gun handlers – I’m sure mostly they are. I still think the older girl in front is holding at a bad angle, and to hear it’s fully auto makes it more scary.

    AND, if they’re fully automatic, I believe that’s illegal in every state. So whether the 2nd Ammendment crew believes it’s right or wrong, they’re putting those young girls on the wrong side of the law, and in particular a law that most local, state and federal agencies will enforce with deadly force.

    Any trace of “fun” went out of the picture are long gone if I can believe the personal friends saying those weapons are modified to be automatic. The adults can choose that path and risk consequence – don’t decide that for the kids.

    • SlyBry says:


      Fully automatic firearms are PERFECTLY legal to own in many states. It does take a lengthy background check and deep pockets, though. Statistically, legal owners of Class III (BATF classification of full-auto) are the least crime-prone group of gun owners. Incidents are usually less than one per year.

      Soapboxes not supported by slats of research and common sense are very rickety indeed.

      • Dakota says:

        Every single photo on this site depicts legal activity. That obviously isn’t the point. Posing with guns is weird. That’s why the photo is here.

        As an analogy to the gun freaks response, laughing at the Easter Bunny pic doesn’t mean we hate rabbits or want to deny people the right to celebrate Easter. It means it is a funny and weird pic, just like the gun one.

        As for soapboxes … I think somebody needs to look in the mirror.

      • Dave says:

        I’ll stand corrected if I was wrong on the laws. I’ll maintain my claim to “common sense” that a) the kid in the middle looks to be holding it dangerously, and b) IF a parent puts their kids on the wrong side of the gun laws (and most other laws), that’s a bad, bad thing. I made no such insinuation that these folks are prone to other crimes.

        • Jake says:

          Their is this nifty thing called the 3 dimension. It appears she is angling it away from her sister. Since special care was taken in keeping fingers off triggers and clearly keeping all other guns in a safe direction I doubt that the girl is muzzling her sister.

          • Jean says:

            Guy took his 8-year-old to a gun show and they let him fire an Uzi. He couldn’t handle the recoil and shot himself in the face.

      • "Lenny" says:

        Assault weapons have gotten a lot of bad press lately, but they’re manufactured for a reason: to take out today’s modern super animals, such as the flying squirrel, and the electric eel.

  12. ivycat says:


  13. Dakota says:

    LOL at the comments. Gun nuts are the most paranoid, aggresively-defensive people you will ever meet. This has zilch to do with the 2nd Amendment …. posing with automatic weapons for a photo is creepy and weird, period.

    • Josh says:

      this type of people are the exact reason why we are not speaking with an english accent and drinking tea

      a family who shoots together is no different than one that has a “board game night” or who all go to a movie together, shooting takes skill, patience, and dedication…

      its people like you who try to stomp all over the constitutional rights of law-abiding, firearm owning citizens

      • Chipmunk says:

        we do drink tea. We just tend to drink it cold, and without milk.

      • Ken says:

        Oh bunk, your reactionary comment just serves to prove how overly sensitive your are about your precious guns. Are you a member of the National Guard or a state controlled militia? Because that’s really what the 2nd amendment is about. Private citizens with the right bear arms in the event the state needs to call them up to serve in a militia.

        There are very few people who will challenge your right of self defense in your home. But that right isn’t really covered in the 2nd Amendment and Justice Scalia, who is by no means a liberal, concurs.

        And as far as guns being the reason why we won the Revolutionary War; this is ignorant and naive. What? You think the British didn’t have guns and cannons too?

        If this family wants to pose with their big guns, as a way to prove who knows what, that’s their right. But don’t act like this is just mainstream America, some of us who do own guns have no need to parade around or have our family photos taken with it. It’s the delusional, overly armed types like you who give the rest of us peaceful gun owners (you know the kind that doesn’t need to carry it as an extension of our limbs) a bad reputation.

    • butcherbaby says:

      “Gun nuts are the most paranoid, aggresively-defensive people you will ever meet”

      you should thank josh for proving your point almost comically well.

  14. raven says:

    it would have had a much better effect if the bike on the right would have been turned around and the front tires touching. it would feel so much more “family” oriented.

  15. jenniep says:

    The Partridge family after years of nick at night re-runs, finally say “no more singing, i think i love you!”

  16. careful carol says:

    not so close to sister’s head, sweetie!

  17. Rosa says:

    Hey, someones gotta guard the compound.

  18. Yep, I am Old and Teethless says:

    And things started out to look bad for the guys from “american chopper” already…but after this one they look like failures!


  19. Dom says:

    That is an incredible exemple of american stupidity.
    And now, exchange all those people by muslim and you will read they are all terrorist.

    Lucky here in Canada we don’t have that kind of mentality!

    • Strange Spew says:

      And that post is an example of smarmy Canadian hubris.

      All respect to the Canadian soldiers that have contributed their part, but there’s no question many here see Canada as a place to coast by, enjoying western culture and prosperity without the normal cost of defending it.

