November 16th, 2009

Whodunit? - Babies

It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

(submitted by Chloe)

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  1. SarahRuhRo says:

    The distance between the adults and this newborn baby is very telling. If older son and wife behave anything like his folks (please, no) this is exactly the kind of relationship (or lackthereof) they’ll have with the child.

  2. leesa says:

    They just can’t wait to get started on the next one !

  3. allison says:

    this is that Duggar family that has 19 kids and that is there oldest kids first child.

  4. suzy says:

    The sentiment is sweet (grandparents celebrating, parents celebrating) but the composition is just odd, and the fake crib looks like something you use to gate puppies.

  5. Colleen says:

    I love their show, but this photo is weird

  6. Katy says:

    I must be the odd one out… but all I realized is how HUGE the crib is.

  7. Regan Ann says:

    This family is on The Learning Channel and Discovery Health. Looks like they’ve Learned and Discovered how to reproduce!

  8. bridget says:


  9. Mary says:

    This doesn’t even look like a real baby…looks like one of the uber-expensive, real-looking dolls from the Franklin Mint that one sees advertised in magazines, no?

  10. Katie says:

    awww that baby is adorable

  11. Smc says:

    Umm…. I get this is an awkward photo – but anyone notice that this is a HUGE crib and the fact that the slats are way to far apart and hte baby’s head could get stuck… scary.

  12. Sue says:

    19 kids, do you reckon she’s incontinent? That’d have to do serious damage to your plumbing…

  13. Kelly says:

    These are the Duggars, honestly people do you have nothing better to do than bash other people. So maybe you wouldn’t take a picture like this, but it’s their choice how they take the picture, so stop bashing them!

    • yoyoyo says:

      do you have anything better to do then watch TV?? I do, nd apparantly me and you have something in common because we come to this site :) get a life and let people say whatever they want. Don’t come to this site if it bothers you so much

  14. Rebel says:

    It’s The Duggars!

  15. glasstabletop says:

    This is indeed extremely awkwards. For me, anyway.

  16. Monti says:

    It’s Josh and Anna’s daughter. I didn’t notice at first that it was the Duggar’s until I looked at the title and the caption and the picture a second time lol. I’m amazed by all the children that the grandparents have lol I too am guilty of watching the show too much lol. I at one point could name all the kids.

  17. Sarah says:

    What’s awesome is that you dont know who the baby belongs to. Is it Jim Bob and Michelles? Or Josh and Annas? My money is on it being Mackynzie Renee (Josh and Annas baby) because Jordyn Grayce is like a year old now, and the newest Jim Bob and Michelle baby isn’t due till Spring.

    I watch this show too much.

  18. Julie B says:

    My cousins are exactly 9 months apart in age.. It does happen. The second one was a couple of weeks early.

  19. Jen S says:

    Actually, knowing that these are the Duggars makes this family photo LESS awkward!

  20. Coco says:

    it’s the couple on the right’s baby. its the DUGGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dawne says:

    Adorable baby, for sure.

  22. Beth says:

    awww who doesn’t love the Duggars..I have to admit I am jealous of Momma Duggar cus I can guarantee she is getting it more than I am!

  23. purplegoodgirl says:

    These are the duggars… the couple on the left are Michelle and Jim Bob duggar and the couple on the right are Josh and Anna Duggar… Josh is the oldest and the baby is his and Anna’s… but i must admit this is a little awkward

  24. ChaCha says:

    That’s the Duggars-JimBob and Michelle(grandparents), their son, daughter-in-law and their new baby. Now it doesn’t seem so awkward

  25. blueMagoo says:

    Parents & grandparents? The couple appear a bit young for that I would think. I was thinking more of a communal marriage cult from our West somewhere.

  26. just another mommy says:

    I didn’t recognize who this was before reading the comments, but my thoughts were that the baby belonged to the couple on the left because she still looks pregnant and most new moms do still look pregnant for a little while.

  27. omg says:

    oh lordy! That’s cringe worthy… just ick. I don’t care if you are married its just wierd to be standing right next to your parents and in-laws smooching… wierd

  28. Allie says:

    I’m sad I recognized them :(

    Whats even more sad is that her aunt will be only months older :S

    Poor child.

    • RBX says:

      The Duggar grandparents (Jim Bob and Michelle) already have a baby who is younger than the son and his wife’s baby, I believe, and if I’m not mistaken, she (Michelle) is pregnant again. So they will have at least two children who are younger than the son and his wife’s oldest child.

