The Blues

January 3rd, 2010

The Blues - Babies

It’s not easy being in a room with no corners.

(submitted by Amber)

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  1. Bane says:

    I was always that kid in the corner. Even to this day. My brother got married, my parents gave him and his stripper wife 50 grand. I was accepted to college, I was invited to move out and never come back. And just for giggles, my parents sold my car and kept the cash.

    I hope that kid divorced his parents before the damage was done.

  2. jenn says:

    theres not really anything you can do about a little kid like that who doesn’t want to get their picture taken except say ok we’re gonna take the picture without you! and then they usually come around. happened so many times working at 2 different portrait studios. parents usually bought shots like this because they think it’s funny. makes for a great scrapbook entry lol

  3. xemily09 says:

    Poor kid…otherwise such a cute picture. Nice reverse psycology (sorry about the spelling) from the parents…let the kid who’s throwing the tantrum not be having fun, capturing a family moment, and the kid who is behaving is allowed in. Sounds like something my parents would’ve done to me. XD

  4. AlexAlex says:

    Hey boy, what’s problem?

  5. Amanda says:

    I personally think this is a posed picture. Beautifully done!!! but posed all the same. My family has numerous pictures like this from when my brother and I were little kids. Some of them were him and some were me. And if my some chance it wasn’t posed its even better. Lol the kid was having a hissy fit oh well, what do you want the parents to do bribe him?

  6. Lynn says:

    Every parent has had this day. I love this photo. If it were my family I would have got a giant one and put it on the wall above the fireplace!

  7. diane says:

    this is his “alternative” pose. dare to be different.

  8. Candy says:

    Gives whole new meaning to “Moody Blues”.

  9. JustMe says:

    I’m really surprised by the number of people who feel so bad for this little boy. He’s having a little hissy. It’s just not a big deal.

  10. salepo says:

    Years ago when my aunt’s twins were little she decided to go whole hog and reserve two hours at a professional photographer.The photographer was great but that’s a long time for two one year olds to participate,At one point it dissolved into utter chaos with full scale screaming and bawling.My aunt gathered both into her arms in a very awkward but full of love hug.The photographer shot this from front and back.front-two small kids scrunched up in mom’s arms,her face almost in tears back-twi small kids slowly calming down in their mother’s embrace,faces red and swollen and tearstreaked They were both beautiful and real.My aunt loved them so much that she ordered both in 8 x 10s.

  11. Fanboy Wife says:

    Gee, I wonder who is the favorite in that family.

  12. mar says:

    My husband and I used to have a photo studio. We would have TOTALLY taken this shot. These are the shots that capture that moment in time, like a typical 4 yr old refusing to smile and look into the camera. Some of our best photos were candids or tantrums. And for those of you thinking ‘poor little boy’, I’ll bet within 10 minutes he had decided to come join the family, and all was forgotten. Love this photo. Made me laugh out loud.

  13. Denise says:

    What the heck kind of force field is emanating from this family? Is it my screen or are they radioactive? Superheros, perhaps?

  14. AllAboutDave says:


  15. davidrh says:

    I have to agree with DogDancing at the first of the comments. I’m sure this is a posed shot. I think it’s really funny. As our kids were growing up, my wife and I always had “funny” family portraits taken that showed the “personalities” of our three kids – all different and exclusive. I think we have a couple of really creative parents here. Bravo on a very funny photo. I wished I had thought of it years ago. I had a boy like that!

  16. Dogdancing says:

    Nothing awkward here…it was set up and shot that way. Notice how he is standing perfectly in dad’s shadow. This is just the lastest photo-tend.

  17. Bean says:

    What I want to know…is how’d the little girl end up with blond hair?

    • Jennifer says:

      I was born with white-blond hair and now in my thirties it’s dark brown.

      • iLOLd says:

        Me too!! They used to call it “tow-headed”- tow is an old word for flax. My hair is now dark like both my parents. It did make for interesting “conversation” in small towns, though.

    • Ragtatter says:

      Blonde hair is recessive to brown hair. It’s possible for two brown-haired parents to carry the recessive gene, and if both of them pass that recessive gene on, the result is a blonde-haired child.

      However, if two blonde-haired parents have a brown haired kid, well, it’s time to break out the paternity tests.

  18. Tim says:

    Rebellion: It starts early.

  19. BP says:

    Welcome to the House Of Blues.

  20. Yo Man says:

    I actually really like this picture.

  21. Amy says:

    I wonder what the parents are saying to each other through gritted teeth. You know they are…!

  22. CarpoolMom says:

    Mom says to boy after picking up the portraits from the studio–“Hmmm, let’s manually photoshop this. Ok, take a black Sharpie, and scribble you out… There! Now don’t the three of us look like a nice family!?”

    • Charlie says:

      I like your humor! Can you adopt me???? 😉

    • Shonda says:

      I don’t know if my mother would do that, although I wouldn’t put it past her. I would in an instant since it’s part of a parent’s job to make their kids’ lives as miserable as possible–like teaching them to be polite and not make bodily noises just because you can.