    • Bianca says:

      If you replaced that photo with Muslim, the women wouldn’t be able to use the guns, and would be fully clothed.

      Exactly what is so stupid about liking firearms? How bout this, we don’t make fun of you guys having two signs in two different languages, and you leave us and our gun fetishes alone.

      • Education helps says:

        knowing two languages isn’t a good thing? Canadians are more peaceful and that is a great attribute, the hubris lies with the Americans who are threatened by all other cultures and refuse to accept anything different then the american way. you make me sad to be american

        • girlwithguns says:

          American Way, Can you please define this? America IS THE definition of a melting pot of cultures, faith, and ideas. Hence, people jumping our borders for refuge, opportunity, and education. I have travelled the globe for pleasure and business and have experienced a variety of cultures, nothing comes close to the liberties and acceptance of our land. Flawless Americans are not, but the joy of being one, is the RIGHT to be different. 🙂

        • Jake says:

          America embodies the word “diversity”. In this country we have ever culture imaginable. It is the ultimate melting pot. It is a land were anyone from anywhere can come and be successful no matter what. That is the “American Way”. I don’t know anyone not proud of that.

  20. Nan says:

    The family that slays together, stays together!

  21. Donna says:

    Heaven help the family member who should have even a slight difference of opinion.

    Gotta say, little girl in pink looks just a wee too pleased with herself.

  22. Trlsmn says:

    “I live in France…something tells me there’s not an equivalent family photo on this side of the Atlantic. Well, maybe not till the German border…”

    Get a clue, do you see anyone invading the USA? How many wars have been fought in France?

    • Ken says:

      How about you get a clue? If the US where on the European continent and separated from the great powers of the 19th century, we would have been invaded. It wasn’t our guns that prevented invasion, but distance.

      Are you devoid of the ability think critically?

  23. Fortmoe says:

    I know that guy! For those that think they are Airsoft. Nope they’re very real FULL Auto guns there. And the owner is one of the safest guys around guns that you will ever see.

  24. Modine says:

    Ew. This is awful on so many levels. Children holding guns is not funny. I’m pretty sure the second ammendment is about our right to keep and arm bears. That’s the picture I want to see.

    • Swagner says:

      “Guns are so awful make them go away ew stop how can you even let children know that guns exist you are all horrible people”
      What’s wrong with children holding guns, especially when following safe practices and adult supervision? Quit spewing out your knee-jerk reactions every time you see a gun.

  25. ellen says:

    I live in France…something tells me there’s not an equivalent family photo on this side of the Atlantic. Well, maybe not till the German border…

    • PromptCritical says:

      That might explain why France was over-run in a couple weeks. Nobody has successfully invaded the US since the 16th century. Might be something to that.

      “We could never invade the US. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
      – Admiral Yamamoto

      • Donna in Rome says:

        No, not really. It’s actually mainly because of the size and relatively isolated geographical position of the U.S. Invasions by land are very unlikely (invaders from Canada or Mexico?), and attempted invasions by sea would be spotted long before they reached the shores. France and other European (and South American, African, etc.) countries are smaller and all surrounded by other countries, making it much easier to be invaded if any of them become enemies. Imagine how it would be if, instead of 48 states, there were 48 separate countries on the U.S. mainland.

      • Richard says:

        Not actually true, considering the war of 1812 was a successful invasion (we later pushed them back out, after they burnt down the white house). Plus there are several European Countries that not only have a required draft of every 18 year old male, but they are required to own and maintain their weapons after military service. Frankly a few untrained people with hunting rifles here in the U.S. is nothing compared to an entire male population being trained and owning AK 47’s.

      • Phrosty says:

        Not to mention the fact that no one has ever tried to invade the U.S. mainland since the early 19th century, so of course no one was successful, because no one has attempted since then. Out of fear? No. As one of the previous posters noted, it would merely be inconvenient and strategically daunting due to our lack of land-bound neighbors. Successful invasions HAVE occurred on U.S. soil (territories) however. The Philippines, Guam, and the Midway Islands come to mind.

      • Jake says:

        As much as I support and love the 2A I have to point out that quote is a fake.

    • melli says:

      You’ve never been to Germany. If you have no clue you better stop talking.
      It’s everywhere the same.

  26. Candy Young says:

    [QUOTE]Nothing complements the beauty of mother nature quite like a semi-automatic weapon.[/QUOTE]

    Especially if you’re a member of Sarah Palin’s family.

    • PromptCritical says:

      What the hell does this have to do with Sarah Palin?

      There’s 80 million gun owners in the US. Several hundred thousand are probably the serious shooters and collectors that have the serious firepower. Sarah Palin’s family probably doesn’t even come close. Most of the serious collectors I know are engineers, or work in pretty high tech places like Intel. No backwoods rednecks around here. Most of them can’s afford the really cool toys.

      Hell, I probably have Sarah Palin outgunned.

