Peter Cottontail

December 12th, 2009

Peter Cottontail - Easter

What do you get when you cross an Olympic speed skater with the Easter Bunny and throw in a stripper for the hell of it?

(Scotty the Blue Bunny by Misa Martin)


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  1. rosa says:

    gotta love a girl who’s not afraid to show off her dangerous curves!

  2. AC says:

    O_o what the heck????

  3. Scotty The Blue Bunny is the greatest Emcee I have ever witnessed.He introduced me better than I could introduce myself and coming from an arrogant little snot like me,that means a lot. At first I was in a snit that this was on this site and after a bit of thought I can only delight. It is high time the world know of Scotty’s great big talent, bow and worship accordingly.

    • emily says:

      Ditto – best MC ever!! Saw him back at Galapagos many many years ago, when they were just getting their cabaret/variety shows going! What’s he doing on here? Out of context, I guess it does look awkward – but it’s his costume!

  4. Mama Bee says:

    Not gonna lie…those shoes are SEXY

  5. awkward_duck says:

    can i just say i’m glad we got the side view rather than the full frontal?!!

  6. KooKie says:

    OMG!!! Butt…why? lol

  7. nikki says:

    His name is Scotty the Blue Bunny! And he’s an awesome dude I know him!

  8. nikki says:

    His bane is Actually Scotty the Blue Bunny! And he’s an awesome dude…I know him!

  9. Maxine says:

    awesome. tho someone should tell him his seams are a little off. lol.

  10. avvie says:

    Ok thats seriously worrying :/ haha

  11. Beez says:

    no words!!! just… no words!!!

  12. Josie says:

    Well… He certinly has the legs for it haha

  13. MisterGee says:

    Oh Sweet Minty Baby Jesus!!!

  14. stacie says:

    What the??????

  15. chris says:

    when I saw it all I could do was make a high pitched noise, very quietly, to myself.

  16. kathleen says:


  17. He DOES have nice legs! says:

    …Why can’t I pull off that pose?

  18. Katie Swim says:

    He does have nice legs……

  19. Ash says:

    WOW!! He looks like he would be a good ‘performer’…. :)

  20. Jezebel says:

    dang! i wish i had legs as nice as his!!

  21. Shay says:

    It’s Scotty! And yes, he would undoubtedly find it funny. He is an awesome performer and a heckuva ham!

  22. Zoué says:

    Peter SPANDEXtail will be more appropriate

  23. Sassafrassmolly says:

    Miss Eva, this may be a professional actor, but it’s the caption that makes it hilarious. “What do you get when you cross an Olympic speed skater with the Easter Bunny and throw in a stripper for the hell of it?”

    And if he’s a comedian worth his salt, he will find this amusing as hell.

    Oh my.

  24. Ithi says:


  25. Miss Eva says:

    This is Scotty the Blue Bunny, formerly of NYC; now of San Francisco.

    I have performed with him ad I can tell you he is not “awkward.” He is a consummate performer of burlesque/vaudeville and has NO BUSINESS being on this site.

    I’m kind of offended by this being here.

    • Yeah, when I first saw this I didn’t think it was an awkward family photo, but looked like something you’d see at a show in San Fransisco. He’s an artist, not doing this as a funny joke.[yeah I know, taking this a little too far]

    • ReginaPhalange says:

      Why would *you* be offended? It’s not a picture of you. If *he’s* offended, I imagine he could write the owner(s) of this site.

      BTW, “awkward” is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just another form of entertainment in this context.

    • Lisa says:

      I dunno .. I find it fun. I find most of ‘em fun. And I’m not laughin at ‘em to be mean to ‘em, I’m laughin cuz they’re fonny. So … what you’re saying is it’s ok to laugh at them as long as you don’t know them? Maybe other people on here had explanations for their awkwardness as well. Doesn’t make ‘em less awkward or silly. Just means that what we may see may not always be what they meant to convey. And did he really expect to have that picture taken and have people sit and look at it over tea and say “Mmmm .. lovely, that. Such a serious gentleman. I greatly approve!” No! He meant for people to get a laugh out of it, I’m sure.
      I’m not tryin to bash ya, not at all. I’m just sayin that laughing at someone or saying what they’ve done is awkward isn’t bad. Quite the contrary! My friends and I for years have enjoyed our awkwardness and had many a great laugh over it. And now this .. which is like our new Bible!
      Embrace the awkwardness! I’m sure Scotty the Blue Bunny is proud to be here. XD

    • JJ says:

      I always applaud men for being confident enough with themselves to go full costume for a performance. It’s cute and funny in a disarming way, like Tootsie or The Tick. Sometimes it can just be sloppy and sad, but it seems this fellow really put effort and energy into it. It is still awkward, but that is the point, and on this site “awkward” is a cause for celebration, not shame. Rock on, bunny dude! :)

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