Up In The Tub

November 25th, 2009

Up In The Tub - Mom

“I’m in front, brother in back, mom on right.  In a hot tub in a garage in Vail, CO ~1977 after a day of skiing.  Brother with very unfortunate head gear (how come kids don’t have to wear that anymore?).  Brother and I were in inner tubes, for some reason.  I’m pretty sure my mom DOES have a swimsuit on.”

(submitted by Maribeth)

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  1. Sunny says:

    Hahaha, i freaking love this website! ooh danngg… hahaha! the kid with the braces and the innertube… freakin amazingg!! hahahaha love it

  2. Jackson says:

    That’s just wrong.

  3. Bjorn says:

    “Check, please!”

  4. crayola says:

    I wonder if the headgear metal heats up in the hot tub. Ouch. And what is hanging around the barrell from that string?

  5. Suki says:

    It makes me want to jump in and join the party.

  6. Nickster says:

    The kid at the front knows they’ve struck awkward gold!!

    The finger is saying ‘Number 1’ !!

    He knows they’re going straight to the top of the awkward charts!

  7. Michelle says:

    Maybe they are nudist and they all are naked. You can’t tell if either boy is wearing swim trunks.

  8. DGH says:

    2 words: HEAD GEAR.

  9. Earl says:

    Braces is clearly working on “Blue Steel”

  10. Other Dave says:

    Both kids are in inertubes? How big is that flippin barrel?

  11. coachtom says:

    The mommy is kind of HAWT… If those other 2 weren’t in there I’d jump in. The poor fella in the back is impressed so much with his moms HAWTness.

  12. Jason says:

    Love this photo. Anyone notice Mom has her glasses perched on top of her head too?

    It could only get worse if one of them had a snorkle and mask on.

  13. Eric says:

    The kids have nice farmer’s tans. Dig it!

  14. suzushii says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m from Europe but… what’s so awkward about seeing your parents naked when you’re a kid?

    I used to go with my parents to the beach each summer, and my mum would opt for the nudist beach. There were people of all ages, and you got over “omg, naked bits” after 5 minutes.

  15. Heather in CA says:

    I’m going to go ahead and say this one is my favorite to date…Awkward on so many levels. Brilliant.

  16. Mike White says:

    Do you think those are really hot tub bubbles or maybe the kid in the headgear ate too much chili?

  17. Michael says:

    That looks like the garage door behind the tub. I’m sure sitting in the garage adds to the ambience.

  18. judy says:

    I kind of hope mom is wearing a strapless bathing suit.

  19. Patti says:

    both kids are in innertubes!! what an awesome photo.

  20. Renagade676 says:

    Many things was going through Bobby’s head, but unlike little Timmy, “Thanks mom!” was nowhere on the list.

  21. takomamama says:

    I hope Mom’s wearing a strapless bathing suit. Or maybe they’re European?

  22. Tom Flapwell says:

    Looks like they wanted to try the Japanese experience. Except for the little boy who’s saying to the photographer, “One of these days, I’ll get you all for this.”

  23. thebonmama says:

    I just hope to god that mom’s got a top on down there somewhere! Might be why headgear kid is so thrilled with the pic…

    Love the cheekiness of the young kid though – he’s like “check this out, Daddy-o. I got it goin’ on!”

  24. Except this mom is attractive.

  25. Leslie says:

    The mom is kinda a hottie hehe

  26. Kimbo says:

    I am going to assume the mother has a strapless suit on.

  27. tracy says:

    Love it- the mom is so cute and happy and the kids are just dorky and awkward- like all other kids.

    great pic!

  28. tattoo says:

    Oh, I really hope they’re wearing swimsuits.

  29. Anne says:

    Ahhhhh….a headgear in the hot tub. I had to wear one of those awful things, but thankfully I was never photographed wearing it! 🙂

  30. MaiTai says:

    Hilarious! But why is this filed under Family Vacation when they are clearly in the garage? (check the door/track behind Mom’s head)

  31. Mel says:

    LOVE IT. Headgear = majorly hot

  32. Michelle says:

    Can’t type…laughing too hard! love the kid giving the “I’m number one”! to headgear kid who looks like he just wants to crawl in a hole and die knowing this picture exists!..hahahahaha

  33. VLH says:

    OMG…..FANTASTIC! All of it…..especially the head gear! HAAA!

  34. Nivlac says:

    Hot tubbing with mom…ah, good times.

  35. Cuddlebutt says:

    God, I had a headgear just like that. Thankfully no photos exist… I think….

  36. This photo is so complete! There is not a single thing missing!
    Kid in headgear floating in an inner tube in a barrel-turned-hottub, obnoxious younger sib, naked mom…totally the definition of “awkward family photo!”

  37. Becky says:

    I wonder if the mom was wearing a strapless suit or maybe she just kept her bubbles strategically placed. 😉 I love the little boy in front, it looks like he is trying to flag down a waiter for a drink. (Of root beer, I am sure.) 🙂

  38. tdub says:

    Family bath night?

  39. Jennifer says:

    That looks like TWO innnertubes, and a TOPLESS mom. Unless of course she is sporting the eighties strapless suit with some nice neon purple and pink stripes across the middle! LOVE THIS!! Freakin hilarious.

  40. Tim says:

    OK, let’s see, now…

    Hot tub resembling wine grape vat? CHECK.
    Pubescent kid with orthodonture that can pick up AM radio stations? CHECK.
    Inner tube bigger than tub itself? CHECK.
    Obnoxious little brother? CHECK.
    Mom resembling a brunette Carol Brady? CHECK.

    Yup…totally weird vacation photo!

  41. izm says:

    i dont know, that mom is pretty hot. I’d climb in with her.

  42. maliceaforethought says:

    The headgear tops it off nicely.

  43. lizzie says:

    I used to have night braces like that kid, glad to see it didn’t stop him from getting out there and enjoying life!

  44. Gary says:

    Is the kid with the mouth thingy in an innertube?

  45. Christina says:

    Love this.
    why is that kid in an innertube?
    the kid with the head gear looks really upset about the situation.

  46. Deb says:

    oldest son in head gear, youngest son with a shiner, mom with a cheesy grin & no top all sharing quality time in a hot tub, YEP, that’s awkward!

  47. dameDonna says:

    Is the kid with the head gear in an inner-tube? And if so, WHY?!?!??!?

  48. AwkWerrrd says:



    SO,… I shall continue to just laugh! ~> AH hahahahahahahhaha!

  49. Alan says:

    I think the kid with the night brace is permanently scarred.

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