Mind Of A Married Man

January 4th, 2010

Mind Of A Married Man - Wedding

It would have made perfect sense if that was his wife.

(submitted by Karlie)

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  1. ReginaPhalange says:

    Creepiest wedding photo I’ve ever seen.

  2. JD says:

    LMAO!! Thats so great!

  3. Alan says:

    Doctor to patient : ”OK,sir,the x-rays are back & I think we may have to up your medication just a teeny bit,or a lot”

  4. MJ Klein says:

    looks like a creepy x-ray!

  5. AnonAnon says:

    I had a couple REQUEST that I do a photo like this for their wedding. They are 20 years old. She wanted it because her dad and mom had one like this.

  6. libby says:

    Ohhhh dear Linda, we’ve been married for 20 years, if ONLY you still looked the way you did on our wedding day.

  7. Resu 5318008 says:

    Dale & Nancy Gribble (King of the Hill) FTW.

  8. tUrdbUrd says:

    My aunt and uncle have very similar wedding photos, there is one where my uncle is looking into his hand and a ghostly image of my aunt is staring back at him. I can’t believe they paid for that. I would totally post it, but I can’t think of a good reason to have them e-mail me a copy of their wedding pics.

    • Kiron says:

      Say you’re dangerously obsessed with collecting wedding photographs and if you don’t receive theirs within twenty-four hours you’ll blow your own brains out… worked when I tried it!!!

  9. jive turkey . says:

    you pep quit hatin! thats my health teacherr!!!:)

  10. It’s embarrassing how long it took me until i realized that picture was in a man’s head.

  11. Pam says:

    Wow. My son sent me this link and laughed himself silly. I got married in 1980 and have the same photo, different background. We also have one of both of us looking down on the ceremony from somewhere in the air. I guess it was all the chic thing back in the day. Now….awkward!

  12. Brad says:

    Scary part is, my parents have a picture similar to this from their wedding. Only, it was the back of my dad’s head, so you can’t quite tell what it is really. the photographer was supposed to be “creative”

  13. bOB says:

    THats my health TEacher!!!!

  14. Ginger says:

    She looks like Genie Francis (Laura of Luke & Laura) back in the heyday of General Hospital…circa 1983.

  15. D says:

    Geez, that looks like my ex-husband and his 3rd wife!
    Scary and creepy!

  16. Dani says:

    Well, that’s certainly one way to get “a-head” in life…

  17. Superking says:

    She’s probably tired from running around his mind all day.

  18. Saffy says:

    Oh YUCK!

  19. Tricia says:


  20. Just Me says:

    HA HA HA HA. That made me laugh. “If it was his wife..” ha ha ha

  21. LV says:

    So this is what happens photographers get “creative”.

  22. Rosa says:

    It looks like a weird album cover.

  23. Penny Dreadful says:

    This is the fourth greatest picture I have ever seen in my entire life.

  24. Sarah says:

    I tried to dust off my screen too. lol Imagine what they could have done with this if only they had Photoshop in 1981.

  25. bmj2k says:

    This is a man who can never forget his anniversary.

  26. MZ says:

    That glittery stuff on the left: is that just background Christmas garland, or the exhaust from his super-fast mind? Can we edit that out with the dust?

  27. eggsngrits says:

    “….I still love technologeeeeee.”

  28. Tim says:

    So THAT’S where the voices are coming from…!

  29. It makes perfect sense – what man thinks of his wife?

  30. BrettM says:

    This is the single greatest double exposure of all time!

  31. Cee says:

    Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    I’ll be watching you

  32. Liz says:

    I was going to ask if that was Kip too! Dreaming about one of Deb’s glamour shots.

  33. hayley says:

    come on people! its a freaking old photo! have u never checked your parents pictures? they all look “dusty” cause the cameras werent so great by then. also i dont think the women on his mind was made by photoshop. other thing im sure but not photoshop. also i like pictures like this, i mean “dusty” its better if theyre not photoshopped, it gives them the right age. and Sidney, OMG i thought the same!

  34. Nan says:

    His thoughts are veiled.

  35. Nina says:

    sooo…am I the only one who tried to dust off my screen after looking at this?

  36. Joseph says:

    He looks like a Will Forte character

  37. Dan Brennan says:

    The owner of the photo needs to know that Photoshop can get rid of all those dust specks in just a few seconds.

  38. Sydney says:


    Is it just me, or does this pic make it seem like he’s plotting something terrible against her? I can hear the maniacal laughter now…

  39. Blair says:

    “You were always on my mind.”

  40. S13558 says:

    So if his head is sideways, does that mean that he’s thinking of her profile?

  41. Mike says:


  42. Jon says:

    Now I understand the need for thought balloons in comics. Keeps the kids from crying.

  43. mina says:

    Substitute the picture of the bride with Brett Favre and you’ve got Brad Childress.

  44. Nancy says:


  45. Dime666 says:

    “I dream of Jeannie with the light blond hair…!!”

  46. Heather Q. says:

    Is that silver stuff coming out of the back his brain exploding?

  47. LilyBear says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Get out of my head!

  48. Coll says:

    “I need this like I need a hole (or a wife) in my head!”

  49. Nat says:

    Is that Kip?

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