  23. heather says:

    i am a family photographer and can totally see this happening – it happens all the time – this photographer just took the shot – maybe the parents wanted to make a point! 🙂

    • Bytegoddess says:

      If I had been the photographer on this shoot, I would have taken the shot and then let the parents decide if they wanted it… you never know what an individual will be most moved by. Good on that lensman/woman for seeing art and capturing it.

  24. MaryAnnEvans says:


  25. DaddysSister says:

    Timmy Smith ran away from his own family’s hideous photo shoot and got caught in the Johnson Family photo by mistake.

    • Ada says:

      Love this picture, Love your comment, love this site! gosh you made me laugh!

    • Shonda says:

      What Timmy, the Smiths, or the Johnson’s didn’t know, though, was that Eric Smith was the identical twin brother of Deric Johnson–separated at birth–just like the May Smith was the identical twin of Kay Johnson–also separated at birth. Timmy spent the rest of the photo session trying to figure out the addition to the family tree.

  26. DaddysSister says:

    “We do NOT like Suzie better! Why would you even think that? We treat our kids exactly the same!”

    Proof of the obvious – that everyone else always sees which child is favored immediately no matter how much a parent denies it.

    • Shonda says:

      If the girl is 5 or 6, she’s enjoying the sole custody of her parents at the moment as is basking in the sun for being the “good one,” which she will regret when she gets married and has her own little darlings. A day spent with my parents without my brother interfering was heaven. Proving to my parents that I was “better” than him, in front of him, even sweeter.

      And, no, they CAN’T treat their children the same, unless they were clones and experienced the same thing at the same time and were telepathically linked with free DSL to their parents’ brains.

    • Nyk says:

      Pretty similar to what I thought also. This kid has proof she’s the favorite!

    • Boppie says:

      The favorite? I see a child who is simply immune to guilt, and more power to him. He just doesn’t care about how much time they spent getting ready, or how much the picture costs, or how much gramma and grampa want a nice picture of all of them, or how many people are waiting, etc etc etc. You can be the favorite by toeing the line all day every day, and Johhny Reb in the corner wants no part of it. Susie Sunshine is in the picture, but she lost a little of her self-respect…

      • Shonda says:

        Actually, my parents were pretty good about not favoring one child over another. But, I really got tired of hearing, “Because he’s a boy,” or “Because he’s older.” Both lines get old VERY quickly. Given that training, when we moved to a new house with two bedrooms upstairs–one big and and one small–I knew right away which one was mine. Small bedrooms can be fun though, or so I tried to believe. It also didn’t take as long to clean, unless you shoved “it” under the bed.

  27. Erin says:

    That is so awesome. I would totally buy this picture b/c it’s so totally real life. That’s how kids act. The perfectly posed everybody-is-happy-and-adorable pictures are cute, but this is real.

  28. HeatherW says:

    What better punishment is there than isolation and avoidance?

  29. Chris says:

    I agree with the poster who said it’s good that the parents aren’t giving into the sulking. I’m guessing they tried to get him in the photo nicely, it didn’t work, and rather than giving into him they went ahead and took the picture anyway. Every kid that age does stuff like this… I don’t think it will harm him in the least to have it on film in the future, and I’m glad that the parents are calm and not being manipulated by a preschooler.

    Also, if we got this shot, even if we got some good ones before or after, I might still buy it just to remind my kiddo what they were like when their own kids do this stuff.

  30. ShannanG. says:

    I often wonder what the story behind these pictures is.

  31. bevis says:


  32. Susan in Texas says:

    good one Brock!

  33. Prof D says:

    Aaaaahhh, poor little guy. I think this is very cute and it will bring them all laughs every time they pull this picture out for the the next 50 years.

  34. Sam says:

    I know this is supposed to be light hearted and humourous, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this photo was, “poor little guy.” Who knows what lead up to this photo but capturing it on film is not a good idea, even if it was all in good fun. Not funny, not funny at all.

    • Ron says:

      Get a sense of humor. Being a father of a kid who had a breakdown just last night, realize that there is no talking to a 4 year old in a mood. As soon as he gets a nap, he will be over it. Chances are, the event that led up to it was the kid seeing a McDonald’s and his parents not stopping.

    • Sharon says:

      lighten up!

    • Thighmaster says:

      Do you not let your kids play tag because being “it” lowers self esteem???

    • Patricia says:

      Yeah, I’m kind of thinking this is funny now but it’ll be the first photo that show up on the therapy couch.

    • Gordon says:

      Become a parent. Wait four years. Then you’ll understand why this is funny.

      • Sarah says:

        I think he’ll love this one! He’ll totally brag about it! I have several bad pics from childhood where my parents purposely took pics of my sassy face. Those are the ones that we love the most! I think this is great.

