I’m Engaged!

January 4th, 2010

I’m Engaged! - Engagement

To what’s his name?

(submitted by Amie)

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  1. Ria says:

    You never know. When we got engaged, my boyfriend took a lot of photos of just my hand with the ring on it! He’d spent some money on it and liked how it looked on me, also the type who enjoys fiddling with camera lenses to take closeups. If I don’t say, “let me take your picture!” we wouldn’t have many pictures of him because he hates posing and smiling for the camera. Maybe this guy is similar?

  2. Kay says:

    The ring is on the wrong hand.

  3. Cynthiane says:

    Sarah had planned her wedding since she was the tender age of five. Now she finally found a man to fill the part of “groom”. His identity was not important….

  4. mary says:


  5. Missy says:

    “Don’t look at him, look at me! ME! ME! ME!”

  6. christy says:

    i know her!!!! that’s not an engagement ring, it’s her highschool ring! and she’s in college

  7. Actually, It’s JcPenney Portrait Studio, and the couple asked for LOTS of creative poses!

  8. ReginaPhalange says:

    Maybe he’s in the Witness Protection Program?

  9. Alan says:

    This man is a professional ‘engager’ so we can’t show you his face.

  10. Mel says:

    “I’m just testing out the photographer and ring… the guy was a prop”

  11. TM says:

    Well, on the bright side, if she got engaged again, she could save money on the engagement photos…

  12. Jen says:

    HaaahAaaaa. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this.

    ” To whom are you Engaged ” no way if I were the husband to be that this would fly…….
    what ???? you couldn’t have done better …so lets not show his face ???

    are you kidding me. Too funny

  13. Sidekick says:

    Maybe it’s the latest technology in photos. If you turn the picture over, you will see HIS face.

  14. uzo says:

    I got this beautiful ring!!! Oh…and this guy happened to come along with it. It was a two for the price of one thing.

  15. PromisedPlanet says:

    And so it shall be for the rest of their married lives ….

  16. Tim says:


    Ladies – are you the type of gal that gets engaged to Mr. Right again and again only to end up having to dust that loser like a bean crop on a windy day? Well, then this pic’ll help you show your temporary happiness again and again and never lose flavor with your friends…all while saving money AND time!

    Comes in three styles: Dreamy Hunk, Scholarly Gent and Playful, Sensitive Dreamer.


  17. Julia K says:

    He doesn’t like having his picture taken. This was a compromise…. The first of many…..

  18. Saffy says:

    And it really doesn’t MATTER who he is…now I get to stop working!

  19. MT says:

    LOLZ – Olan Mills at its finest.

  20. Poaster says:

    He’s just showing us his cool haircut.

  21. Leon says:

    Is the guy from Family Guy?

  22. Lisa says:

    Shouldn’t the ring be on her left hand?

    • No comment says:

      Yes it should. And what photographer would take a picture like this? And what person would BUY the photos?

      • kenai says:

        congrats on their engagement, but this is a weird pic. i wouldnt like this. its like she’s in love with a faceless ghost…. or something. something u might see in a haunted house or something… idk… it kinda creeps me out. YIKES!

    • ConchordsFan says:

      I noticed that too. Maybe the photo is flipped?

    • KennyW says:

      good question

    • Timo says:

      This varies from country to country.
      There are several European countries in which you wear the ring on the right hand.

    • Minna says:

      For example (russian) orthodox have the ring in their right hand and when their spouse dies, they’ll change it to left hand.

    • Amy says:

      There is a tradition to put the ring on the right hand before marriage and at the wedding it is removed and placed on the left finger. Symbolic of something, but I don’t know what. Maybe this is something they do?

    • Jenny says:

      Since antiquity the right hand has been a place of honor. (“At my right hand sittith…”) In many countries in eastern Europe, this still holds true, and wedding rings are worn on the right hand for that reason. There is a tradition in Russia that if a divorce occurs, the wedding ring is switched to the left hand. I met someone from there several years ago, and he thought everyone in America was divorced!

      By the way, we are Orthodox Christians, and my husband and I wear our rings on our right hands. I know many who do.

  23. skippy says:

    A friend of mine got engaged a while ago and most of her engagement photos were like this; blatant shots of her and her ring. Ugh.

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