      • The Palinator says:

        Touchy, touchy.

        • Jake says:

          Yeah but the thing is he’s right. People get this image of a country boy and his rifle. I have no problem with the but general they aren’t the collectors on guns. they are more so users. Overall the shooting community in my experience are very nice and helpful.

  27. PromptCritical says:

    LOLing at the comments in this thread…

    “OMG I’m for gun ownership but change my mind after seeing a family photo staged for humor.”

    “Scary hormonal teenager with gun!”


    “Making America look bad!”

    “Guns? Ewwww…”

    I just want to know: “Why are the barrels so long?”

  28. Mark says:

    The amount of ignorance of some of the posters here is astounding.
    I know these folks and nicer people you will not find.

    All (most maybe) of those are full auto.


    • KD says:

      I feel compelled to comment…

      I’m 100% absolutely sitting RIGHT NEXT TO the guy on the left of this photo. He’s my coworker. He’s awesome and SUPER nice. Those are NOT airsoft guns. His photos ALWAYS crack me up. He LOVES his guns and motorcycles.

  29. Mary says:

    Wow…just wow. This isn’t funny, sad or unsettling…it’s just plain weird! And awesomely awkward. And just…wow…

  30. adobe says:

    The little girl in the pink with the huge smile is priceless!
    I bet she has a Second Amendment Barbie doll.

  31. Monika says:

    The Brown family upon hearing the Redcoats were coming back.

  32. CarrieM says:

    The teenage girl sitting on the ground looks seriously ready to use her gun. Teenage mood swings and automatic weapons don’t mix.

  33. Laura says:

    great pic! and the commentary below? truer words were never spoken. thank God for people like these, exercising their 2nd Amendment rights!

  34. Dave says:

    Too bad the one front and center doesn’t know enough gun safety to POINT THE MUZZLE AWAY from her little sister! Maybe in reality she’s out in front, but the girl would still get burned / deafened in an accidental discharge!

    You’d think the rest of the family would be on her for that – they’re all holding properly.

  35. cara says:

    OMG, They obviously have not taught the children about gun safety. Big sister has her weapon pointed at little sisters head!!. talking about sibling rivalry!!

    • Surt says:

      There’s this thing called the 3rd dimension, meaning depth. In 2-D, like the picture is, it may appear that way, but the AKS-74U the older girl is holding is obviously pointing away from everyone, as she is the foremost person in the picture, and the rifle is itself pointed in a front-facing direction, not backwards.

  36. marcie says:

    Ma & Pa Kettle with family in 2009

  37. Donna says:

    I’m not normally for gun control, but this picture may sway my views.

  38. cyclefiend2000 says:

    the little girl in front is cracking me the hell up. “smile with your rifle susie” 😀

  39. caleb says:

    welcome to America.

  40. L. Simon says:

    I doubt they’re fake – if they are, they have others that aren’t.

    Notice how even with the youngest, there isn’t a single finger on a trigger. The index finger laid on the side of the weapon just above the trigger is a very common thing for people who shoot a lot.

    I find that I do it using spray bottles and such, just from force of habit.

  41. PCArms says:

    Now THAT’S the All American Family! Great Pic!

  42. Tim says:

    Yes, when the Hestons and the Nugents get together for the weekend, it always spells F-U-N!

  43. Bel says:

    that would be a typical image when people in europe imagine about americans.
    thanks for that photo!
    hooorraaay stereotypes 🙂

    • Sabrina says:

      I was thinking exactly the same thing!

    • Geo_d says:

      Oh good idea. I’m sending this pic to my aunt in Amsterdam. I’ve only met her once and she told me how Canada has no culture. Or the US. Only Europe has culture. She is such a snot! All the cousins loath her.

      I’ll say this is me on the back of the first bike and the rest are my family. And that I’d like to send my middle daughter(sitting on the grass, not smiling) to visit for a year, to learn Dutch, or Italian:) and pick up some real culture. LOL. She’ll probably go for it.

    • JP says:

      To be fair, not absolutely ALL Americans. But it’s very likely why so many of them get shot… Which probably isn’t a GOOD thing.

    • mat says:

      totally, but to be honest we know that the two coasts are more educated, but the rest is totally lost….
      mat from france

  44. dsto says:

    “Ain’t no ants is gonna ruin our family picinic this year, no sir…”

  45. Pickles Rabinowitz says:

    How would you like to live next to this mob?

  46. Swede says:

    Nice slippers MOM!

  47. orlock says:

    I’m thinking those are airsoft rifles with the tips painted black or removed. For airsoft groups from around the world, the pose is fairly typical.

  48. Theocentrica says:

    Those who live by the sword will get shot by those who don’t.

  49. Lalala says:

    They are why the previously posted gramma will not come out of the house even for a family photo.

    • Peter says:

      Neither would I with this lot around but presumably the timber house isnt going to provide much in the way of protection against a .223!

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