      • ReginaPhalange says:

        One doesn’t have to be a parent to find this picture funny. It just requires not taking everything s’danged seriously. And maybe having ever spent time around young’uns. People forget so easily…

        Looking at it again, I just got an I Love Lucy vibe off it. “Little Ricky, you don’t wanna take that boring old family picture do you?” As the Ricardos and Mertzes learned that day, reverse psychology doesn’t always work.

    • Mary says:

      You need to chillax, Sam. This picture is boffo! This is what kids do — sometimes they smile, laugh and act adorable, and sometimes they pout, whine, and throw fits. All of it is wonderful, though, and worthy of catching on film. Some of my favorite pics of my two year old are ones where she’s making a face, throwing a fit, pouting, or crying. If this was my family I would buy a copy of this shot in 8×10 and stick it on the wall.

  35. Scott says:

    This is exactly the sort of thing my five year old does…the more important the picture, the more likely he is to pull something like this. 🙂

  36. Rubysarms says:

    *Sings* I’m a man in a box…

  37. Liv says:

    I find this really creepy. It’s like Blair Witch Project; his the victims have to stand in the corner.

  38. vvkathy says:

    I love this picture… =)

  39. Amice says:

    Okay, I’ll say it:

  40. joci says:

    that jangly quality makes it even more dramatic. love the blues.

  41. Nan says:

    So maybe one child gets left behind.

  42. Renae Q. says:

    Awww… You have to wonder why the photographer went ahead with that shot!

    There’s a funny optical illusion with the mom’s and daughter’s arms and legs: it looked at first like the daughter was a tall girl with a really young face. I had to look twice before I saw her legs and realized the mom was holding her.

    • Marti says:

      I am a photographer and I would (and have) taken a shot like this! Usually parents won’t buy it, but I will include a small copy with their order. Down the road they will all find this humorous!

      • Jean says:

        Yes, I would totally take it too. It is likely that the parent’s said, “just take the photo — if he doesn’t want to be in it that’s fine!”. Saying that is a good way to get the child to cooperate. Mom’s know child psychology well, and must often use it for family photos! =)

  43. Claudia says:

    This is actually a well adjusted family. When the kid is a teenager, he’ll be happy that his parents didn’t respond to sulking and tantrums!

  44. CarpoolMom says:

    I bet the boy is adorable IF WE COULD SEE HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Suki says:

    “nobody puts baby in the corner”

  46. carol says:

    AW, he’s all dressed up and spiffy looking too. You can tell even from the back.

  47. Rhonda says:

    That’s a boy who does NOT want his picture made. I bet he is four. And I bet he either needs lunch or a nap or both.

    • carol says:

      Wow, you are a MOM, I can tell! 🙂

    • Heidi says:

      Agreed. My 4 year old would so be that little man right there!

    • Cee says:

      I was thinking the same thing. And while I’m not casting any kind of blame to the parents, I feel like crying for that little boy. It’s not easy being 4.

      But having said that.. it’s an interesting photo, and even though I want to reach into the photo and give that little guy a hug – I really like this photo. Every family has had this kind of moment, and while sometimes we don’t want to remember it, this photo has captured something.. well, family-like. 🙂

    • JDs Mom says:

      I used to be a family portrait photographer and have seen this at least 1000 times. Little dude is closer to 2 1/2 or 3, and he’s just being a brat. You mamas can tell yourself whatever you want to make yourselves feel better, but it is the parent’s fault when children act like this in public. Mom (or Dad) don’t need a hug, they need a parenting class. You know who needs the hug? The poor photographer.

      • everybodysdifferent says:

        Yeah, because all well trained parents have total control of their kid’s behaviour. Kids aren’t individuals with their own quirks and personalities. They are completely created by their parents’ actions. BTW is JD an only child perhaps?

      • AnonAnon says:

        As a fellow photographer, I think it’s horrible that you would say such things. Brides can be just as hard (and grooms and moms) to work with than kids. Used to be is right, probably good thing too.

      • nicole says:

        Speaking of making yourself feel better, did you beat JD into submission… or did you make his dad do that?

        Go drink yourself back to sleep b/c you are obviously dreaming.

      • shannon says:

        Geez. People pay you good money to do your job, and you pass that kind of judgment on them? Now we know why you “used to be” a family photographer. I’ll bet half (or more) of the “brats” you photographed acted that way because they could pick up on your hostility.

      • aleahj says:

        Please let me know where you work so that I will know to NEVER bring my family to you! Good gravy, you have no concept whatsoever of what a normal toddler is like, do you?

  48. Serenity says:

    maybe he’s practising that ‘illusion’ of making out with yourself that teenagers do… not that I’VE ever done it… *looks around*

  49. krysti says:

    You have to wonder what the pics looked like that they DIDN’T choose.

    • Bassmint Stile says:

      I can understaand this photo choice.I just got family portraits done. Our 20 month old son had just pulled my hair, and I have my eyes shut. All the while, my girlfriend and our 10 month old son is in mid laugh. Well any way, we got alot of normal shots sheets and we decided to get a sheet of this shot for fun.

  50. Brock Sayre says:

    That’s me in the corner. That’s me in the spotlight, Losing my religion.

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