Thanks For Nothing

November 26th, 2009

Thanks For Nothing - Thanksgiving

Little known fact: aside from maize, the Native Americans also introduced the Pilgrims to tuxedo shirts.

(submitted by Hannah)

61 Responses to “Thanks For Nothing”

  1. bassetgirl says:

    Kodak Moment? Or a future photo for a Hallmark Thanksgiving card perhaps?

  2. Smartazz says:

    I love the Wallpaper……..The Snozberries taste like Snozberries !!!

  3. Tiffany says:

    They all just found out Mom made Tofurkey this year!

  4. heynur says:

    what? no regulation sized casserole dishes? obviously, SOMEONE can’t follow MARNEY’s directions

    • Jessica says:

      haha love it!

      • Anne says:

        Forget the dishes – MARNEY would be in cardiac shock that the stuffing AND potatoes are on PLATES!! Obviously, these people are new to America and escaped decades of tyranny in some horrible Iron Curtain place where they don’t know better. Look, you can see by the guarded fear in their eyes that they are afraid the secret police would know if they had too many bowls on display…..

  5. Mark says:

    “I want to be formal, but I’m here to party!”

  6. John says:

    The food doesn’t look that good.. X.X


  7. PTSD says:

    I think I am going to cry.

  8. Chuckles says:

    I like his tuxedo shirt…it says “I want to be formal, but I’m still here to party.”

  9. Link says:

    bwahahahaha. I have that same chair.

  10. Skipping Lunch says:

    Growing up, my mom, not that experienced with a camera, always took what she called a “practice picture”

    She’d make a big production of setting everything up just right, and staging us – said it made the picture look more relaxed and spontaneous.

    Funny thing, it was way before instant polaroids, and digitals were a distant dream of the future, so even with the practice picture, we still didn’t now how goofy we looked until we got them back from the drug store.

  11. Rosa says:

    They just found out mom wanted to make a healthly alternative to the traditional dinner. And that includes…yep, a tofurkey!

  12. Tim says:

    OK…who didn’t bring the regulation casserole dish!?

  13. Beth says:

    Ya know, when ya serve HEAPS of stuffing and MOUNDS of potatos on flat PLATES, they get cold within 2 minutes. This is definately not regulation. No wonder they aren’t smiling they know their food is already cold. It’s enough to make me want to break out the cocktail sauce.

  14. mombalabamba says:

    The awful pink stuff is the cranberries. Strawberry Jello + Cool Whip + a can of cranberry sauce.

  15. Lucy says:

    Those people are STARVING, and Mom makes them pose for pictures first.

  16. HeatherW says:


    “Thanksgiving : Capture the Magic!”

  17. Navigator says:

    I have a dress that has the EXACT same pattern as that wallpaper. Go figure.

    • Grandma Lee says:

      Thank you for reminding me…..I think I had a dress with that same pattern too!! Now mind you, that was a long long time ago, and my brain might not be working right. That “breadbasket” in the middle of the table will never be eaten…..just spray it with varnish, and use it next year !

  18. LilyBear says:

    What the heck is the pink stuff?

  19. HeatherW says:

    You’ll eat Thanksgiving dinner, and you’ll LIKE it!

  20. dooger says:

    Personally, I think that this photo PROVES that there is one dude out there who has worn a tuxedo t-shirt as a fashion statement, and succeeded with flying colors. Plus, he sorta resembles a young Greg Brady, no?

  21. hcw80 says:

    If Rockwell did his illustrations during the 1980’s, this would be it.

  22. Blair says:

    I seriously want to know how she made that cornucopia.

  23. D'OH says:

    Don’t everyone look so HAPPY now….

  24. barbett says:

    of course they are all mad there is no turkey

  25. Marshall says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s last family Thanksgiving just before his career hit the big time!

  26. Just my opinion says:

    I’m not really seeing the awkwardness here…ohh wait I’m not seeing a regulation size caserole dish on that table

  27. Anon says:

    I love it. The dinner shows all of the signs of a mother who can’t live without her traditions; the cornucopia, the fancy china and goblets, everything. She even broke out the candles and tablecloth. And all the family cares about is eating the meal so they can go back to what they were doing while mom was cooking.

  28. Jean says:

    Poor mom! You can see she put some time into that meal. Look at that cornucopia in the middle – is it made of bread? Come on, people, suck it up, smile for the picture! The rule here is – no smile, no food – works every time! LOL

  29. Craig says:

    Feel the joy.

  30. Bean says:

    I have so many pictures like this. Because EVERY time my family got together my mom said, : We never have any nice pictures together.

    So we started to make it so we didnt have any nice pictures together. haha

  31. Norwegian Stud says:

    I got a simmilar T-shirt, and it is a cool T-Shirt.

  32. Baldguy says:

    Obviously, three people who despise turkey subjected to another bleeping Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

  33. Megan says:

    How can they smile? She forgot the cranberries.

  34. girlgeek says:

    Marnie is going to be pissed off now!

    • AFR says:


    • burntorange says:

      Now THAT was funny, girlgeek!!! A little prior info. from the previous A.F.P being brought into the mix (alluding to Grandmaster Marnie and her Droogs from “Thanksgiving Letters”). Kind of like when George Jefferson from “The Jeffersons” made a guest appearance on “All in the Family”. Very unexpected, clever, and deserved more than a chuckle.

  35. Tim S says:

    Can we get the family time over with so we can watch some football?

  36. Celine says:

    Pretty much every photo I’ve ever taken of my family on any given holiday looks just like this. Well, without the tuxedo shirt.

  37. jnmcnally says:


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