      • Mia says:

        That makes no sense.Human prenancies take 9 months, you do realize. The baby is only a month old. If Michelle had a baby after her grandaughter, and was now pregnant as well, she’d have to be pregnant within a few weeks of birthin a child. Have you ever heard of a woman pregnant two weeks after labour? Jordan will be 1 in December, so 10 months older. But there will be 1 younger, due in March.

        • Tara says:

          Yes, I have heard of that, actually. They’re called “Irish Twins” — kids who are born within a year of each other. The Duggars have 19 children and were married in 1984. That’s 17 deliveries (two sets of twins) in 25 years. They didn’t have their first child until 1988, so actually it’s 17 deliveries in 21 years.

          (I’m not a Duggar fan — I think they’re creepy — but this interested me, so I found some information on their website.)

        • tgirl says:

          it’s mindboggling, but it does happen. I know of a woman whose (gross, possibly criminal) husband impregnated her in the hospital after she’d JUST GIVEN BIRTH. their kids were 8 1/2 months apart.

          • Jessica says:

            yep, I worked with a lady who showed up tp her 6 week post-partum check up already preggers.

          • Desha says:

            actually, my OB/GYN told me on my 6 wk post partum check up that 20% of his patients are pregnant by their 6 wk post partum check up. It’s really really common. I can’t imagine it, but it happens.

  29. Teresa says:

    odd……why are grandpa and grandma dugger even in the picture. Nothing like stealing the show….or maybe they see one more little soul to brainwash.

  30. Dez says:

    This to me is very disturbing. Why would they take pics of them kissing over a new baby.. Im confused.. ohh so confused….

  31. judy says:

    Am I missing something, pictures are supposed to tell a story and I just am not getting it? If I were the girls parents, I would feel Really left out.

  32. hazel says:

    Nice headband

  33. Cindi says:

    Another Duggar was created right after this kiss! Jim Bob, leave her alone already!

  34. someone says:

    yeah…they’re probably just all proud they’re finally allowed to kiss so they show it off whenever they can.

    • RBX says:

      Awesome comment! Yeah, when they were only allowed to hold hands (for which they had to ask permission), it was like their hands were fornicating, OMG, they were so into holding/massaging/rubbing each other’s hands!

      Like I said before, to each his own, but I absolutely cannot imagine never kissing until the wedding. Hell, my husband half-missed my lips and sort of kissed me on the chin when we got married. Had that been our first kiss, I would have been rather confused.

  35. shine says:

    pick up the baby! she is lonely and cold!

  36. Lisa says:

    I love the Duggars, but this photo is awkward due to the weird kissing poses. It would be cute if both couples were just posing on either side of the baby. BTW that baby is wearing Gymboree, so I guess Anna isn’t following in the footsteps of Ma Duggar and sewing all the baby clothes herself!

  37. Joanne says:

    Are these the same couples that were kissing in the field with Mom and Dad standing right there? I guess the baby was finally born!

  38. Jennifer says:

    We breeding
    They hating

  39. miranda w. says:

    Maybe it’s like that biblical story and they don’t know who’s it is and they’re just waiting to cut her in half.

  40. Brooke says:

    I’m a fan of their show, and didn’t think this was all that awkward… until I imagined a photographer telling my parents or in-law’s and my husband and I to kiss for a photo like this. Then it turned awkward and uncomfortable. Especially with that innocent little one trapped in her crib in front of them. Why don’t they all yell “Yay for sex and procreation!” in the next shot?

    • Andreas says:

      Yeah, I mean, kissing in front of a new born baby, that’s just disgusting! What will the poor sod think of its parents? That they actually like each other?

      • Mary says:

        It’s ok to show you like each other, but to have the parents and grandparents kissing each other so that you’re not sure who’s the parents? That’s just awkward……

        • true true says:

          gee thanks mary. i didn’t get why this pic was awkward ’till you explained it.
          and shucks, do you really think it’s okay for a baby to think that its parents…*like*…each other?!

  41. Maria says:

    I don’t care who they are this is awkward….awkward kissing pose(s), awkward placement of baby (give that kid a spotlight!). While it is NOT awkward to have gma and gpa in a photo with the proud parent it’s the kissing that takes this over the top in awkwardness. Well,maybe not over the top, but definitively uncomfortable.

    • Throb says:

      I don’t think that’s grandma and grandpa. It’s just another couple relatively close in age…maybe a brother or sister.

      • Amber says:

        No, that’s the grandparents. This is the Duggar family from the show “20 Kids and Counting”… The couple on the right are the parents and the couple on the left are the grandparents.

      • JEFF YOUNG says:


      • Rebecca says:

        It’s definitely Grandma & Grandpa. The baby’s parents are Josh and Anna, on the right; and the couple on the left are Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle. Michelle is pregnant with another baby due in March.

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